We're currently in the middle of a heatwave right now and I'm not even joking I'm slightly dying from the heat! I cannot handle anything more than the normal Ireland weather so when it starts to reach high temperatures I turn into a hot mess, please tell me I'm not the only one!? 

However I thought I'd share the products I'm currently using to keep me from literally melting like the Witch of the West.

Lets start with a pretty simple one, deodorant! I've been using the Mitchum Advanced Control deodorants* lately and have found them amazing. I don't know what it is but I cant use every deodorant brand because I find some of them make me sweat more than actually helping stop that, so I was an avid Sure deodorant user as it was the only one that would actually work for me. However after using Mitchum for the past few weeks I think I may be sticking with this brand! It provides sweat and odor control and I've been really impressed with how well it's been working. Especially in the 30 degree temperatures we've been having lately! Mitchum offer spray, roll on and stick deodorants all in numerous scents including non fragranced. Although I must say the 'Powder Fresh' scent has been my absolute favourite.
I've been trying out the roll on's and the deodorant stick. Normally I stay away from roll on's and just opt for a soapy as I sometimes find the roll on's just aren't strong enough and I'm always afraid they'd mark my white uniform while in work. Thankfully the Mitchum roll on's have totally changed my mind, while giving 48 hour protection they also don't mark your clothes in anyway and keep you feeling fresh all day.
Something I had never tried until recently is a deodorant stick. Again just like roll on products I'd put it into my head that they just don't work but these are amazing especially if you are afraid of deodorant staining your clothes, because they're a stick you have a precise application and it only comes off when you rub the stick on your skin. Definitely something I'll be throwing in my clutch for days out in the sun!

Due to the sunshine being out sun protection is so important. I will admit that it's only been in the last year that I'm like hell no you're going out in that sun without some factor 15 on you! I love having a sun protecting cream thats quick and easy to apply with no fuss, so I've been loving the Soltan Once invisible spray. This sprays out like water and feels so refreshing and the great thing is it's a one application thing and thats you sorted for 8 hours! If you're in anyway a tad lazy when it comes to creams this is made for you, a quick spritz of a refreshing spray and you're protected for the day.

The last little skincare item I've been using a lot of to keep me cool is the Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz. While it is a toner I've been spritzing this on me like 8 times a day and it's so refreshing. It's 100% organic and leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth. It's great for when you're ready to melt as a quick spritz just feels so refreshing. I swear last week before this heatwave arrived my bottle was full and now its practically empty, just as well I have a back up!
Onto makeup pieces, I'm all about going bare faced when possible but sometimes you just need to put on makeup but when it comes to this heat I keep it to as few products as I possiby can.

I adore Smashbox for primers, they're currently my go to brand and if you haven't tried any yet definitely go to your local counter and ask for some samples!

Firstly another cooling spritz spray is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water. I have raved on about this product since purchasing my first bottle a year ago, it is honestly the perfect product ever and it does actually work! Check out the blog post review I done on it last year here. You can also pop this in the fridge for a really cool spritz. What I love about this though is you can use it throughout the day with a full face of makeup for a freshen up.
I also like to use the Smashbox Radiance primer as it gives you some colour almost acting like a little bb cream (but maybe slightly less coverage and without blurring anything). It also gives the skin the most gorgeous bronzed sun kissed look ever! With added Hyaluronic acid its beyond moisturising on the skin.

Foundations are a no go when the sun is up because they personally melt off my face, so I grab my trusty No7 City Light Tinted moisturiser and it just gives me enough coverage to go through the day without feeling like my face is melting off. It also contains spf15 which is brilliant because you know your face is protected from the uv rays.

I usually opt for easy items to use so the No7 Bronze chubby stick adds a tad bit of a bronze glow to my skin while I use the Maybelline Strobe Chubby Stick in #100 for some added glow to my skin. I always opt to keep my eyes as neutral as possible because my hayfever is so bad so my eyes water so much it ends up ruining any eye makeup I have on, so I don't put much effort into that. Finally I pop on a nude lip and I'm ready to go about my day complaining about how warm it is!

What products do you use to keep yourself cool during Summer?

*This post contains PR samples, all opinions are 100% my own. Find out more about my Disclosure here.