Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Edition Merry Bundle

If you follow me on any social media platform, by now it's no surprise that I bloomin love Kylie Cosmetics. Ever since placing my first order back at the start of Summer I haven't got enough of them. The lipkits have been my go to lipsticks and the creme shadows have been used a whole lot more than any of the palettes I own. Back in August Kylie released her first bundle of cosmetics as the Birthday Bundle that I was lucky enough to get my hands on (post all about it here) so when she announced her Christmas bundles I knew I needed to own one!

Stocking Ideas || For The Ones Obsessed With Their Phone

Buying gifts for people is one of the most fun things to do during the festive season, however it can also be one of the most stressful things to do when you have no idea what to get people. While I do have some drafts for the beauty lovers etc I decided to start off this little series for the ones who love their phone. Personally I am one of these people and I am never without my phone in hand, unless it's actually not allowed. So I've picked three items that I personally love having for my phone and think maybe other phone obsessed people will too!

My December Musts

It's finally here, I'm still quite in shock that it's the last month of the year and I'm even more shocked over the fact that my little Sheldon will be 3 in January! Where are these years going!? I'm well and truly impressed with myself though, I've finished all my Christmas shopping, all the gifts I have already have been wrapped and I'm just waiting for some online orders to arrive so I can wrap them too. I'm well and truly organised except for when it comes to my blog, that I just cannot get the hang of still. 

But moving on..I decided to share my current December must have's because although it's only the 5th of December I'm way too obsessed with these items right now to not give them a mention!

Affordable Christmas Bits With Aldi

Lets get the most obvious thing everyone may be thinking by this title out of the way, this is not a sponsored post nor do Aldi even know I'm writing this. I genuinely think that they have such great little bits in at the moment so I wanted to share them all.

When I done up my room Aldi had gotten in a range of Copper Homeware and amazed me with the quality (find them in this post here) so since then I'm forever having a look every week at what special items they get in. Every now and then they get such great bits in and I just have to pick them up. Now that Christmas is approaching I cannot wait to see what they get in. Of course they've already started getting some items in and I've already been buying! From lounge wear and dressing gowns covered in Unicorns to Santa sacks and festive fuzzy socks they have it all!

What I've Been Spending My Money On Lately

You know when you look at your bank balance and swore you had a lot more than whats currently there and you kind of sit in disbelief wondering where the hell it all went?! Me everyday to be honest! But I thought I'd share some of the products I've been spending my pennies on lately. If you follow me on Snapchat (darlingjordan) you may have seen some of these already and if not well then here you go!

Happy Halloween Witches

Its finally the day, the day where I can be free to cast as many spells and make as many potions as I possibly can. All Hallows Eve has finally returned and I couldn't be more happy. I was up as soon as the sky started to get bright and thankfully my spell I cast last night on the sun seems to have worked as it's nowhere in sight! 

I caught up on some spells this morning and I am already brewing a new potion for any of the children that may come knocking on the door. The animals all have their best outfits on and while they aren't pleased with it they're just getting on with it. Seriously though, do you know how hard it is to make a potion while theres 3 little rats running around at your feet! The devil dog, the ghoulish bunny and the vampire guineapig have all been driving me insane since 6am. 

While the potion is brewing for the next 6 hours theres a lot of tidying to do around here, although I may just ring the monkeys and get them to do it as after all this is my day, I deserve to put my feet up!

I've Fallen Out Of Love With Blogging

So...long time no blog post. I've been trying my best to write up new posts for Darling Jordan and I've tried to avoid the actual reason and say it was just one of those times where I couldn't write. When in reality I know that I've fallen out of love with blogging, and I've fa…

Shadow Switch The Product That Allows You To Switch Between Colours With No Fuss

Beauty Essentials Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner Review
Do you know when you're after applying an eyeshadow and the brush you're using you need to use again but you need to dip it into a different colour, meaning you have to clean your brush and it's just the most annoying thing ever?! Cause same! I've spent the past few years swirling the brush on my hand or my pyjama pants (don't do this, your mum won't appreciate it) for those days I'm in a rush and don't have time to get a tissue to swirl the brush on. So when Shadow Switch* came through my postbox I was so excited to give it a try, because if it worked it was going to make my life a whole lot easier. 

