So we've finally made it, guys it's Christmas week...don't freak out, don't freak out...but you've only got 5 more days to get all your shopping done. If you're like me (hopefully not too much as I've maxed out my credit card and payday doesn't arrive until Friday) you still have a few more gifts to get and it's at the stage where you're just totally out of ideas. So I thought I'd throw a few things together that I've bought for people to give ya'll some ideas for those last few stocking fillers. 

Hot Chocolate gift sets are EVERYWHERE at this time of year and I bloody love it! Who doesn't love a good 'soul hot chocolate set. I picked up a box set of 8 different flavours from TK Maxx for just €8.99 and I'm obsessed with how cute it looks. I bought this as a gift to me from me and I haven't had the heart to open it yet because it just looks so good in the background of photos in my opinion. 

Bath gift sets again are everywhere and although a hit or miss with people I personally love them. I don't know why but it's so exciting getting new bath bombs, shower gels and all that kind of good stuff, I mean how can you not love a good 'oul bath set. My current favourite brand for amazing bath time products are Bubble t, their Christmas sets are literally the best I've seen. 

Something you really can't go wrong with are fragrances. Theres something for everybody's budget whether it be €20 €200. Although it may be difficult to buy a fragrance for others as you're not too sure what kind of scents they like but it's worth a chance amiright!? Personally at the moment my favourite men scents are Paco Rabanne Pure XS and Dior Sauvage. For women I am loving Chanel Gabrielle and Gucci Bloom. 

Something a little different but perfect for those who want to achieve long luscious locks without fully committing Koko Couture Hair Extensions* I have longish hair but I always want longer hair I mean I want to be blooming Rapunzel when it comes to my hair, I have fallen head over heels with these clip in hair extensions, while they are synthetic they look so natural and you can even use heat on them, they are such good value and I already bought my Mum a set as part of her Christmas gift because she always wants longer hair. When I wear these because they are so natural looking everybody instantly thinks its my own hair, find a picture of me wearing them here...can you tell where my natural hair ends? Didn't think so because THATS HOW FAB THEY ARE! You can find their whole range on their website here. The hair extensions range from £10.99 to £21.99, of course the more expensive the extensions the more wefts and grams of hair you get!

You really truly can never go wrong with something from Victorias Secret, I picked up some of their face mask range for stocking fillers and I must say their packaging is really pretty. Of course because I was ordering gifts for others I just had to order myself some nice little treats from it too, I have to stay clear of the store other wise I'd be broke coming out of it! 

Makeup gifts are always especially good at this time of year, with all the main brands bringing out their festive gifts. My favourites so far this year being the Charlotte Tilbury bundles, have yet to treat myself to one and also the Smashbox star gift that was out recently. Even the drugstore brands are bringing out cute little stocking fillers that you can't say no too.

Finally Chocolate, if all else fails and you cannot find anything just buy a mountain full of chocolate, I mean who wouldn't that delight!? 

Have you finished getting all your gifts yet?

*This post contains PR samples all opinions are my own