Happy Place Cosmetics Review
So recently I've been placing alot of online orders and I mean ALOT. One of those well actually it was twice I decided to finally get around to placing an order on Happy Place Cosmetics. So this was one of those websites that I had been following for a long time and I had always wanted to order stuff from it but because everything is heavy it meant shipping was a tad expensive however as August was my Birthday month I did not hesitate when it came to shipping charges and placed two orders. Like I literally received one order and on that same day I had placed another order. 
My first order was simply because they were selling a limited edition body scrub called 'Thumper' and if you follow me on Instagram or on Twitter you may know I have a very huge heart for that adorable little bunny, so I knew I needed it. Now that I've been using it I'm absolutely devastated that it was limited edition because it's the best body scrub I've ever used but more on that in a moment!

My first order consisted of a Unicorn soap that still to this day I have no intentions of using and I wanted it purely for photos (blogger problems) called 'Abigail' find here. It smells of Raspberry ripple and Vanilla buttercream and you kinda just want to eat it but because it's so darn pretty you don't...obvz. 

Now back to the main reason I placed my first order, the Thumper body scrub.
Thumper Body Scrub
Of course before using it a mini Thumper themed photoshoot had to happen..or multiple Thumper themed photos had to happen. But after that I wasted no time and immediately started using it. This body scrub is honestly the best scrub I've ever used. Firstly its Sweet Pea scented which means it smells absolutely amazing! 
Okay so the scrub itself is bloody great, so do you know those bumps that appear on your skin like your arms and legs, like not goosebumps their just ones that are always there?! Yeah well there gone, like this scrub has no time for them and it only allows smooth baby soft skin and I'm so obsessed with it which brings me on to the slightly heartbreaking part of this. So because it was my first time trying it out I only ordered one tub of it incase I didn't like it (even though I knew I would). Now I'm obsessed with it and it was a limited edition product which means you can no longer buy it! *sits in corner crying* Like in reality Happy Place Cosmetics offer so many other body scrubs but I want this one again! I'm half way through the tub already and so now I'm starting to be not so generous with it.
Petition to bring back the Thumper Scrub so Jordan can buy more pots of it *raises hand*

Side Note- Something a tad random but I want to mention, my scalp has flared up the past two weeks and although gross I could literally pull clumps of built up dry scalp off my scalp...I know tmi but I'm telling this for a reason. Nothing I was using was working, coconut oil, baby oil, head and shoulders nothing! So one day when it was really bugging me I decided to scrub it using this scrub and bam guess who didnt have any more scalp build up, yup this gal. I used it for a solid week and it seems to have helped an awful lot which is blooming great!

So that was all I had ordered in my first order but that wasn't all that arrived in the box. I was told an extra surprise had been added in for me and I couldn't wait to see what else was inside. Very generously there was also 2 samples inside and 1 more full sized product. There was a little sample of a soap aswell as a face scrub (which I forgot to include in the photo but it smells of banana bread and its divine) BUT the cutest thing that I jumped up and down about was....
Happy Place Cosmetics Review
This personalised doughnut soap wITH A BUNNY ON IT LIKE OMG! Like this is honestly the sweetest gift ever like I swear I could've cried because it was such a sweet gesture. So of course I had to get Aurora to pose with it (Instagram post here) I'm sure I'll have her pose beside it a bit better next time. But my god it smells like sweets like it reminds me of the Lush bubblegum lip scrub legit thats what it smells like and my room smells amazing everytime I take it out of the packaging! Of course because it is way too pretty I can't use it I mean just look at it, why on earth would you want to destroy it?! and just look at that bunny!!!

So after all that excitement of opening that parcel I placed another order that night as I decided that I wanted one of their Brush Cleansers and a Bubble Butt-er. So off I went online again and placed another order, there was also an offer on at the time with a percentage off brush cleaners so it was a win win situation really.
Happy Place Cosmetics Review
Starting with the Bubble Butt-er, so I had seen these when I had placed my first order but I actually thought you could only use it in a bath, and I only have a shower in my house (tragic, I know, I've never had the privilege of trying out a bath bomb. First world problems) so I just skipped right by it. However in the days after placing my first order I had seen reviews about how you can use it in the bath and shower for bubbles, a wash and even shaving foam so I was sold. I ended up going for the 'Riot' version (find here) I'm absolutely horrendous at describing scents but on the website its classed as "midnight rose, black orchid and vanilla musk" and I'm going to say thats pretty much spot on. I've used it as a wash and it bubbles so much! I've also been using it a lot as shaving foam as I find it leaves your skin so soft and I feel like I don't have to moisturise after it as it feels very moisturising on the skin which I lovvve!

When you order a Brush Cleanser from Happy Place Cosmetics they also include a little brush cleaner mitt which is such a great idea, not going to lie when I ordered this I never read the description so when I seen it in the box I had to go onto the website to see is it always included or were they just being really generous again, but yes it's always included which is such a nice touch I think!
I opted for the Vanilla Rose brush cleanser because it had a Unicorn in it and my goodness it smells fab! I have yet to actually use this, although my brushes are in bad need of a good deep cleanse I'm so afraid of ruining the unicorn like it's killing me even thinking of it! But going by how good every other product I've tried has been I've no doubts that this won't be amazing too! You can find the brush soap here.

And thats all I had ordered the second time around...but guess what!? THEY WERE BLOOMIN ADORABLE AGAIN AND MADE ME AN EXTRA LITTLE SURPRISE!!!
Disney Soap
When I pulled this out of the box I was like OH MY GAWD! I mean like they just know me so well! It's a Mickey Mouse shaped soap I mean who doesn't want one of these?! It smells of SweetPea and Rhubarb and my god I'm just so excited about it all. When I placed my second order, heck when I placed my first order I was never expecting to get such a lovely gesture and by the second I was definitely not expecting anything again! Like I legit want to shed a tear at how lovely it was that they done this like I mean STOP BEING SO CUTE AND NICE YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE ME CRY!.

Happy Place Cosmetics are all handmade and are cruelty free, vegan friendly and SLS free.
If you'd like to have a nosey to see all the other wonderful products Kirstie makes you can find them on the Happy Place Cosmetics website here or you can follow them on Instagram here.

Big thank you again to Kirstie for both surprises because still to this day when I look at them I just smile!

Have you tried anything from Happy Place Cosmetics yet?