My Top 6 Beauty Picks Of 2017

It's hard to believe this is my last blog post of 2017. I know we all say it but really where did that year go!? Although personally it was a bad year for me when it came to my blog because it was slightly abandoned, but hopefully 2018 I'll be able to figure out a proper routine for it. 

For now though I decided to share my top Beauty picks of 2017, having to narrow down these products to just 6 items was hard but I definitely stand by my decision and would definitely recommend these products to anyone and everyone.

What I Got For Christmas 2017

So the time has come for the annual 'What I Got for Christmas' post and I'm so excited to start reading everybodys because I blooming LOVE having a nosey to see what people got. As always with this post comes the annual 'this is not a bragging post disclaimer' but hey you gotta do it because sometimes for some reason these kind of posts offend people...
So as always I am in no way bragging or trying to show off what I got. I have wrote one of these posts every year for the last four years that I've been blogging so it's almost become a thing of tradition. I did ask on Instagram if you's would like to see one and 91% of people who voted said yes, so here you all go, ya'll my kind of people!

Last Minute Stocking Filler Ideas

So we've finally made it, guys it's Christmas week...don't freak out, don't freak out...but you've only got 5 more days to get all your shopping done. If you're like me (hopefully not too much as I've maxed out my credit card and payday doesn't arrive until Friday) you still have a few more gifts to get and it's at the stage where you're just totally out of ideas. So I thought I'd throw a few things together that I've bought for people to give ya'll some ideas for those last few stocking fillers. 

Perfume Gift Ideas with

 The season of gift giving is here and the big day feels like it's just around the corner, last minute gift ideas are flying all over the place and some of us are still trying to find that perfect gift for someone. So here I am talking about two products that came through my postbox a few weeks ago that I think may make the perfect gift or stocking filler for someone in your life.

Getting Party Season Ready

The Festive Season is quickly approaching which means people are running around like crazy picking up gifts for people while Michael Buble greets you in every shop with his Christmas album. Something else the Festive Season brings along is Party Season, it's the time of year where glitz and glamour is totally acceptable and who doesn't love a good 'oul glass of Processo while struggling to walk in them darn pretty shoes you just had to buy because they would go so well with your outfit!?

As Party Season approaches of course it means so does a whole other routine too. I mean we can't just slap on a facemask and be done with it..oh no Party Season is a whole other routine, I mean we basically need a week to prepare for that dreaded work Christmas party that you kind of want to go to but also would rather be home with a hot chocolate in hand snuggled in a blanket on front of the fire. The struggle of acting like the Grinch trying on ten different outfits, throwing a tantrum saying you're not going and then ending up at the exact event you said you weren't going too...the struggle is real.

My Top SmashBox Picks

Smashbox has become one of my favourite brands. I honestly feel like everything they bring out I end up buying it because I know the quality is going to be amazing. So while going through my makeup drawers I decided to pick the 6 Smashbox products that I think everyone should try.

Starting with their Primers. My first ever product I tried from Smashbox was a primer and ever since then my love for their products grew. I've tried other primers from different brands over the years but no matter what I always go back to a Smashbox one.

Products I've Been Reaching For Lately

I love trying new products, I really do but I also really love having products that I get to use everyday because I love them so much and know that they do their job really darn well! Lately there's been a few items that no matter what I just keep reaching for so I thought I'd share my picks with you all.

Pure Potions Skincare - The Skincare Brand Perfect for Eczema Prone Skin

Something I really enjoy is skincare products that are all natural. My thought process on this is I've spent the day with all sorts of chemicals on my face wearing makeup and just generally being outside that when I take it all off I love to have something that I know has no bad ingredients in it and just treat my skin.

Over the past two months I've introduced four new products from Pure Potions and I'm finally ready to share my thoughts about each one. 