Where I've Been || No Internet, Starting A New Job & More

Yes I'm back, finally! After a hectic month of our home internet not working and trying to use the 3G off my phone we finally got our home internet back. We won't point any fingers at companies who can't seem to keep their internet working but we will say they are muppets just because well that's what they are. I've been trying to use the 3G from my phone to work my iMac so I could get some posts written and while sometimes it would work 9/10 times it wouldn't! But with the bad internet out of the way it's finally back and thank the lord!

Kiss Cosmetics False Lashes For Natural Fluttery Eyes

Kiss Cosmetics Strip Lashes and Individual Lashes
One thing I love a lot is false lashes. I wasn't blessed with long lashes so to get that fluttery look I have no choice but to wear lashes, no "lengthening" mascara works on my lashes so it's the way too go for me. Recently a few different styles from Kiss Cosmetics came through my door and I was so excited to try them out. I received three packets of Strip Lashes* and a packet of Individual Lashes*. I have tried numerous amount of lash brands but I'm almost 100% sure this was my first time trying out the Kiss brand so of course I was excited to see how they would last up against some of my favourites.

Zoella Lifestyle Haul

Zoella Lifestyle
Sao I'm sure you've heard by now that Zoella has launched a Lifestyle range and I'm in love with it. I adore the products Zoella brings out and have yet to try something that I don't like from her Beauty range. So when she announced her Lifestyle range there were a few things I wanted to treat myself too cause I'm all about that treat yo'self life!

So I decided to pick up four things from the range now and gradually buy everything else when I'm a tad bit more financial than what I am. So basically when I start my new job everything else will be mine. I bought all these from Boots which have them all on 3 for 2 which is such a great offer and it's such good value when it works out that you're getting one free.

Beauty Products I'm Excited To Start Using

So you know when you're constantly buying new every week..I really need to stop doing that. But anyways when you do that other items that you once loved gets pushed to the back of your collection, leaving it to be forgotten about until you have a clear out..or you're on a spending ban. For me it's the spending ban option. So I decided to go through my makeup drawers and see what I could find and found 8 gems that I had forgotten all about. So now that I know I have them I've been making myself use at least 2 or 3 of them every time I do my makeup, because who doesn't love a challenge!?

Mac Sun Siren Look In A Box

One of my Birthday presents this year (full post here) was a Mac Look In A Box set in Sun Siren. Now I will admit before this set the only things I had tried from Mac was their lipsticks and 1 of their foundations. Although its one of the big brands and every now and then they bring out stuff I want, I'm not their biggest fan. When it comes to makeup I love one brand one week and a different the next. Although thats not to say I was extremely pleased and excited to get this as I was definitely excited to try everything inside, especially their shadows as I'd been dying to try their formula.

My Autumnal Must Haves

With Autumn quickly approaching and the crisp cold air starting to fall nothing has me more excited for this time of year. I bloomin adore Autumn, everything about it makes me super happy and I'm so glad it's that time again! So while I love everything about it I thought I'd share some of my must have autumnal fashion and beauty items. 

Life Lately || New iPhone 7 Plus, Living With Aurora A Year & More.

I know posts here on Darling Jordan have been a bit all over the place lately, sometimes you'll get two posts in a row and others well you'll get nothing. Trying to get back into a scheduled routine has been harder than I thought however I wanted to do a little update post just because I really enjoy reading and writing them.

Why GuineaPigs Are My Spirit Animal

Guinea Pig
 If you've been reading Darling Jordan for awhile or even following me on Instagram I'm sure you're well aware of my Guineapig Sheldon, if not this is my Guineapig Sheldon. I've been living with Sheldon for over 2 years now and I've learnt over that time that GuineaPigs are definitely my spirit animal. Let me tell you why!

Sleep All Day...Err'dayy!
I bloomin love sleep and Sheldon is the laziest lil fellow I've ever come across and he also loves his sleep. If you wake him up while he's asleep he will let you know about it and will walk around his cage giving out for a solid 10 minutes before settling back down. I love naps and I may have to have 1 or 2 throughout the day or otherwise I cannot function properly.

