I love trying new products, I really do but I also really love having products that I get to use everyday because I love them so much and know that they do their job really darn well! Lately there's been a few items that no matter what I just keep reaching for so I thought I'd share my picks with you all.

Starting with the foundation that I've been reaching for non stop lately. The L'oreal True Match foundation was one I had always been meaning to try but because it was one of those things were you'd have to go into Boots (lol because its not like I'm there 5 days a week or anything...) and try and swatch all the different colours on your arm and hope that the one you pick won't make you look like an Oompa Loompa in the daylight was the reason I put it off for so long. However come September I finally got around to picking a shade that I thought would match my skin tone and have not looked back since trying it! Ever since I've started wearing this the amount of complements I've been getting about my skin and my makeup has been absolutely insane! The foundation itself gives such a gorgeous medium coverage but you can build it which I really like. It also lasts absolutely hours, like this does not budge on me all day while in work which is an absolute dream because I'm not into having to touch up throughout the day unless it's a lipstick, other wise I'm just not about that life.
Another little drugstore gem lately has been the Barry M Fall In Love Eyeshadow Palette. OH MY GOODNESS THIS PALETTE GUYS! Literally when this launched I went around work showing it to everyone and swatching the tester on my arm (the sad part about this is how true it is) because I was so shook at how pigmented and gorgeous the shadows were. I will do a full post on this and feature some swatches for sure because they are unbelievable! The shadows I will say yes when you swirl your brush around them there is a lot of fallout but the pigment when you put them on your eyes is blooming amazing so you really cannot fault it. The palette itself has the most gorgeous Burgundy, Burnt Orange and Mustard Yellow shades and everything in-between. Think Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette but a quarter of the price.

Finally the last makeup item is the gorgeous Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick. Pictured is shade 01 but I have I think 5 different shades from this range and I'm pretty sure I've worn them all equal amounts. So confession time, I have a drawer full of just lipsticks but 9 times out of 10 you'll find me not wearing any. I don't know why sometimes I'm just not bothered about it but I've been trying to get into the habit of wearing one even if its just a nude shade. I've already done a whole post about these but I couldn't not mention them again because they've definitely been my go to's. You can find my post all about them here. They are a matte finish but yet are so creamy and don't dry out your lips at all. I'm actually obsessed!

Something I haven't spoken about in a while is makeup brushes. So another confession time I'm kind of a makeup brush snob, I don't know how it's happened but somewhere along the line it did but I will also complain about spending €34 on one brush...but I'll still buy it. Like I don't know it's just what I do, I've no will power. When in Primark doing my monthly 'you've just got paid go buy everything you see that you like' spree I wandered over to the beauty aisles and seen their makeup brushes. I had heard a few bloggers talking about their eye brushes especially the #230 blending brush and they had nothing but good things to say about it. So I decided to give a whirl. Okay so I'm going to say something I never thought I would but legit I swear this is a Mac 217 and they've just painted over the logo...like this brush is blooming legit and the best part it comes as a duo with a blending brush for €4. I've basically been only using this for my eye makeup because it legit feels like I'm using my Mac 217. I've been so impressed with this brush that I've bought another one of the packet it comes in and several others to try out.
Skincare wise I'm still OBSESSED with the Body Shops Vitamin E range, I've definitely been using the cleanser almost everyday because it just leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and I'm honestly convinced since I've started using this range that I've had barely any breakouts. It's so soothing on the skin and smells so refreshing. Again I've done a whole post on the products I've picked up from the range which you can have a read of here. I'm getting very near the end of a few of the products and I'll definitely be re-purchasing them as they've become an absolute essential in my skincare routine.

Finally something I never actually talk about here on DarlingJordan is fragrances. Recently I've been changing up my fragrances a lot so much so that I've almost been wearing a different one everyday, currently sitting in my drafts is a post of some of my current favourites so definitely keep an eye out for that especially for some inspo for that season thats coming that I'm refusing to say still because it's November guys calm down. But anyways since the launch of Gucci Bloom I've been wearing it non stop without fail. I mean dear lord have you smelt this yet? Again I'm pretty sure I went around work with the tester spraying it on everyone because I am so in love with the scent. It's very floral and sweet and my goodness is it just beautiful, the creators of this beautiful fragrance wanted you to imagine you were in a garden of fresh flowers when you sprayed this (look at this girl remembering things from her fragrance training) but seriously even the packaging has me doing all the heart eyes!

What have been your go to products lately?