Whether you hate it or love it, Valentines Day is approaching and I thought why not pop a little gift guide together incase anybody needs some ideas. Of course if you're not in a relationship right now you could also totally treat yourself to something because why the hell not!? Spoiler Alert I bought the entire Kylie Cosmetics Valentines Bundle as my valentines gift to myself, to me from me!

Something you cannot go wrong with is a fragrance. I mean who doesn't adore getting a brand spanking new perfume to add to their collection. I adore a good perfume and even though I have two drawers full of them, one can never have enough! I have been absolutely loving Olympea by Paco Rabanne lately so I just knew I had to include it in this gift guide! This is absolutely stunning from the bottle design to the scent its just perfect. They've also released an Intense version which I can imagine is just as gorgeous. But you really cannot go wrong with a pretty fragrance!

As a fellow singleton I don't have to worry about buying gifts for Valentines but I did want to pop in an Aftershave because I do think it's also a pretty safe bet. I also wanted to recommend Sauvage by Dior because it is absolutely beautiful! It's Dior so it's a bit pricey but definitely give it a spritz and a sniff because it is absolutely divine! Working on the fragrance counter over Christmas made me smell a lot of fragrances/aftershaves and this one is definitely my fave! 

Makeup. You cannot go wrong with makeup for that Beauty obsessive in your life! Theres always new products being released meaning theres always a longer wish list growing each day! 

I included the Smashbox CoverShot palette in Abalze because it is honestly the most stunning palette I've ever laid my eyes on. The whole Covershot palette range I feel like theres a palette for absolutely everyone so theres atleast one on everyones wishlist! The pigment of the shadows are absolutely amazing and overall theres not a bad word I could say about them.

Because of the hype still around it (although I do feel like it's died down a bit) I had to include a Kylie Lipkit. I mean I spent $200 on her products for my Valentines gift to me from me, so I just had to include a product from her range! By now I'm sure you're sick and tired gf hearing me talk about these lipkits but I honestly do not use any other lipsticks since trying these out. The lip kit pictured above is Smile, a stunning pale pink shade. Favourites I would recommend are Dolce K, Exposed and Candy K. You can't go wrong with a good 'oul nude! 

Lingerie is my new obsession. Having pretty matching sets just make me feel like i have my life together. Whether you're receiving it as a gift or simply buying it for yourself it's sure to perk you up! I mean who doesn't love a bit of red lace!? The Bralette pictured above is surprisingly from Primark who are slaying the Valentines lingerie right now if I do say so myself! See a picture of the full set on my Instagram here!

Finally if you have no plans or like me are working until 9pm and want to spend the rest of your evening having a relaxing night. Grab a girly movie, my current go to is Bridget Jones I mean it's just perfect for this occasion dont you think!? There's nothing like a feel good movie especially when some Chocolate is involved. 

Have you any plans for Valentines Day?