So starting with my skin I have dry skin and when I get stressed I get these red inflamed patches of really dry skin just above my lip and it hurts. Changing and swapping skincare items also irritates my skin and more times than I'd like to admit I end up either breaking out because of it or have some sort of reaction to the change of my routine. So this always leaves me skeptical about trying new products but sometimes you just gotta say hey ho lets give it a go.

My 9 Autumnal Lip Picks

My favourite time of the year has finally arrived and I honestly couldn't be more excited about it. October time is all about all things Halloween and Berry lips in my opinion. Although truth be told for me it started as soon as September arrived, yes I've had my room decorated for Halloween since September and I have no shame. So I sat down at my makeup drawers and decided to pick out my nine Autumnal lip picks for this Autumn.

Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipsticks

Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipsticks
Bourjois has always been one of those brands that I never tried a lot of and 9 times out of 10 I'd walk right by their makeup stand. Why? Well I guess it's because they don't really release things that I find I really want to try. I used to really want to try their foundations but sadly they are all too yellow toned for my skin and I guess since then I just hard pass right by the makeup stands. However they did recently release a lipstick version of their best selling Rouge Velvet range and I was quite intrigued to find out if they really were that good or was it just another hype on Instagram.

A Happy Place Cosmetics Haul

Happy Place Cosmetics Review
So recently I've been placing alot of online orders and I mean ALOT. One of those well actually it was twice I decided to finally get around to placing an order on Happy Place Cosmetics. So this was one of those websites that I had been following for a long time and I had always wanted to order stuff from it but because everything is heavy it meant shipping was a tad expensive however as August was my Birthday month I did not hesitate when it came to shipping charges and placed two orders. Like I literally received one order and on that same day I had placed another order. 

Pretty Products Blair Waldorf Would Approve Of

Sometimes I find myself awing over products because of how pretty they are, more times than often I purchase products because of how pretty they are. Anybody else forever using the excuse "oh this would look so good in photos"?! please tell me it's not just me. 

I was clearing through my makeup drawers one day last week and pulled out these 5 products and just kind of stared with little heart eyes because I mean the packaging is just so pretty, which got me thinking they'd definitely get the approval of Blair Waldorf right?!

The Wet n Wild Foundation I've Fallen In Love With

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation
 Recently while out shopping and treating myself to a bit too many "gifts" I wondered into a local pharmacy that has a Wet n Wild stand. I decided that I wanted a few things from it and one of those things that I wanted to try was the Photo Focus Foundation after hearing a couple of good reviews about it.

When You Love GuineaPigs So Much You Buy Everything They're On! Cath Kidston and Guineapig Wheekly Haul

I don't know if you know this yet but I'm pretty darn obsessed with Guinea Pigs, I mean how can you not adore those cute little faces with those cute tiny little noses and mouths, ugh so adorable! Recently I went on a little Guinea Pig themed spree and I'm obsessed with absolutely everything I picked up. Sheldon definitely appreciated it all, he was delighted everything had Guinea Pigs on it, I can just tell! (You can find posts featuring Sheldon here)

My Week Off Work Through My Instagram

darling jordan instagram
Last week was my week off from work and it was the most glorious thing. Although it started out bad and painful it ended really good and now that I'm back in work I'm already counting down to my week off for Halloween. 

Monday was the bad start to it as from the previous Friday I had been absolutely dying in pain from a horrendous toothache and absolutely nothing would help no matter what painkillers I took. I ended up having to get the tooth pulled and although the Dentist had given me the anaesthetic and had pulled the tooth within 15 minutes it was painful when the anaesthetic finally wore off. In fact five days later and it was still sore! However that out of the way it did mean I took it easy all week and just relaxed.

Blank Canvas Brushes Pick or Skip?

Blank Canvas Brushes
While on my hour lunch break from work one day I decided to go browsing through the shops, and to my surprise a local pharmacy has gotten a Blank Canvas Cosmetics stand and I immediately knew I had to pick up at least one brush. So I picked up three! I have heard so many good things about this brand and so I was super duper excited to finally get my hands on some and give them a whirl.