Kylie Cosmetics Limited Edition Mini Mattes

So theres no surprise in knowing that I am obsessed with the Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks. I'm always so surprised when I hear people who say they didn't like them because I honestly don't know how you could possibly find something wrong with them. Anyways today I decided to talk about the mini mattes. These were released as a limited edition item as part of the products Kylie released for her Birthday month and luckily I grabbed a set (along with some other bits, well basically everything she released for the birthday collection) 

Zoella Beauty Secret Scenta

Zoella Beauty Secret Scenta
So Zoella recently launched some Christmas items and while I'm someone who disagrees with such sort of shopping until after Halloween the Secret Scenta set caught my eye. I mean 4 mini bottles of perfumes each with a different scent..where do I sign up!? I didn't even realise you could order these off Superdrug until I saw Hannah from HannahHeartss tweet her blog post about it where she had linked everything from the collection. So therefore I am blaming Hannah for the money I spent in Superdrug because I ordered a lot more than just this! You can find Hannah's post on the whole collection here, be warned though you'll just end up wanting everything.
In the set you get a mini Blissful Mistful, Let's Spritz, Sweet Inspirations and Bake My Day. Before purchasing this set I had only ever tried the Blissful Mistful body mist. I had tried products from the tuti fruiti range (Let's Spritz was part of) so knew what the scent was going to be like. So Sweet Inspirations and Bake My Day were the new surprises for me.

Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Rose Palette || First Impressions

Collection Cosmetics Eyes Uncovered Nude Rose Palette Review
When Collection first released their Eyes Uncovered palettes I was super excited about it and picked up the first three immediately. I had previously owned the palette they collaborated with Little Mix on and at the time it was my go to palette. The shadows were crazy pigmented, buttery and blended well, and for the small price tag lasted hours on my eyes! So when they released the second batch of palettes I was gutted that my local Boots never stocked them. So after awhile I kind of forgot about them until recently when placing a Superdrug order.

So I Done Up My Room...

So after showing bits and pieces of it here and there on different social media sites, I've finally gotten around to taking pictures for this blog post. A few weeks back I decided that it was time to move on from the room covered in posters and photos and make it a more grown up space that I'd fall in love with. With an idea in my head I went to Ikea & picked up everything I needed. After 5 days of hard work (not by me though, by my parents, love y'all!) my room was finally finished and I couldn't be anymore in love with it. 

Note that this post is very photo heavy so if thats not your kind of thing you won't enjoy this! However if you love homeware bits and bobs and seeing how people have decorated their rooms then this is the post for you. 

What I Got For My Birthday

So back on the 26th of August I turned 22! Yes I tweeted all the Taylor Swift gifs humanly possible, you may have even unfollowed me because of it all. But I had a whole day to take advantage of it all so really who could blame me!? I wasn't planning on doing this post but after asking on twitter (through a poll) a lot of you wanted to see one, so here I am giving the people what they want. It was a good day though because not only was it my was also payday...oh and the last day of work, yup after 6 months I left the airport and it was a glorious day!

Time To Frost Yourself!

Taking inspiration from 'How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days' when women are 'frosting' themselves with diamonds I thought on an everyday non diamond wearing basis, highlighting is pretty much the same...right!? Well I've rounded up some of my favourite highlighters to give you that frosted glow everyone loves. After all theres no such thing as too much highlighter!

Disney Store Haul #2

Disney Store Haul Bambi and Thumper
About 2 weeks ago I was having a very spendy kind of day, you know those days where you're not entirely satisfied until your sitting on your floor surrounded by bags and looking at your bank account hoping for a mistake...well one of those days! So with the many online orders I placed I also placed one with the Disney Store because if you follow me here or on Instagram, I'm sure you'll have noticed my obsession with Thumper. However there was someone missing all this time and I thought it was about time I finally added to my collection.

Looking at my bed you honestly wouldn't think I was turning 22 this week, but Disney for life! Anyways getting on to what I actually bought.

