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Last week was my week off from work and it was the most glorious thing. Although it started out bad and painful it ended really good and now that I'm back in work I'm already counting down to my week off for Halloween. 

Monday was the bad start to it as from the previous Friday I had been absolutely dying in pain from a horrendous toothache and absolutely nothing would help no matter what painkillers I took. I ended up having to get the tooth pulled and although the Dentist had given me the anaesthetic and had pulled the tooth within 15 minutes it was painful when the anaesthetic finally wore off. In fact five days later and it was still sore! However that out of the way it did mean I took it easy all week and just relaxed.

While out shopping I decided to buy myself some flowers. I'm still so upset that Peony season is over and although I keep finding fake bouquets of them they look way too fake for my liking. I picked up this little bunch of Roses, Carnations and Gypsophila's which I am obsessed with like I literally want to buy bunches of them just to include them in the background of photos. I picked these up in Aldi because they literally have the most affordable flowers ever and they're just so pretty! The same day I also done an awful lot of online shopping which I'm hoping will all arrive this week.

I spent most of the week enjoying taking photos at my ease, but then I kept taking ones that I really liked and do you know when that happens and you just want to share them immediately?! Yeah that happened a lot which means I thought I was going to have loads that would get me through the next week on Instagram but I've literally like 3 left! Oops. It was so nice to have the sunny weather to be able to take photos and I truly enjoyed doing it as I was starting to hate taking photos as I just wasn't liking what I was taking. But my week off I truly got back into it and enjoyed it. I documented a lot of it over on my Instagram stories and on my Snapchat.
darling jordan instagram
I finally got to wear out my new dress that I've been obsessing over for a year and finally bought it. It reads "Happily Ever After is dead expensive. The End" I was feeling very Wednesday Addams in this but I decided against the plaits because they don't suit me. Kind of laughing at myself while writing this because the colour of my legs is actually ridiculous. Thats what happens when you're way too lazy to tan kids!

Netflix played a very big part in my week off. Seriously though it's like the best €10 I spend every month, I've literally not watched normal television since signing up for a subscription. I rewatched a lot of old favourites including 13 Reasons Why, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and I also watched some of their newest releases such as Naked which was blooming rubbish and I was so sad about it because the trailer made it look like it was going to be great. I also watched Atypical which I did enjoy but it wasn't my favourite thing ever. If more episodes are released I will watch it but I did find myself sometimes getting bored and looking at my phone.

Sheldon had a little photoshoot session that he did not want to participate in at all. Seriously though have you ever tried to photograph a GuineaPig when he's not in the mood to pose, it's a very long process! I wanted him to stand and hold the trolley which in fairness he did do he just would not look at the camera when he'd do it. Eventually he got so fed up of me asking him to do things that he took the badge out of the trolley and ate the corner of the pretty cardboard it was on. He done this because he knew I'd stop taking photos then because he had ruined the prettiness of the cardboard. Like I swear he had that planned in his little head just to annoy me.
darling jordan instagram
As I had so much free time I finally got around to starting Girl Online Going Solo, although now that I'm writing this I've just realised I've forgotten to finish it. I mean at least I started it. I'm not a big book person, it's not that I don't like reading because when I do sit down to read I really enjoy it, it's literally that I don't have the time to do so.

I didn't wear much makeup and spent most of the week makeup free which I was very happy about, but the few days I did put on makeup I got to try some of my new products I had picked up which made me happy. A product I'm so obsessed with at the minute is the Smashbox Primerizer (review post here) like honestly if you haven't tried it yet go to your local counter and ask for a sample, like it is blooming fantastic! 

Finally the part that made me very happy! Saturday coming, the 26th of August is my twenty third birthday (I'm telling myself I'm turning 21 again) and so I decided to spoil myself and buy myself a MacBook Air. 2 years ago I treated myself to an iMac and so I decided it was about time to get myself a MacBook aswell. You gotta really treat yourself sometimes! I must say I am in love with it and was worth every single penny. I bought it for several different reasons and every single one of them has been proven to be true which I'm so happy about!

Now the countdown to Halloween week starts because thats when my next week off is *cries*

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Did you get up to anything fun recently?