The Festive Season is quickly approaching which means people are running around like crazy picking up gifts for people while Michael Buble greets you in every shop with his Christmas album. Something else the Festive Season brings along is Party Season, it's the time of year where glitz and glamour is totally acceptable and who doesn't love a good 'oul glass of Processo while struggling to walk in them darn pretty shoes you just had to buy because they would go so well with your outfit!?

As Party Season approaches of course it means so does a whole other routine too. I mean we can't just slap on a facemask and be done with it..oh no Party Season is a whole other routine, I mean we basically need a week to prepare for that dreaded work Christmas party that you kind of want to go to but also would rather be home with a hot chocolate in hand snuggled in a blanket on front of the fire. The struggle of acting like the Grinch trying on ten different outfits, throwing a tantrum saying you're not going and then ending up at the exact event you said you weren't going too...the struggle is real.

However with that all aside, I thought I'd share my essentials for getting Party Season ready!

Starting with the tan. Okay so yes we're in the middle of Winter but heck I want to look like I've just gotten back from a two week holiday in the Bahamas with sun kissed skin rather than the usual complexion I have of a person who rarely goes outside...may have over exaggerated a little but you all know what I mean. When it comes to self tanning I'm in no way an expert, heck I'm not even a novice I'm beyond dreadful at applying it, I think I've covered every part of my body but the next morning I just end up looking like a Dalmatian! So I picked up the fool proof Tanning Water from Primark, literally you can't go wrong with this and if I can use it trust me when I say ANYONE can. Simply spritz it on your body, rub it in and ta-da you're good to go. You can see it as soon as you rub it into your skin which I like because I can instantly see if I've missed any areas, and by the next morning you look like you've just gotten home from vacay.

So while the rest of my body is looking all sun kissed I also like to do a really nice facemask to make sure my skin is the best it can be (watch now for my Christmas party I'ma have a spot on my face, I just know it). Recently I've been loving the Nip & Fab Dragons Blood Fix Hydration Mask for an extra hydration boost to my skin. It leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and ready to apply all the makeup, I love it. Although I could just use a normal face mask I like to feel a bit snazzy and splurge on a facemask to make myself feel a tad bit fancy, ain't nothing wrong with wanting to be fancy.

So now that my skin is hydrated and looking like a sun kissed goddess it's time to pick out the makeup, I tend to stick to base products that I know work and last, a night out on the town is not the time to be putting that new foundation you picked up in the Black Friday sales the time to be trialling it, I mean what happens if it disappears after an hour?! Things that I do change up is my lipstick, lashes and eyeshadow.
My go to occasion lipstick is a bright red, I mean it's also festive so thats also a plus, I just feel like a red statement lip ties an occasion outfit together, going back to the whole looking fancy concept thing. My go to eye look is a smokey eye and a good 'oul dramatic cat eye. False lashes are also a must for me when it comes to getting all dressed up.

Now onto the main attraction! The outfit. My go to place for getting going out dresses is Quiz, they are always up to date with the trends and the quality of their clothing is phenomenal. Like I still have dresses I bought from them 3 years ago still in perfect condition! I find that no matter if you're looking for a ball room gown, a simple cocktail dress, a dress full of sequins etc they have something for everyone. While scrolling for hours upon hours one evening as I do through all their current collection I fell head over heels for so many dresses which you can find here, especially this Nude one so off I went to my local store and I honestly couldn't pay the woman fast enough! I am absolutely in love with it. They also offer worldwide shipping online so if you are still on the hunt for the perfect outfit make sure to have a little look on their website because their dresses right now are perfection!

So because my dress is nude and black I thought it was about time to get myself some killer looking heels that will probably leave my feet feeling like death after two hours, but hey beauty is pain amiright!? I picked up this Valentino style from Primark and instantly was like 'yes! these are the ones'. So yeah my outfit came together pretty quickly, I also picked up a black feather clutch and I'm well impressed at how organised I am.

Finally no outfit is complete without a spritz (or 50) of your favourite scent. So this is always a hard one for me because Fragrance is my absolute weakness and I just can't help myself when it comes to a new launch. However I've pulled out my beloved Tom Ford Black Orchid that I have christened my 'special occasion fragrance'.

And that's it, after a few hours and a few too many glasses of wine I'm back at home in my fluffy pyjamas, surrounded by my animals watching a Disney film.

What are your essentials for getting Party Season ready?

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