Lately On My Instagram || A Week Off Work & Decorating My Room

I love me a good Instagram update post, I think it's such a nice way to get to feature your instagram snaps on your blog too, to really tell what was going on behind them photos rather than the made up captions under them!

So last week I had a whole 9 days off work and it was the most glorious time ever! There was no 3am starts and I was actually waking up at a normal hour not feeling like absolute death. As I was off I actually got to use and appreciate makeup, because lets get real I ain't loving doing makeup at 3am and it's legit the most simplest and quick look I do because ain't nobody got time for that! It was also so nice to be able to sit down and enjoy applying my makeup and using products that I don't get to use on a regular basis.

I realised I use so much perfume throughout the day and again I'm running out of yet another one. My Ari by Ariana Grande perfume is starting to look pretty empty but I've actually been saving up my Boots points to treat myself to a new bottle. I have €64 saved on it which is more than enough for the large bottle! In reality I could do with not buying another bottle as I have 8 other bottles of perfume in use at the moment, but I'm too obsessed with this scent not to have it.

For the week the weather was in my favour and the sun was constantly shining and it was so lovely. This meant lots of Summer outfits got to be worn along with my big floppy hat that I so adore. I also just wore my Kylie Lipkits for the week, I honestly cannot see myself getting tired of these. The formula and lasting power is just so god darn amazing. I cannot wait for my next order to arrive, I'm so beyond excited about it.

Thoughts I Have While Watching Pretty Little Liars

pretty little liars, photo book, makeup, flowers, pll
I'm obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, but who isn't these days!? Since the Summer Finale is quickly approaching I thought I'd write down some thoughts I have while watching the latest episode every Wednesday morning.

August ScoobyBox || A Monthly Box Full Of Dog Treats & Discount Code

August Scooby Box Husky Dog Subscription Box
It's ScoobyBox time again and I can officially say Aragón and myself were quite excited when the delivery man handed it to me! He remembered from last time that the big brown box contains lots of treats and toys for him so there was a lot of jumping around and trying to tear open the box before photos were took! This time around because he knew it was for him, it was slightly harder to get photos where he actually looked at me, but I got a few good ones and some funny ones too!
So without further a do, lets get right into what was in this months box.

The Lazy Girl Tanning Routine

Zoella Body Scrub. Soap and Glory False Tan. Ted Baker Moisturiser
Having natural Snow White skin no matter how long you stay out in the sun is.. well, it's a tad bit of a nightmare when everyone around you has a golden goddess colour and you look like a milk bottle that's just been taken out of the fridge. However I will also admit that I'm way too lazy to fake tan all the time and 9 times out of 10 if I have to get my legs out I'll just whip on a pair of tan tights and get on with the day. However for those times where I'm feeling experimental or wanting a change I have a routine I like to call the lazy girl tanning routine! 

The Lipstick That Makes Me Wish It Was Autumn

Ariana Grande Mac Viva Glam  Lipstick and Lipglass
I know it's still Summer but Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year and as far as beauty trends go for the time of year I live for purple/berry lips. During Summer I've basically not allowed myself to wear any purple shades, yes I'm literally not letting myself wear the colour but for good reason. My go to lip is a berry or purple shade so not allowing myself to wear the Autumn staple this Summer has allowed me.. well more so made me wear different colours, resulting in me finding out my love for brown lips especially the Kylie Lipkit in Dolce K.

Brows and Highlights With Natural Collection || First Impressions

Natural Collection Brow Products and Highlighter
I'm going to be pretty honest in saying that Natural Collection is a stand I walk by every time I'm in Boots and totally ignore it. Why? Well to be honest because the products are slightly on the cheaper side I got it into my head that there is no way they would be any good at all. I mean how could they be? Plus every time I walk by the stand it doesn't help that it's surrounded by 12 year olds swatching all the lipgloss tubes that just look way too sticky for my liking.

However recently they've launched some brow products and highlighters and while in work one day they caught my eye. Firstly the highlighters and then the brow products and I decided to stop being such a snob and pick some up to give them a try, I mean theres always people buying products from the stand so to an extent it must be good...right!?