Smashbox Primerizer, A Moisturiser and Primer All in 1

Smashbox Makeup
 So I'ma be straight up and say when I do my makeup the first thing that goes on my face is a primer, I have no time nor do I really care for moisturiser at 7am/8am in the morning when doing my makeup, infact it could be 2 in the afternoon and I still wouldn't put moisturiser on before doing my makeup. Why? Well frankly because the effort and time and ugh, just leave me sit on my bed watching Netflix while I slap some products on my face..but not moisturiser..obviously!

Hola Coco A Hairmask That Shows Results From The First Use?

Hola Coco Hair Mask
Recently I've gotten really into hair treatments and anything claiming to help improve the look and feel of my hair I'm all on board for. Recently I tried out the Hola Coco* hair mask and I finally finished it all up today and I'm ready to give you all the details on it!

Okay starting off with the scent, anything that smells of coconuts you can just slather it all on my hair because theres nothing nicer than when you swish your hair over your shoulder and you can smell it, my fave! The formula is quite thick giving it a very luxurious feel and although it's thick it spreads really well over damp hair.

A Few Beauty Pieces I've Added To My Collection Recently

We're not even going to get into the whole "I know it's been awhile since I blogged" like we're literally skipping right past that because I've wrote it way too many times before and still to this day I'm not as organised as I'd like too be but hey I do try...

Recently I've been buying a lot of makeup items again and it's gotten to the point where I'm either no longer allowing myself to do so until I start working through some of the products or i just have to have a clear out and give away the items I don't use. Both options seem traumatic too me so Im still trying to decide on which one may be better for me Although the day this goes live I'm getting a tooth pulled so I'm making my dad buy me some Urban Decay goodies from Duty Free so I feel a little bit better about myself and also as a treat yo'self

Rimmel Insta Duo Contour Stick Hit or Miss?!

Rimmel Insta Duo Contour Stick
With the hype surrounding contour sticks lately I just really wanted one. I almost gave in and splurged on the KKW Beauty one but after seeing the small amount of product you get for the price tag I passed. I decided to pick up the Rimmel insta duo contour stick instead to give it a try. 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Skincare

Skincare products are one of my weaknesses. While I certainly have a little stock pile already in my press of numerous cleansers and moisturisers I just can't help myself! 

Recently while on a little shopping trip I went into the Body Shop and decided to pick up some makeup and skincare bits to try because surprisingly all I had ever tried was the Strawberry shower gel and the White Musk fragrance. 

ScoobyBox A Monthly Box Of Fun and Yum For Your Pooch

It's been exactly a year this month since I first subscribed to ScoobyBox for Aragón. Exactly 1 year on and I'm still subscribed because Aragón absolutely loves his monthly box! 

Seriously I've never been subscribed to a subscription this long before and I don't see myself stopping it anytime soon because I still love the idea as much as I did when I received our first box. 

Products I'm Currently Using On My Hair

Something I never really talk a lot about is hair products I use, which is surprising especially since I went to college to study hair. However today I thought I'd share the products I use to style my hair..because sure why not!?

The Balm The Manizer Sisters Palette

The Balm have been one of those brands that I had been dying to try but because I was never anywhere with a stand so that I could physically swatch the products I never really bothered about it. However a few months back when I heard that one of the stores in town got a small stand in store I ran down the next day to see what all the hype was about..especially the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter. As you can tell I ended up picking up The Manizer Sisters palette rather than just Mary-Lou because there was only a €3 price difference and why not have all three!

Kim Kardashian West x Kylie Cosmetics

If you're new here to DarlingJordan you may not know that I have a slight obsession with Kylie Cosmetics and pretty much anything she releases I end up buying it. The KKW x Kylie Cosmetics collaboration was no different. As soon as I seen the gorgeous packaging and nude shades I knew I needed it in my life! Costing $45 for the set it wasn't a badly priced product, except for the fact that when it arrived (I did buy other things along with it) so did a €35 customs charge! But we won't focus on that let's get straight into the actual product itself. 

