Sometimes I find myself awing over products because of how pretty they are, more times than often I purchase products because of how pretty they are. Anybody else forever using the excuse "oh this would look so good in photos"?! please tell me it's not just me. 

I was clearing through my makeup drawers one day last week and pulled out these 5 products and just kind of stared with little heart eyes because I mean the packaging is just so pretty, which got me thinking they'd definitely get the approval of Blair Waldorf right?!

The Urban Decay Naked Heat palette is my favourite palette right now. The shades are so stunning and personally for me they're colours I'd wear everyday. It's also going to be an Autumn staple for me because I mean just look at those shades and tell me it doesn't scream crunchy leaves, chunky scarves, big boots and Halloween decor!? As always just like every other Urban Decay eyeshadow palette besides the shades being stunning they are so pigmented and blend beautifully. 

The Body Shop Bronzing Powder has a simple yet classic packaging look, it's one of those products that just look so simple but it's one of my faves and I also feature it in so many of my Instagram photos just because I love the packaging so much. This is definitely my current favourite bronzer, it adds the most gorgeous warmth look to my skin that I just cannot get enough of it. 

The No7 Instant Illusions Radiance Balm is one of those hidden gem products and because it's No7 I feel like it's overlooked. When I feel like my skin is looking a bit dull and just needs a little help I pop this onto my face before applying my foundation and it gives such a lovely dewy glow to the skin. Although the price tag mimics some higher end primers you do get an awful lot of product which means it lasts for the longest time so you definitely get your moneys worth. Plus just look at how pretty it is, the simple design of the bottle allowing you to see the peachy pink product inside is just so pretty. 

Another Urban Decay product I know but I couldn't not include the After Glow highlighting palette because I mean just look at it. I know it's closed so you can't see the products inside but trust me they are just as pretty as the packaging on the outside. This was definitely one of those products where as soon as I seen the packaging I turned into those seagulls from Finding Nemo who just keep saying miiiine!!

Finally although I wasn't pushed on the actual product itself (find review here) the KKW x Kylie Cosmetics collab has the most classic but stunning packaging of all. This product I literally use it in the background of every photo because just look at how stunning that packaging is. 

Have you bought any products recently based entirely on how pretty the packaging is?