I decided to pick up a highlighter, a brow kit and brow mascara and give them all a whirl

Blogging 2 Years, Buying A Domain, Taking Time Off Work & Saying Goodbye To A Friend

I love me a good oul update post, I guess because in reality I'm just quite a nosey person. So I decided it was about time I done one again.


The 26th of July saw Darling Jordan turn 2 years old! I still honestly cannot get over it. It's definitely the longest hobby I've ever had and I'm still as in love with it as I was when I first pressed that publish button on my first post 2 years ago. I spent the evening looking back on my first blog posts and while the photos are horrendous and the writing atrocious I think it's so nice to be able to look back and see how far you've come. I know some people like to rewrite all of their old posts and take new photos but I don't want to do that as I like being able to see my progress and how far I've grown, along with my writing and photography. It may be all cringe but it definitely shows how much you've improved.

Customise Your Phone Cover With CaseApp & Giveaway!

I adore phone cases for my phone and very rarely  you will see my iPhone without a cover on it. My collection is just getting bigger and bigger and thanks to the lovely folk over at caseapp I've added two more phone cases* to my collection. Designing your own phone cases is always so much fun because you can do whatever you want and it'll only ever be you who has it. 

The Must Have Princess Bag

When Victoria's Secret opens a shop 20 steps away from where you treat yourself.
When you work in retail, dealing with the public day in and day treat yourself.
When payday arrives you definitely go and treat yourself!

hi my name is jordan and i like to treat myself to pretty things.

Yes thats right Victoria's Secret has opened a shop across from where I work and I god darn want every single thing they are selling. After waiting all month for payday to finally arrive I treated myself to the one thing I had my eye on since the store opened! 

I'm not sure what it is about Victoria's Secret but I just feel like a child in a toy shop wanting and wishing for everything, but one thing I can't help myself with is pinky nude handbags..can you guess what I bought yet? 

My Room Mate Is So Loud At Night

Sheldon and I have been living together over 2 years now and theres certain things I've learned about him over the years. One being when I go to bed he likes to make as much noise as he possibly can! At first I thought it would just be a phase and he'd get over it and know when it's bedtime its time to go to sleep....oh boy was I wrong.

ScoobyBox || A Monthly Box Of Dog Goodies!

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days and while everyone gets excited over the next Beauty Box I'm sitting here getting excited over the next animal subscription box coming through my door! When we got Aragón I knew there were a lot of subscription boxes for dogs so I went and looked through every one I could find. I ended up choosing ScoobyBox as it was located here in Ireland and I really liked what they had previously included in boxes and I just felt as if they really cared about giving your pooch the best of the best!

Products Worth The Hype

Products Worth The Hype
I find when you read others blogs about new releases and products they swear by, you end up picking up a lot of things because this blogger said is was good and she swears by it etc etc. Sometimes the products end up working really well for you and other times they end up being thrown to the back of your makeup collection never to be touched again. Today I decided to feature products that I think are definitely worth the hype around them!

I Gave Into The Hype || Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics
I've no shame in saying I love me some Keeping Up With The Kardashians days, I will literally spend hours just binge watching the show! However when you slap their name on a product I'm more than likely not going to pick it up. However with Kylie Cosmetics causing such a scene since they were first released, and people telling me I needed them, while others told me they were a waste of money I decided to see what I thought and ordered myself four different ones when she restocked! 

eBay Makeup Brush Bargains || Are They Worth It?

Real Techniques Dupe
Every now and then I get into this mood that I just want new makeup brushes. Sometimes I don't even know what ones I want but I know that I'm going to be online with my bank card beside me ready to order some. Thats exactly what happened a few weeks ago and I decided to order these Real Techniques imitation Bold Metal brushes.

Happy 1st Birthday Aurora

Happy Birthday Aurora
It's July 9th which means it's Auroras 1st Birthday! Just like any other occasion there were gifts, lots of food and plenty of photos taken. So as always I'm here to share them all with you lot. Theres also a whole lot of videos and photos over on my Snapchat right now, so make sure to add me over on 'darlingjordan' so you don't miss a thing! 

