I can officially say I've become obsessed with Instagram again. I love the idea of a theme and a few months back I started one that was just makeup based and every photo was shot on my Canon camera, eventually this got tiring and stressful because working full time means I didn't get a lot of time to get out my camera and tripod and start shooting different set ups. A few weeks ago I decided I had enough as I quickly started to really dislike my theme so I decided to go back to my old setup which was on my bed with all my Disney teddies as my background. Now that I'm back to this theme I'm absolutely loving instagram again and I don't feel so stressed or pressured when it comes to my photos. Although I did lose quite a few followers when I got rid of the Canon camera photos but I'm finally happy and enjoying it again. These are my favourite types of post to write so I decided why not do another one! 
Real Techniques released a huge amount of new products and of course on payday I had to hop on the bandwagon and basically buy every single one that my local Boots stocked. While I will admit I still have yet to try them all theres no better feeling than fresh new makeup tools. I have used most of the new brushes and have been absolutely loving them, I've also tried the new Cleansing sponge and it has become an absolute staple in my skincare routine (find what products I use it with here). It also helped that they were all on buy 1 get 2nd half price, with the amount of money I spent it also helped me accumulate quite a few Boots points which I'm saving for something nice!

My brother turned 14 recently and while I would love to be able to brag about how I made this cake...I didn't. I bought it in a shop but boy is it delicious. Its basically a huge rocky road with chocolate fingers, even the dog loves it!

I'm currently having a bit of a moment with Smashbox Cosmetics. I bought pretty much all of their Christmas gift sets about two weeks back when they were down to €13 and then I just bought a few bits and bobs from the counter. I also got some free eyeshadow trios (because my job is awesome) and I must say I am hooked on their eyeshadow formulas, they are so pigmented and buttery they're amazing. I also own two of their lipsticks (again 1 was free) and I'm kind of obsessed and you know me, I haven't worn another brands lipstick since I started wearing Kylie Cosmetics lipkits back in Summer of last year. 

I'm currently on 10 days holidays from work and so I had to do a spot of shopping. I must say though I am loving having relaxing mornings and just full on enjoying chilling out. Anyhow I went to Tk Maxx the other day and was ecstatic when I found some Too Faced products in the beauty department. I decided to pick up the #TFNoFilter Selfie Powders which I'm going to be honest I have no idea how to use (is it an all over powder or are they for certain areas what is happening) however it was €12.99 and I had always wanted it! I must say though when I opened the box I was quite surprised at how small the powders actually are, in photos it always looked way bigger than what they actually are. I also picked up a Melted Metal Lipstick in the shade Dream House. I had never tried any of Too Faced's lip products so I decided why the hell not may as well treat yourself! The lipsticks were €8.99 and by the looks of things they only stocked 3 shades. They also had the kohl liners and liquid liners but I decided against them and was being good. 

My Disney Store order arrived and it really is the best kind of day when you get a Disney order. I had to get the Thumper face cushion because it was on offer for £10 and I mean I basically need everything Thumper themed they owned because fave! I also finally picked up Tick Tock, I have wanted this little cutie for the longest time and finally gave in. I mean who wouldn't want to own this little cutie. Finally they released a new Bambi and Friends tsum tsum collection and I needed them obviously. I picked up the medium Thumper tsum tsum because I mean just look at that little face so needed him and then I also bought the whole range of the new tsum tsums..except for the Owl and my reasoning for that was he'd just look odd on my bed...says the person that bought a crocodile plush, but in the sense that my tsums are all just bambi, thumper, mrs bunny and flower so I didn't want Mr Owl no offence to him. 

If you've read my blog for awhile or even follow me on Instagram you know I'm a huge fan of Kylie's lipkits. So when I seen Primark had brought out their own version I bought the two they had to offer to try out. They have an orange toned nude shade and a dark brown for €4 each. They aren't the greatest to be honest, I found them very drying and they smelt a bit strange. I also found when your applying it, it moves the product around so much that you almost need two coats to cover your lip. The lipliner also was a tad disappointing as the colour didn't match the lipstick and both were lighter than the lipstick. I wasn't a fan of the nude colour but I must say I really liked the dark brown shade, however neither of them would I actually recommend. If you want to try a lip kit but not pay the money for Kylie's I'd 100% recommend the Barry M Matte Me Up Lipkits, I wrote a post all about them here!

Of course I couldn't do one of these posts and not include my animals! Starting with Aurora I bought her a hat for Spring and it's so darn adorable I'm constantly just putting it on her. I got this from Pet Bliss online they are basically the only Pet store I buy from because they have such good items especially for small animals. I cannot wait to take Easter themed photos with her in this hat because like I'm seriously obsessed with it.

It's been so nice having time off from work because it means I get to spend more time with all my animals especially my little Sheldon. Every morning when I wake up I take him out of his cage and we just have a little snuggle until he starts giving out and wants to leave me. He also peed on me the other night, nothing like your pets love....just look at that little mouth though!

Arag√≥n has turned 10 months old which is crazy considering he's been with us since he was 5 weeks old. I let him up to my room the other day and had to quickly snap this photo of him as it almost looked like he was posing. I'm already planning what the Easter Bunny is bringing him...this is what my life has become! 

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