Products I'm Obsessed With
I absolutely adore when I buy new products and I genuinely cannot put them down, there really is no better feeling than finding a new cult product for your daily makeup routine. Today I thought I would share the products that have been glued inside my makeup bag for the past few weeks. 

I'm going to start with the four products that aren't actually beauty related but were just way too pretty not to include in this post!

Firstly starting at the back the Bambi Mug. I am obsessed with this! I met up with an old friend recently and she surprised me with this mug and I am so obsessed with it, I mean just look at how bloomin adorable it is. Plus Bambi and Thumper are on it and if you didn't know already I have a slight obsession when it comes to these two cuties. The rose gold writing just ties everything together and just makes for the perfect Instagram worthy object! 

The next is the adorable Ari by Ariana Grande giftset. Okay so I have 8 bottles of this fragrance, it is my absolute favourite but when I seen this giftset I wanted it for the reason being that I didn't have it already...which I know is the worst possible reason to impulse buy but I needed it. Just look at the adorable fluffy pen included in the set. It's only a 15ml bottle and oh my goodness it is the most adorable sized bottle I have ever seen. It was on offer the day I bought it and I ended up getting an additional 10% off that day because the card machines were down which was great for me!
Finally my new phone case cover from The Kylie Shop. I am so obsessed with this cover and I adore that it is transparent because it means I can still see the rose gold colour of the phone still. The case was $15 which wasn't a bad price at all although I did have to pay $20 shipping which I wasn't over the moon about. Although now that I have it in my hands I will say that I think it was worth every penny because it is so bloomin cute and girly, I love it!

Now onto the beauty bits.
Beauty Products I'm Obsessed With
I got the No7 Instant Illusions Rapid Radiance Balm from work and have been using it as a primer under my foundation. I've been really obsessing over Radiance primers lately and before this one I was using the Smashbox radiance primer that has a warm bronze shade to it, whereas the No7 one has a more pearl opalescent tone to it. While adding radiance to the skin it surprisingly helps keep my foundation lasting all day which I was quite surprised by. I don't know why I was so surprised because every No7 product I've tried I really enjoyed but I was so blown away by the quality of this and would definitely recommend it especially because it's considered a skincare product meaning you get €6.50 off it when Boots are giving out No7 vouchers. 

I never tried a setting spray before..I know what a shock!? When I seen this Essence Instant Matt setting spray for less than €4 I decided to try it out because I mean how bad could it actually be!? I surprisingly (again) really love this. (Well I suppose I love everything in this post considering the title but you get me!) While I have dry skin, when I'm working I like to keep my makeup matte so it'll last as long as possible because I'm way too lazy to have to top it up during the day. This I find definitely helps especially because of the warm weather we're having at the moment I really feel like this is helping keep my makeup in-tact too.

I've been obsessing over the Kiss Lashes in Ritzy lately, they are so gorgeous and natural looking on the eyes they just give your natural lashes that extra bit of oomph. I stocked up on these when they were buy 1 get 2nd half price so I basically have a drawer of them now. I also find that I can re use these atleast up to 6 times which is great because I hate when lashes just fall apart after one time wearing them. They come with a mini Kiss adhesive which is great as it dries clear and is genuinely a really good lash glue.

Bahama Mama is one of those products that I am so glad I gave into my gut instinct and bought it, because it is honestly the perfect bronzing shade for my skin. It's so cute and compact that it barely takes up any room in your makeup drawer or storage. I haven't actually used any other bronzer since buying this last month because it's just that good! 

Another thing I gave into was the Manizer Sisters palette that consists of Mary-Lou, Cindy-Lou and Betty-Lou. I picked this up purely for the hype around Mar-Lou (blaming you fellow bloggers for this purchase) but the whole palette was just better value sense why I picked this up instead of just one of the single pans. I'm so glad I picked this up though because I am obsessed with all three they are just so beautiful. 100% recommend jumping on the hype and buying this because I'm so glad I did. 
Beauty Products I'm Obsessed With
Of course I couldn't not include a Kylie Cosmetics product in this post I mean it's another one of my obsessions after all. For the past two months I've just been using the Bronze palette because it is just the perfect everyday palette. The formula of the shadows are amazing and I cannot get enough of them, they are so pigmented and they blend amazingly. 

I picked up a Maybelline Strobe Stick in #100 because it was reduced to €3 and my goodness is it beautiful. I never actually paid attention to these when I'd look at the Maybelline stand I'd just kind of ignore them and look at something else. But dear god it gives the most gorgeous glow I ever did see. I normally don't like chubby sticks hence the reason I would usually just walk right by it but applying it with your finger works perfectly and for only €3 it was an absolute bargain. 

The Ready Set Smooth Powder by Barry M is my absolute new favourite product for baking. I've since bought another tub to keep as a spare because it's so amazing. It's lightweight and doesn't feel heavy sitting on the skin. It also sets my concealer really nice leaving the highlighted effect there and not changing the colour of it. 

Finally I've been using the Essence Volume Styling Mascara which has added fibres to exaggerate the length of your lashes which I really love. I have such short lashes which drives me insane, but for days when I'm too lazy to apply falsies or just running short on time this mascara is great because it still gives you that false lash effect. 

What products have you been loving lately?