So the time has come for the annual 'What I Got for Christmas' post and I'm so excited to start reading everybodys because I blooming LOVE having a nosey to see what people got. As always with this post comes the annual 'this is not a bragging post disclaimer' but hey you gotta do it because sometimes for some reason these kind of posts offend people...
So as always I am in no way bragging or trying to show off what I got. I have wrote one of these posts every year for the last four years that I've been blogging so it's almost become a thing of tradition. I did ask on Instagram if you's would like to see one and 91% of people who voted said yes, so here you all go, ya'll my kind of people!

This year without knowing I was doing it I was making a big deal out of the whole Christmas Eve box thing, but I was simply just talking about how my friends who have children were doing it and how it's such an adorable idea. To my surprise on Christmas Eve after work I was told to go into the sitting room with my brother (the door was closed so I knew there was a surprise coming, not going to lie my mind instantly went to a new animal or was neither) and there was our 'Christmas Eve Box' with things a bit more extravagant than what you actually put in them! You can see everything that was in our box here.

So in my part of the Christmas Eve box I got a Tassimo Vivy 2, okay so I know these are out ages but it's something I've always wanted but would always refuse to buy it for myself. But I'm so excited to finally own one because my Hot Chocolate addiction is just going to go through the roof now and yay.

I also got the most adorable Hot Chocolate set (did I mention I rly love Hot Chocolate?) with a Gingerbread man, a Hot Chocolate stirrer with a Gingerbread man on top of it and a little jar of mini candy canes..I mean can it rly get any more freaking adorable!?
Staying on the drinks theme I also got a Snowman and Snowdog Milkshake set which contains the cutest little glass I've ever owned in my life, it looks like an old milk bottle. Along with that was a box of cookies and another little jar containing your milkshake mix with straws.

Along with that in my Christmas Eve box I also got some Christmas Pyjamas, new slippers, Celebrations, a Chocolate Santa, a Selection Box, a set of socks, mini Oreos, Chocolate animals and a carrot for Rudolph.

With the Christmas Eve box surprise I honestly wasn't expecting much more on Christmas Day but then Christmas Day arrived..

Starting with my main present this year, over the years I seem to have started a tradition that I get an Apple product, it wasn't supposed to happen it just keeps happening but I'm definitely not complaining about it! This year I was surprised (at the end of November because I kinda ruined the surprise, long story!) with the Apple Watch that I wanted in Rose Gold and Lavender. I've been wearing it since the end of November so I kind of have had that already but I still blooming love it!

I also got the Belkin charger from the Apple Store (in rose gold obvz) which charges your phone and watch at the same time which is so much easier than looking for different chargers because at least I know when I go to bed I can wake up and both of them are ready to go.

Of course no Christmas is complete without some Makeup. Strangely enough there wasn't an awful lot of makeup out I wanted this year, and if there was I just bought it for myself because I'm impatient. However I did get the Smashbox Create and Transform palette and the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette which is the most gorgeous palette I've ever laid my eyes on, literally all the heart eyes!


I also got some Bambi pyjamas, a Willy Wonka Inspired Candy Cane, a Zoella all is bright set, a personalised mug with all my little fur babies on it from one of the girls in work and a gigantic Mickey Mouse bauble for my Christmas tree from another girl at work because she knows how obsessed I am with my Disney themed Christmas Tree.

Finally my last surprise, okay so I will hold my hand up when it comes to technology and say I am a name brand snob, I am and I know that. So when my parents handed me a present all wrapped and said it was just a little extra something (this is going to make me sound like such a spoilt brat right now I'm sorry I don't mean for it to sound bad but it's because my parents knew what I would be thinking) and when I unwrapped it to see it was a 'metallic curved speaker' I said thank you and took it out of the box to see what it looked and sounded like. (heres the bad part) When I unwrapped it I was like rly..why would you bother when you know I want a Beats Pill, but like I said I only said it in my head and not out loud and did say thank you, but guys like the sound quality I was just like dear Jesus kill me. HOWEVER twenty minutes later when everybody had finished opening up their gifts I was handed another wrapped present that they had hidden and was told 'just one last surprise' and to say my face lit up when I unwrapped it and seen it was a Beats Pill + I was delighted with life. Then I proceeded to tell them my thoughts that I had kept to myself when I un-wrapped the other speaker in which their exact words were 'yeah we kinda knew you'd think that, thats why we wanted to do it'.

And there we go, everything I got for Christmas 2017, I feel well and truly spoilt and I couldn't be more in love with everything I got.