House Bunny
So this is my bunny Aurora whom I've been living with for over a year.  A whole 365+ days with this little ball of fluff has let me learn a lot about bunnies. Aurora is a house Bunny so she has the run of the house. However she does certain things in my room that make me happy and some that make me feel quite the opposite, so I thought I'd share them as they might give you a giggle. Also if you have a Bunny please let me know if you relate to all these points or if I just have a Bunny with an attitude.

Licks My Hands, Arms, Legs & Face
So lets start off on a cute note. Aurora loves to give kisses..well at least when she's feeling loveable. Aurora has a mode that I like to call Stalker Aurora and it freaks me out. When we first got Aurora she had a bit of an attitude and you would only be given kisses if she felt you earned it, however after her operation on her teeth she's become so loving that it's at the point that it suffocates me. I used to always complain that she wasn't loveable and now that she is I'm like nope plz stop! But anyways I'm straying from the point, you can be sitting on your bed, standing in one spot or even cleaning and she will come up to you and whatever body part is closet her she will just smother you with kisses. 

Rubs Her Scent On My Acrylics
When you see someone with stiletto styled acrylics the last thing I think of doing is rubbing my chin on them. Well if you're Aurora overtime you see my hand somewhat upright she comes over to my nails and will rub her scent on them. Yup you think you own your acrylics haha think again, they're now property of Princess 'Rora! 

Buzzes Like A Bee
So Aurora is my first pet Bunny, before her I had never really been around one all that much. Well living with Aurora I've learnt that when she's happy she likes to a bee that just will not stop. She will run around in circles around my room, my feet or just full on do sprints throughout the house while making this noise. It is adorable I must admit and Bunnies buzzing was something I never even thought of so when I learnt about it I was mind blown! But she buzzes a lot, she's a very happy bunny.

Poops Everywhere
So I didn't learn that you could litter train bunnies until Aurora was kind of older and over the training stage. Now Aurora isn't very messy, she washes herself nearly every five minutes and will be quite good most times and jump into her bed to pee. However she just poops everywhere. While she's buzzing around my room she's just like a machine and it honestly is one of the most annoying things about her. Bunny poops are little balls and they're pretty easy to clean up but I don't enjoy it. However her poop doesn't bother me as much as the next point...

Pees On My Bed...Every Single Time I Change It
This makes me hate her, literally despise her. (Okay just a feeling I don't ever actually hate her it just makes me very annoyed) It's a chore to make your bed, and an even bigger one to change it. So when I've spent 20 minutes doing just that I don't appreciate that five minutes later I'm stripping my bed because she likes to mark her territory. It is honestly the most annoying thing ever. If the bed clothes are only newly bought it's like she senses it and has to pee all over them as many times as possible before I notice. Yes she's also peed on me a few times, just the other day she pee'd on Sheldons face....HIS FACE! 

and finally

Tosses Everything Off My Bed
Before she decides to pee on my bed she likes to toss all the teddies off onto the floor. I have so many teddies and cushions on my bed and sometimes she's just like nah lets move everything! When I'm taking blog photos I always have things on my bed such as photo props etc and she also likes to throw them off the bed. Anything that annoys me in the slightest she really enjoys doing.

And there you have it, just a few things that Bunnies do to show they love you...or to annoy you. I haven't really figured it out yet!

Have you any pets. Do they do anything to annoy you?