Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation
 Recently while out shopping and treating myself to a bit too many "gifts" I wondered into a local pharmacy that has a Wet n Wild stand. I decided that I wanted a few things from it and one of those things that I wanted to try was the Photo Focus Foundation after hearing a couple of good reviews about it.

When it comes to cheaper foundations I always find the shade range to be..well not so great and find the shades are either too white, pink or orange toned. When I picked this up I literally just looked at the shades and picked one I thought looked good, I was just not in the humour to go watching them all up my arm in hopes to find one that looked remotely like my skin tone. I'm pretty sure the foundation was only €6.99 meaning that if it was something that wouldn't work out it's not like I was after spending a fortune and would be down a lot of money. I decided to pick up the shade Nude Ivory which as far as I'm aware was the second shade after Porcelain which was really white. 

It took me a while to finally get around to try it as I bought it on my last day of work before my week off, and lets just say most of that week was spent makeup free. Finally however I tried it and dear lord am I shook. Like I honestly don't even know where to start like thats how blown away I am!

Okay so we're going to start with the shade because I'm super proud of myself, like I said I picked this up without swatching it and it could not be a better shade. Like it is literally my skin shade and usually I'm not used to that as no brand actually does one that matches my skin colour so I'm slightly not used to looking so pale as my foundation is normally warmer but my god I'm still shocked!
I was thinking like ever other drug store foundation I ever bought this would come with a pump, but to my surprise it actually has a plastic doe foot applicator like a foundation. 

The only bad thing I will say about this foundation is that when you're applying it to your skin it smells of paint, like just pure paint as if you're ready to paint your bedroom walls. When you blend it into your skin the scent quickly goes and you can't smell it at all, its literally only when you're applying it onto the skin from the plastic applicator. 
Something that I expected this foundation to do was oxidise and change colour and if I haven't already said it enough I am SHOOK. Thankfully it does not oxidise and the colour that you see in the bottle is the colour that it stays.

So I don't use a foundation without a primer, I think that would be mean really trialing one without using what I'd use everyday. Currently I am using Smashbox's Primerizer (find review here) under this and the foundation lasts all day long. It does not budge or go patchy through out the day and stays putt until you remove it. The foundation itself I would describe as a semi-matte finish, I still go over it with powder as I like it to have that little bit more lasting power but you definitely could get away with not using powder if you didn't want too. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin what so ever and I honestly cannot recommend it enough.

Since purchasing it a few weeks ago I have yet to use another foundation, I'll definitely be picking up another bottle to have one spare so that I won't be running out of it anytime soon.
If you can get your hands on this I 100% recommend you try it because I have been blown away by the quality! I picked up a few other items from Wet n Wild which will be reviewed very soon, so make sure you keep an eye out for that!

Have you tried Wet n Wilds Photo Focus foundation yet?