Primark Beauty
Primark are killing it lately, they are releasing so many quirky items especially in their beauty department. Today I thought I'd go through the latest few bits I've been trying out / recently bought from silicone sponges to makeup brushes all ranging from €2.00 - €9.00.

Primark Silicone Sponge
Starting with their 2 pack Silicone Sponge. After the Internet blew up over the Silisponge something I never gave into the hype of after watching many Youtube review videos Primark launched their own. For the €2.00 price tag I had to pick them up to give them a whirl. I will admit theres nothing I want to do more than like break into these and cut them when you're holding one. It's just a really weird feeling, but anyways I opted to apply my foundation with one of these when I was off to a concert and I will admit it applied the foundation really nicely but it doesn't blend all! I gave up after about 10 minutes of hitting my face with it and went back to my Real Techniques sponge. While the idea behind it is really good, it doesn't waste product, it's clean and a heck of a lot easier to clean than a sponge but it just doesn't do anything when it comes to having to blend your foundation. Although I don't ever see myself using these again I was glad I picked them up to give them a try for the small price tag. 
Primark Lipkit
Moving onto their lipkits. After the Kylie Lipkits blew up (yes I'm still obsessed) I feel like pretty much every brand jumped on the bandwagon to produce their own and Primark was no different. They released two matte shades a Light peachy nude and a dark brown (pictured). Now because I'm an avid Kylie Cosmetics user I knew I wasn't going to like these. Personally I find them very drying, the lipliner is a slightly different colour to the liquid lipstick however I really do like the dark brown shade. Besides the colour of the lipstick thats about the only thing I liked, however some people have sworn by these and they are a great alternative if you don't want to try Kylie's. For €5 they don't break the bank and when they're in their packaging they do look quite cute!
Primark Banana Powder
Primark Banana Powder Swatch
Banana Powder is my latest obsession. I went from having 0 one week to 8 the next week! When I was browsing Primarks beauty range and spotted their own version I had to pick it up to give it a try. I must say though I am absolutely loving this and for only €4! Some Banana powders are way too dark for my skin because I'm so pale but this powder is perfect for setting under my eyes as its very light. I will admit though I was disappointed that none of the powders I own actually smell of Banana. I love that the powder itself is very light and you cant feel it when you apply it under your eyes unlike some I've tried where it feels like you could scrape it off. This powder is definitely a win for me and I've already picked up another little bottle as a spare so I don't run out anytime soon.
Unicorn Brush
Something that was a bit of a "omg they would look great in Instagramm photos" kind of buy was Primarks own range Unicorn brushes. Ofcourse though when it came to taking this photo not all of the brushes from the set were clean, so for the full set see my Instagram post here! For the set of five brushes with a little pouch it was €9 which I didn't really care for because it was payday and I was walking around picking up every silly thing I seen (including bambi bath finger puppets) because it was payday and treat yo'self! However these must have been the biggest surprise ever because they are the softest brushes ever! They apply products really nicely and when you wash them they don't even shed and to be honest I'm still shocked! After using them (still to this day I use them) I was so happy that I did pick them up because not only do they look good in photos but they're all round bloomin good brushes! 

Have you tried any of Primarks beauty range?