Tangle Angel - An Angel Sent For Your Hair

Tangle Angel
Being a person who religiously has dyed her hair since the age of 16 my hair gets quite knotty especially after washing it. Theres nothing worse than tugging and pulling at your hair because you end up loosing half of it and thats definitely not the result anybody would want. I've tried so many hair treatments and conditioners, I've also broke numerous amount of brushes trying to de-tangle and condition my hair but nothing works. Until a certain angel entered into my life (see what I did there).

Cool For The Summer

We're currently in the middle of a heatwave right now and I'm not even joking I'm slightly dying from the heat! I cannot handle anything more than the normal Ireland weather so when it starts to reach high temperatures I turn into a hot mess, please tell me I'm not the only one!? 

However I thought I'd share the products I'm currently using to keep me from literally melting like the Witch of the West.

Primark Beauty Buys

Primark Beauty
Primark are killing it lately, they are releasing so many quirky items especially in their beauty department. Today I thought I'd go through the latest few bits I've been trying out / recently bought from silicone sponges to makeup brushes all ranging from €2.00 - €9.00.

ELF Cosmetics First Impressions

ELF Cosmetics
A few weeks back I was lucky enough to win a little competition on twitter for some ELF makeup bits, and I was so excited when I found out I had won because it was one of those brands I had always wanted to try. They've recently launched back in Superdrug so its a tad easier to get your hands on them if like me nowhere near you stocks the brand. 

Since receiving the products I've been playing about with them and wearing them a lot to see how they wore and how long they last etc, you know all that fun stuff you do when you get new makeup! I received an eyeshadow palette, blush and highlight duo, a lip tint and a liquid liner. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Colour Correctors

Colour Correctors aren't something I tend to use in an everyday makeup routine, reason being? Well its an extra step in my makeup routine and if I'm getting ready for work 5 more minutes in bed will always sound more appealing than an extra beauty product routine. However when your favourite Concealer brand launches new Colour Correctors (3 to be exact!) you just have to buy them to try.

Collection have launched a Green, Purple and a Lemon colour corrector as part of their ever so beloved Lasting Perfection concealer range, and I've been trying out two shades for the last few weeks and I'm finally ready to share my honest opinion on both of them!

Barry M Cosmic Lights Highlighting Palette

Barry M Cosmic Lights Highlighting Palette
Barry M are really having a moment right now. From their matte lipkits (post here), the Ready Set Smooth setting powder (featured here) and now the Cosmic Lights highlighting palette. 

While I feel like Barry M are sometimes put on the long finger when they come back with a bang they really do explode! As soon as I seen this highlighter palette I knew I just had to have it. So off I went with my card to treat myself (along with everything else I "treated" myself too). 

Primarks Room and Pillow Sprays With A Purpose

Primark really are ahead of their game at the moment, they are literally bringing out everything and I am loving it! I stumbled across these little sprays and just had to pick one of each up to have because they're such a cute idea. For €2.50 each I think I'll definitely be picking up more.

Products I'm Currently Obsessing Over

Products I'm Obsessed With
I absolutely adore when I buy new products and I genuinely cannot put them down, there really is no better feeling than finding a new cult product for your daily makeup routine. Today I thought I would share the products that have been glued inside my makeup bag for the past few weeks. 

When You Go Out To Buy A Pair Of Socks...

Do you know those days when you say to yourself okay I need this item and I'm only going out to buy this item, but somewhere along the way you get lost and the only thing you remember is entering in your credit card pin multiple times and then all of a sudden you're home without said item....yeah that happened.

The few days after payday I just go a bit crazy and before all this was bought, another bundle of makeup was also bought but we're just going to pretend that didn't happen. Onto what I bought though because I'm excited!

