There's no denying that I've a tad obsession with Kylie Cosmetics, I absolutely adore the quality of the products and stand by that I feel they are worth every penny they cost, even when I get extra custom charges. So I decided to go through my Kylie Cosmetics collection and narrow it down to what I consider my top 5 products!

So starting with one of the first products I ordered from the website, Dolce K lip kit. Strangely enough this colour was a bit of a guess for me and I honestly didn't think I would like the shade but still to this day it is my #1 go to shade. A dark toned nude it somehow is the perfect shade. I find these extremely long wearing, I can eat and drink with this on me and it does not budge, it is magical!  I have found that some colours are a lot stronger and long wearing than others but this one is just fool proof. Also before these lipkits came into my life I was never a lipliner user, I honestly didn't think there was a need for them but of course my mind has been changed on that aswell. I adore the liners that come with the liquid lipsticks and find them so soft and buttery they just glide onto the lips. The lipkits cost $29 each and I'm gradually building up my collection of them.

Part of her Birthday bundle she brought out Poppin Gloss, a gorgeous sparkly gold colour which I didn't think I would get much wear out of, again though I was so wrong. My favourite combination with this gloss is wearing "Exposed" under it and it just creates the most perfect glossy gold/orange toned nude that I'm obsessed with. I'm not a huge fan of glosses as I hate how sticky they feel etc but I must say I absolutely adore Kylie's formula. I don't find these too sticky or tacky at all. I'm constantly popping Poppin (lol) over whatever lip kit I'm wearing when I don't feel like a matte lip day and it just goes so well with every shade! While this was a limited edition shade meaning you can no longer get it (although I also got a mini version of it which I'm so happy about) the glosses are normally around $15.

Okay so I know I shouldn't really be including things that were limited edition but I couldn't help myself because they are just so good I needed to include them, so apologies about that because this next one you also can no longer buy as it was a Valentines exclusive. Of course just like the Birthday collection I also had to get the Valentines collection and one of the products in that was a 'Valentine in Smooch' which included a mini matte lipstick, a mini gloss and an eyeshadow duo. I adore minis like they are so cute but this little trio set is just my absolute favourite! So starting with the lipstick and gloss that were included in this set were actually from the Koko Kollection (which you'll be reading about in a mo!) which I thought was a great idea because you could no longer get those shades. The Damn Gina gloss which is a gorgeous rosy toned shade was included as well as Gorg the liquid lipstick which is a stunning burgundy shade. Now I will be the first to say I don't think Kylie has nailed her formula for darker lip shades just yet, as I do find they can be patchy (check the two Gorg swatches on my arm above, the first has two coats and the second just one) and sometimes you need to apply a second layer for an even colour.  Onto the little eyeshadow duo I am obsessed with these two shades I basically wear the shade 'In Love' which is the light dusty pink shade and then 'Poison Berry' in my crease. I am obsessed with Poison Berry it is honestly one of the most beautiful burgundy colours I have ever laid my eyes on. I absolutely love her eyeshadow formulas and find them really pigmented and buttery.

As mentioned above also in my top 5 picks is the Koko Kollection, however I don't feel bad about including this anymore as she has since released the shades as singles so you can buy them separately  ranging from $15-$17 or she does have the set like pictured above as a bundle with the Burgundy palette (which is also stunning) for $80. This collection she did collaborating with her sister Khloe (my fave Kardashian!) so I was pulled into that one. However the shades Khloe did bring out are stunning and I am honestly obsessed with every single one of them. Khlo$ is definitely my favourite out of all 4 though. The set includes three liquid mattes in Okurrr a gorgeous Barbie Pink shade (no really like really Barie pink!), Khlo$ which is definitely my favourite of the four, a gorgeous warm toned nude with a brown undertone. Gorg (what was included in mini form in the Smooch Valentine)  a deep burgundy shade and Damn Gina gloss (again mini in Smooch Valentine) the most gorgeous rosy toned gloss I own. What I love about this set aswell is the gloss complements each of the lipstick shades gorgeously and adds something different to each one! Again the gloss formula is really nice and I don't find it overly sticky or tacky!
Finally I decided to chose one of her eyeshadow palettes to include because as I mentioned I really love her eyeshadow formulas. Now I own all five palettes that Kylie has brought out so far so narrowing it down to one was hard I will admit. However I decided to include the Bronze palette as it was the one I have been using all week (but trust me you also need the Burgundy palette in your life). Although I own 101 eyeshadow palettes I didn't own a full bronze neutral toned one until I bought the Kylie one. The shades are right up my street and she has the perfect array of cool and warm brown tones along with a gorgeous bronzed orange and a black shade. Basically the 9 shades you need to create a gorgeous bronzed eye. Citrine is definitely my favourite from this palette and not a day goes by that I don't put this in my crease when using this palette, it is just so stunning and I find it really complements my eye colour. The shadows I find are very pigmented and buttery and you don't get any fallout when applying them to the eye. When you are swirling your brush in the palette though make sure you're not near any white fabrics because it does get a little dusty! The Bronze palette is $42 or you can get it with a lip kit for $65.

While I know people are split right down the middle for Team Kylie or Team...not Kylie!? But personally I absolutely adore her cosmetics range. However at the moment I've been waiting a month for one of my orders to arrive containing four Kylighters and I am so unimpressed as it was €90 worth of products and their Customer Service isn't the best thing! Although I'm hoping they'll show up one day soon now because I feel sick just thinking about not getting the products and just throwing away that money. This experience I will admit will even make me hesitant about placing another order! I shall keep you all updated though, hopefully they arrive!