Do you know those days when you say to yourself okay I need this item and I'm only going out to buy this item, but somewhere along the way you get lost and the only thing you remember is entering in your credit card pin multiple times and then all of a sudden you're home without said item....yeah that happened.

The few days after payday I just go a bit crazy and before all this was bought, another bundle of makeup was also bought but we're just going to pretend that didn't happen. Onto what I bought though because I'm excited!

The first thing I picked up was a 100ml bottle of Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift. Although I currently have a full bottle of this it seems to be getting harder to get your hands on so when I seen this on sale for €19.50 I grabbed it as there was only two left. I'm well stocked up on it for now! Although I have been dying to get my hands on the Enchanted version but it's so hard to come across so I definitely wasn't letting this one go!

I came across a The Balm Cosmetics stand in my town and I almost done a little happy dance because I have been wanting to try something from this brand for the longest time but because I couldn't swatch anything I had my doubts. However I did pick up the The Manizer Sisters highlighting set without swatching anything and just looked at it. Now I can finally say I TOTALLY GET THE HYPE AROUND MARY LOU BECAUSE OH MY GOODNESS!! I literally cannot wait to apply this all over my face, it is honestly one of the most gorgeous highlights I've ever laid my eyes on. I must admit I'm also pretty obsessed with Betty Lou, it's such a gorgeous bronze highlight my eyes just light
up when I look at it. This was €28 which is a good price for the three as the singles were €22.50

Also from The Balm Cosmetics I picked up Bahama Mama, I had been eyeing this up for quite awhile and as soon as I swatched it in the store I immediately popped it into my little shopping pile. As I'm so pale I always find it so hard to get a bronzer that doesn't have an orange tone to it and this is honestly just perfect. I paid €20 for this although I have just noticed it's cheaper in Debenhams but sure I guess things like this happen. I'm so happy I picked it up though because I am so obsessed with it.

I then visited an Essence stand to have a nosey at what products they've released lately. While it's not a brand I tend to use a lot of I do like to have a look every now and then. This time around I ended up picking up three products, the Full Coverage Camoflague Concealer, the Instant Matt Setting Spray and the Volume Stylist Fibre Mascara. While I haven't tried the concealer or the mascara yet I have been giving the setting spray a whirl and so far I really like it. It does help mattify your face and keep everything in place that little bit longer. All three products were €3.49 each which is so affordable how could you not pick something up!

I'm a sucker for a sale product so when I seen the Maybelline Master Strobing Stick in 100 and 200 reduced to just €3 each I suddenly needed them. Makeup on clearance is my kryptonite. I didn't even swatch these in store but I mean how bad could they be. When I finally got home and swatched them I was so happy that I did decide to pick them up because both shades are absolutely stunning. While one is lighter and more of a pearlescent shade the other is the most beautiful bronze shade. Both absolutely perfect for achieving different looks.

Washing my brushes is such a chore I'll even hold my hand up to admit that I definitely don't wash them as much as I should. I was so excited when I came across a Lottie London stand in town (but disappointed because it was only brushes and nail varnish and sadly none of the makeup! Boo) However there was 25% off so I grabbed another one of their Soap Stars because I absolutely swear by it and to my excitement there was 25% off it! I won't go into detail about why I love it so much because I dedicated a whole post to it which you can read here. With the percentage off I think this ended up working out at €6.25.

I never really gave into they hype of Bold Metals Real Techniques however I do have the contour brush as it was bought for me as a gift. However I went into a pharmacy and they had them on sale but I restrained myself and only picked up the sponge (more so for photos I don't think I'll actually
use it) that was reduced to €7.99 and the oval shadow brush which was reduced to €8.49. I do love Real Technique brushes but the Bold Metal range is just so pricey that I was just never bothered to buy it.

After months and months of searching for the NYX Blush in Taupe I finally came across another one and I'm so glad I did. I flew through my first one of it because I became so obsessed with the colour for contouring my pale skin! So I'm so excited that I can finally add a new one to my collection because it is definitely in my top 5 picks for sure! It's such a great contour product for only €8

Finally the last two products I picked up were from W7. It's been well over a year since I tried a new release from them so I decided to finally pick up the Banana Powder €4.99 for setting under my eyes. I've heard so much about this and I was so pleasantly surprised by all the good reviews that I'm so excited to give this a whirl. Lastly I picked up their Honolou Bronzer €4.99 as I just can't help but think that it is an exact dupe for Benefits Hoola bronzer. W7 do such great dupes and I'm still obsessed with their mascara which is basically Benefits They're Real but in a different tube. Find my comparison post here and an urban Decay dupe here!!

That's everything I bought..if you didn't guess by now I forgot the socks, which just means I'll have to go shopping again and hopefully remember them next time!

What makeup have you been buying lately?

I realised that it's been quite some time since I published a post and it felt weird not saying hi I'm back so hi