My Top 5 Kylie Cosmetics Picks

There's no denying that I've a tad obsession with Kylie Cosmetics, I absolutely adore the quality of the products and stand by that I feel they are worth every penny they cost, even when I get extra custom charges. So I decided to go through my Kylie Cosmetics collection and narrow it down to what I consider my top 5 products!

A Week Through My Instagram

I can officially say I've become obsessed with Instagram again. I love the idea of a theme and a few months back I started one that was just makeup based and every photo was shot on my Canon camera, eventually this got tiring and stressful because working full time means I didn't get a lot of time to get out my camera and tripod and start shooting different set ups. A few weeks ago I decided I had enough as I quickly started to really dislike my theme so I decided to go back to my old setup which was on my bed with all my Disney teddies as my background. Now that I'm back to this theme I'm absolutely loving instagram again and I don't feel so stressed or pressured when it comes to my photos. Although I did lose quite a few followers when I got rid of the Canon camera photos but I'm finally happy and enjoying it again. These are my favourite types of post to write so I decided why not do another one! 
Real Techniques released a huge amount of new products and of course on payday I had to hop on the bandwagon and basically buy every single one that my local Boots stocked. While I will admit I still have yet to try them all theres no better feeling than fresh new makeup tools. I have used most of the new brushes and have been absolutely loving them, I've also tried the new Cleansing sponge and it has become an absolute staple in my skincare routine (find what products I use it with here). It also helped that they were all on buy 1 get 2nd half price, with the amount of money I spent it also helped me accumulate quite a few Boots points which I'm saving for something nice!

Newtons Labs Skincare Range

So I'm going to jump straight into this and hold my hand up because I forgot to include a product in this picture, and the embarrassing part is it was my favourite product! I just kind of forgot about it until now when I sat down to write it. However I did picture it in a different set up so that's going to explain the different set up photo further down in this post, so lets get on with it. 

When I first received the Newtons Labs Skincare products* to trial I thought it'd be fun to incorporate them into a evening routine or a relaxing evening post but I ended up really loving the products that I decided they deserved their very own post.

Have The Barry M Lipkits Replaced Kylie's In My Makeup Collection?

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit
As the craze for Kylie Lipkits start to die down the obsession with matte liquid lips still live! With each brand bringing out their own versions so that theres so much choice for every budget. The latest being the Barry M Matte Me Up Lipkits.
Now I'm not going to be biased, it is true I absolutely adore Kylie's products but when I do a comparison and notice good things I do state it! 

Barry M is a brand that I swear by for nail varnish, I haven't really tried a wide variety of their cosmetics line but as soon as I seen the Matte Me Up kits launched I knew I needed all three. They have also launched some of the liquid lipsticks on their own in more colours. However I decided to pick up the three lipkits to give them a try and to see if they are in anyway comparable to Kylie's. 

What's Currently In My Makeup Bag

I thought it was about time that I finally done an updated What's in my Makeup bag. This is probably one of my favourite posts to read just because I always find new products that I want to try out, so lets get into what I'm currently using.

Starting with base products I'm currently using.

I've been loving the Origins Ginzing Moisturiser (€30.00) first thing in the morning, I just feel like it leaves my skin feeling awake and it smells absolutely divine. This is a mini version that I picked up in an Origins set I got back in the Boots sale (post here) and I can honestly see myself buying the full sized product!
I've also been using the Botanics Radiant Youth Eye Roll On (€12.99) which I've also been really enjoying. The product is refreshing and the product inside is flesh coloured so it help's eliminate any dis-colouration under the eyes. 

Kylie Cosmetics The Royal Peach Palette

So if you're new here, Hi my name is Jordan and I have a slight addiction to Kylie Cosmetics. If you already knew this...Hi hope you're well, welcome back!
With every new release Kylie brings out I cant help but get excited about it and not think twice about throwing my money at her. When she announced she was releasing The Royal Peach Palette I knew I wanted it and so on launch day (well because of time differences, launch night) I waited anxiously on her website ready to refresh the page in hopes to get the latest release. Luckily I did and a week later it popped through my letterbox (along with a customs charge, but we'll forget about that).

