Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit
As the craze for Kylie Lipkits start to die down the obsession with matte liquid lips still live! With each brand bringing out their own versions so that theres so much choice for every budget. The latest being the Barry M Matte Me Up Lipkits.
Now I'm not going to be biased, it is true I absolutely adore Kylie's products but when I do a comparison and notice good things I do state it! 

Barry M is a brand that I swear by for nail varnish, I haven't really tried a wide variety of their cosmetics line but as soon as I seen the Matte Me Up kits launched I knew I needed all three. They have also launched some of the liquid lipsticks on their own in more colours. However I decided to pick up the three lipkits to give them a try and to see if they are in anyway comparable to Kylie's. 

Starting with the obvious there is a huge price difference and Barry M's will only set you back €8.99 each, which is a pretty darn affordable price for a liquid lipstick and lipliner. Coming in three shades a nude, a pinky nude and a purply pink shade. 
While the packaging isn't anything too extravagant I actually really love it and think it's such a lovely little package. 

Inside you find your liquid lipstick and your matching lipliner. I want to start with the lipliner, I wasn't ever a lipliner user until I gave into the Kylie hype and ever since then I'm an avid lipliner user. Kylie's are amazing and I cannot praise them enough so when I was about to try Barry M's I didn't have very high hopes but to my surprise they are buttery, smooth and well and truly pigmented! If you follow me on Snapchat "darlingjordan" you may have seen my little melt down over how good these Barry M products are! 

Onto the star of this, the actual liquid lipsticks. I'm just going to get right to the point.
Again going back to my Snapchat I had a little melt down over how amazing these lipkits are. I bought these the same day my Valentines Bundle from Kylie Cosmetics arrived and I tried these Barry M ones out before even swatching any of my valentines bundle because I was just in that much shock from the quality. 
The lipsticks are non-drying, literally feels like you don't have anything on your lips, long lasting, pigmented AND have a really nice sweet scent. 

I cannot fault these in absolutely anyway and the only thing I recommend you doing is getting yourself down to your local Boots/Superdrug and giving these a swatch!

So the only question left is but Jordan have they replaced your Kylie lipkits?
Well no, BUT I have not worn any other lip product since June only Kylie's HOWEVER since picking these up I have been in fact wearing them on a day to day basis, so while they haven't replaced my love for Kylie's products their the only ones who got passed my love for Kylie's and have been the only ones that aren't from the Kylie brand that I've worn in months! 

Also their a great alternative for anyone who wants to try out some of Kylie's shades as some of these are absolutely identical to some of hers.

Have you tried out the Barry M lipkits yet?