Smashbox has become one of my favourite brands. I honestly feel like everything they bring out I end up buying it because I know the quality is going to be amazing. So while going through my makeup drawers I decided to pick the 6 Smashbox products that I think everyone should try.

Starting with their Primers. My first ever product I tried from Smashbox was a primer and ever since then my love for their products grew. I've tried other primers from different brands over the years but no matter what I always go back to a Smashbox one.
So going back to the very first product I ever tried and one that is a constant re-purchase for me (no seriously right now I have one opened, 3 full sized still in packaging, 2 mini sizes and 4 sample sizes)  the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Just your average looking silicone primer but my god is it blooming fabulous. This smooths out any lines on your face and basically just gives you a smooth base to make your foundation look perfect. When you use this under your makeup you can be guaranteed it'll still be there four days later (obvz if you don't remove any of it). The tube also lasts me absolutely ages as you only need a pea sized amount of product for your whole face. This has been my holy grail for about 4 years now and I still absolutely adore it, it's one of those that I'll always recommend to people. 

Another primer, I know I know but I couldn't make up my mind so I had to pick three Primers, it was going to be four but I was like no Jordan you can only have three. Next is the Primerizer. I done a whole blog post just about this primer because I have so much love for it, you can find that post here. So this bottle is full of magic! It's basically a Primer and a Moisturiser packed into 1, containing Hyaluronic Acid and 762 sextillion molecules of water in each bottle! So when I put my makeup on in the morning I don't do any skincare prep because I'd honestly prefer sleeping for an extra 15 minutes. So using this while it's benefiting me as my primer it's also moisturising my skin and it's honestly the best thing Smashbox have ever created in my opinion. Your skin legit feels so hydrated and moisturised even though you have a full face of make up on, it's magic I'm telling you. 
Finally the last primer I had to include is there Photo Finish Iconic Primer Stick. So this is great if you suffer from oily skin, but I don't infact I've dry skin but I can still use this and it doesn't irritate my skin (smashbox are magical remember). So basically its a primer in stick form that literally makes oil disappear in front of your eyes. Like literally a demonstration I was showed by one of the Smashbox team members, she took their Primer Oil and put some on her arm and rubbed it in so you could see it, she then got the Primer Stick and dragged it straight down the middle of where she had placed the oil and it basically poof! You can also use this over your makeup so instead of blotting papers you simply tap a little bit of this on where you may be getting a little bit shiny and you're good to go again. Like I mentioned I have dry skin but still use this and love it, again your makeup stays all day but I don't even have to use a setting powder when I use this which is great because it's one less step in the mornings. 

Thats the end of Primers I swear, but a really quick mention of their Primer Water that I told myself I wasn't allowed to include because I basically should have just done a primer post then but yeah try it because it's amazing.

Onto the next pick!
The Studio Skin Shaping Foundation Stick. Now I've tried their ever so famous Studio Skin and I will say the coverage is amazing and the foundation itself is literally bullet-proof like it does not budge from your face until you remove it, but I'm so used to medium coverage foundations I just can't love it like I wish I could. So it's one of those things that I only wear every now and then just because I find it so thick, however when they launched the stick version I had seen reviews saying that it was a much lighter coverage so of course I had to buy it and give it a whirl. This is much more my kind of coverage, it's a light to medium that you can build up if needed. The foundation feels so much thinner on the skin and because of the stick packaging you can apply it in under a minute. I also really like the whole concept of having your contour the other end but all in all I do think they should have kept it as just a foundation because for the amount of product you get, you'll definitely run out of the foundation before you've even made a dent in the contour. But if like me you didn't get on with Studio Skin because you prefer a lighter coverage the foundation stick is the one to go for!

Something else Smashbox have nailed is eyeshadows particularly the Cover Shot Palette in ABlaze. This palette consists of the most gorgeous Golds, Burgundys, Burnt Oranges and more that it's simply Autumn in a palette. The pigment is out of this world and they just blend so easily theres literally nothing bad I can say about it. This was the first eyeshadow palette I had tried from Smashbox and I fell so in love with their eyeshadows that I now have quite the collection (nobody got the time to count them all). They actually have a gift set out for the Holiday season that features this and another exclusive cover shot palette along with a highlighter palette and it's such great value!

Finally I couldn't narrow it down to a certain shade so I'm just saying their Lipsticks and not just the stick version I mean the creamy ones, the matte ones, the liquid ones, the metal ones, the pigment ones basically all the lipsticks Smashbox create. They are so unbelievably pigmented and they have literally every single colour you could possibly ever want. Like it's at the stage where my lip drawer is now 50% Smashbox lipsticks and if that doesn't say how great they are I don't know what does. But honestly this is now my go to brand for lip products. They have such a huge selection so there really is something for everyone.

What's your favourite Smashbox product?