Payday Spending...Again!

I dont know about you but as soon as payday hits I have to buy things straight away, I just cant help it! So when payday rolled around it was no different than any other time. I placed a huge Kylie Cosmetics order, I'm talking $200 worth of Kylie Makeup along with a $65 one too. So I'm mega excited for those to arrive, I mean you just gotta treat yourself every month!

New To My Makeup Collection - SmashBox

Smashbox Cosmetics
Smashbox is one of those brands that I swear by one of their products and have tried barely anything else from their range. Well that was the it's finally changed. Smashbox has been my go to brand for Primers for the past two years. Starting out with their Photo Finish Primer that I fell in absolute love with and still am to this day. Since then I have moved on to their Primer Water which is just life changing, seriously if you've still to try this out I beg you to go to your local counter and spritz it onto your face. 
With a few new launches over the past few weeks I decided it was finally time to dive into some of their other products and give them a whirl!

Valentines Gift Ideas

Whether you hate it or love it, Valentines Day is approaching and I thought why not pop a little gift guide together incase anybody needs some ideas. Of course if you're not in a relationship right now you could also totally treat yourself to something because why the hell not!? Spoiler Alert I bought the entire Kylie Cosmetics Valentines Bundle as my valentines gift to myself, to me from me!

January's Skincare Menu

Skincare Menu, Good Skincare, Skincare Routine
January was the month I basically used almost every skincare item I owned, okay so maybe not every item but at least half the products I own anyway. In January my skin kind of acted up a lot, which I blame all the junk food I ate back in December. 

There's no particular products I used more than the other or in any particular order really so lets jump right into it!

Products I've Added to My Collection

New Products I've Added To My Makeup Collection
There's nothing I love more than a post all about products people have been buying and trying out. So this is exactly what this one is. Over the past few weeks I've been given some products from work and also treating myself to some products aswell and today is the day I talk about them all. 

January Makeup Menu

January Makeup Menu
As January has come to an end I thought I'd share the products I absolutely loved during the blue month! My makeup basically stayed the same except for the odd day when I bought a new product and wanted to try it out. But I'm sure you'll be seeing them products very soon here on Darling Jordan.

Sheldon's 3rd Birthday

On the 28th of January it was my little boys 3rd Birthday! Sitting here on my lunch break in work writing this has me wondering where 3 years has actually gone?! 

As always I bought him a few gifts because you can't have a birthday without some presents! As always I bought everything from PetBliss online. They are my go to pet shop for whatever the occasion just because I find they have such a great selection of items for small animals.

What I Bought in the Boots 70% off sale

Last week the day everyone was waiting for finally arrived, the much anticipated Boots 70% off sale. Now while I'm actually not one to take part in this sale and truth be told this was my first time in doing so I didn't get loads. I didn't start work till 12 that day so the things I did want I had hidden away up in the stockroom so that I could buy them later in the day! But enough blabber, if you follow me on snapchat 'darlingjordan' I'm sure you'll have had enough of me talking about sale day! Now onto what I bought!

Weird Things Bunnies Do To Show They Love You

House Bunny
So this is my bunny Aurora whom I've been living with for over a year.  A whole 365+ days with this little ball of fluff has let me learn a lot about bunnies. Aurora is a house Bunny so she has the run of the house. However she does certain things in my room that make me happy and some that make me feel quite the opposite, so I thought I'd share them as they might give you a giggle. Also if you have a Bunny please let me know if you relate to all these points or if I just have a Bunny with an attitude.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash

Garnier Micellar Water Cleansing Gel Wash
Micellar water is probably one of the biggest skincare sellers right now, so when stocking shelfs in work one day and noticing the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel of course I had to buy one immediately! I mean if it does the exact same as the Micellar Water but is even quicker at removing your makeup like sign me up right now.