It's hard to believe this is my last blog post of 2017. I know we all say it but really where did that year go!? Although personally it was a bad year for me when it came to my blog because it was slightly abandoned, but hopefully 2018 I'll be able to figure out a proper routine for it. 

For now though I decided to share my top Beauty picks of 2017, having to narrow down these products to just 6 items was hard but I definitely stand by my decision and would definitely recommend these products to anyone and everyone.

Starting with my foundation pick of 2017, this year I definitely ventured out and tried a lot more foundations than I normally would and it was a no brainer to which one went straight to the top of my list! The L'oreal True Match Foundation. Okay so I decided to pick this up back in Summer and ever since I did I've not looked back, and to prove it I've legit gone through about 15 bottles of it. This foundation is definitely my new holy grail, the colour shade I use (2R2C) is such a nice match to my skin tone (although still not perfect but I like how warm it is) and it lasts all day long on the skin. I'm not one to top up my foundation throughout the day, infact I won't touch it at all because...well laziness I guess. No but really I can apply this at 7am and by 7pm it's still on my face and hasn't budged, it's pretty amazing. 

Something that I would never thought I would ever put in a yearly favourites post was a lipstick, but yet here I am ready to do so. The reason I thought I'd never mention a lipstick is the fact I don't tend to wear the same one for more than two days in a row, as I get bored of colours and move onto the next. WELL that all changed when the Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick launched. Let me tell you a few things about this amazing formula. So obviously its a lipstick, it has a matte finish but feels creamy all day long on the lips, it doesn't bleed nor lose colour intensity and my favourite thing of all it lasts for absolute hours! I'm pretty sure I have at least 7 of the shades from this range but my favourite is 01 which is just the perfect nude shade.

The Primer I pretty much used to death this year was the fabulous Smashbox Primerizer. Lets not go into how bad I am when it comes to moisturising but with using this primer everyday I didn't really have to worry about it much as its a moisturiser and primer in 1. I absolutely adore Smashbox primers and in my opinion they are the best brand for them, just because the primers they release actually do what their supposed to and don't give up after 3 hours wear. This also lasts absolutely ages as I'm only on my second bottle and probably about 1/4 of the way through it, so you definitely get your moneys worth out of it. I wrote a whole post just about this primer back in August that you can find here.
Something I couldn't not mention was Naked Heat. Legit the most gorgeous palette I have ever owned and although I didn't use it every single day like I thought I would it's my go to when I want to do something nice, or put a bit more effort into my makeup. You just cannot fault Urban Decay eyeshadows in my opinion, everything about them is just perfect and you just can't go wrong with a classic. It's every single eyeshadow shade I could ever love all in one palette and it's the kind of colours that I absolutely adore wearing so yeah 10/10 from me UD!
Stepping away from makeup for a moment I just had to include my 2017 fragrance. Although released in Summer so half the year was over I absolutely fell head over heels in love with Gucci Bloom. The most gorgeous floral fragrance I ever did come across with the most stunning but simple packaging. Before this I was wearing the likes of Si, La Vie Est Belle and Black Opium but as soon as this entered my life it flew right to the top spot in my favourites. Legit 9/10 this was the perfume I'd be wearing everyday, I'm so obsessed with much so that I've gotten two spare bottles of it for when I run out. Nobody wants to run out of their fave scent amiright!?
Finally the last product, I honestly couldn't not mention this because I was and still am so obsessed with it. So just incase you don't already know Thumper is my fave Disney character and when Happy Place Cosmetics released a Disney range of body scrubs you can bet that Thumper went straight into my basket. With a Sweet Pea scent the scrub itself is so blooming amazing, my skin does be left feeling baby soft and the scent lingers for so long! What I also like about the HPC body scrubs is they start to foam the more you work them into the skin, and while giving a good exfoliate they are still quite gentle on the skin which I adore about them.

And there you have it, my top 6 favourite products of 2017.

Heres to many more in 2018 x