If you're new here to DarlingJordan you may not know that I have a slight obsession with Kylie Cosmetics and pretty much anything she releases I end up buying it. The KKW x Kylie Cosmetics collaboration was no different. As soon as I seen the gorgeous packaging and nude shades I knew I needed it in my life! Costing $45 for the set it wasn't a badly priced product, except for the fact that when it arrived (I did buy other things along with it) so did a €35 customs charge! But we won't focus on that let's get straight into the actual product itself. 
Consisting of four various nude shades, the KKW collaboration featured a new creme formula that hadn't been done before at Kylie Cosmetics.

The packaging of this set I will admit is my absolute favourite out of anything else I own. It is just stunning and not going to lie is 80% of the reason why I bought it. I say 80% because the other 20% of me wanted it but I was also unsure of the shades. I'm quite pale, okay no that's an understatement I'm really pale and I had a feeling that some of these shades wouldn't suit my skin tone so I was a bit wary buying it.

I stand by Kylie's matte formulas, while I know its a 50/50 divide down the middle, I absolutely adore them and they do not budge on me until I want to remove them which I absolutely love about them. So when I found out these KKW ones were going to be a creme formula I did have my doubts because it would mean I'd have to re-apply them after eating or drinking or just after general wear. While thats not a big deal after wearing only matte lipsticks for a year it was going to be a bit of a change. 
When I opened the box to reveal the shades inside I won't lie I was already hesitant by the shades, but I gave them all a whirl (some a lot more than others since then). 

Side note I laughed at how they're all just named after Kim because I just thought it was a typical Kim move. But anyway, the colours. Featuring a brown toned nude, peachy nude, a light pink nude and finally a pinky brown shade. 

Out of all four my favourite shade is Kimmie as it just seems to work really well with my skintone, the only thing is its not a nude on me. It's more of a pinky shade. None of the shades in this set are my perfect nude which I was slightly disappointed about but when purchasing it I knew I wasn't buying it for a perfect nude shade. 

I am about to say something though that I never thought I'd say about a Kylie Cosmetic's product.
The creme formula of this four piece is absolutely...

I cannot take to these at all. They're more like a lipgloss than a liquid lipstick. The more you swipe the brush the more product it just moves around your lips leaving some patches more sheer than others. While I try to only do positive posts here on DarlingJordan I kind of just wanted to write this as I've done so with all the other Kylie products. Although I've been lucky to love them all, barr this one I do think that one bad product is not going to change my mind about the brand completely. 

I still love Kylie's products and continue to use them on a daily basis but I wouldn't recommend this product unless your a solid gloss enthusiastic because thats the kind of coverage you'll only get from these.

While these weren't a 10/10 for me I guess it just means I'm going to have to place another order for some more products...right!?

Have you tried out the KKW x Kylie Cosmetics creme liquid lipsticks?