June Round Up

Be Positive
June has finally come to an end and I'm not sure I'm happy or sad about it. I decided to do a little round up of everything that I liked/dis-liked during the month. I love writing these posts and I especially love being able to look back at them. This month Darling Jordan turns 2 so I cannot wait to look back on some posts this month especially.

Makeup Loves:
Sleek Matte Me Lipcreams really won me over in June because I finally picked some up to try! I know how late on the bandwagon am I!? However I obsessed over 'Birthday Suit" last month and wore it almost every second day of the month. It really is just the perfect nude shade and I honestly cannot get enough of it. 

Lottie London Soap Star has seriously changed me as a person. I know how over dramatic of me, but I've never washed my makeup tools so much since buying this product. It literally leaves your brushes/sponges looking brand new in just a couple of seconds. It's fragrance free, gentle on your brushes, affordable and just brilliant! I literally wash my brushes every week because of this product now.

I also slightly obsessed over the Freedom Makeup Brow Duo Powder in medium brown. Both shades mixed together is the perfect shade for my brows. It's not overly powdery and it applies really nicely. It also lasts all day without any brow setting gels!

Meet The Newest Addition To Our Family

It feels like it wasn't so long ago when I was writing a post like this introducing you all to Aurora, (who is turning 1 in just a few days!) well it's actually been 9 months but it's come to that time again. Yes we've added to our family once again! If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you may have already met him but I thought just like the others he deserved to be introduced on my blog too.

Meet Aragón
Husky Puppy

The Only Primer You Need To Get You Through This Heat

Smashbox Primer Water
Primers. The thing that will make or break your makeup after a few hours, well in my opinion anyway! 
My holy grail primer has changed throughout the years but since last year it's been the Smashbox Hd Primer, it just keeps my makeup looking fresh all day and keeps it all in tact. But I wanted to try something new because this heat has been making me feel as if I'm melting and underneath all my makeup I can guarantee that my cheeks are as red as a tomato.

Can You Really Remove Makeup With Just Water? || The Original Makeup Eraser

The Makeup Eraser
Im big into skincare, getting to try new products just makes me happy and even though its a chore I do love taking my makeup off in the evening and doing my full skincare routine. Last month I got given The Original Makeup Eraser as a gift from work and I was quite excited to give it a try. I hadn't heard much about this to be honest. I did know it was one of those things that claimed it would remove even waterproof makeup with just water but review wise I hadn't seen any. I must say though I really like the packaging, it's a giant eraser and honestly the packaging alone would probably make me buy this myself because of how novelty it is. 

The Two Nude Lipsticks I've Been Obsessed With

I love finding a good nude lipstick, its just perfect for those days where I've went with a dramatic eye or even for days where I didn't go to crazy with makeup and just went for a natural look. You just can't go wrong with a classic nude lip. Throughout the month of June I only wore 2 different lipsticks and that was it. Ofcourse they were both nude shades so I just had to share them both with you.
Firstly, the blogger favourite right now - Sleek Matte Me Lipcreams. When these were first released I didn't really jump on the bandwagon but after hearing so many things I picked up 'Birthday Suit' to try it out and see what the hype was all about. I'm so in love with the formula of this, it applies wet but dries to a matte (obviously!) but it doesn't feel drying on the lips at all. It wears really well but you do have to top it up after eating as it will come off but  that doesn't bother me at all. For only €6.99 each I want to buy the whole collection. I've picked up another 2 shades after this but have yet to start wearing them because I love this one so much.

June's Skincare Products On Trial

So I know it's been a little while since I've last blogged but between work, naps and a new puppy (blog post to follow) my hands have been tied. 

I don't know what it is about skincare but it just makes me excited, getting to try new products is probably one of the most exciting things and I literally run home to slather them all on my face to see how they work. While I really didn't need anymore skincare products, of course that didn't stop me picking some up from Boots in my last haul post (see here). I've been using these for about a month now and I've definitely gathered my thoughts about them all.

Looking Back On My Blog Journey So Far

Today I thought I'd do a little light hearted kind of blog post and look back on what my blog looked like when I first started up until what it looks like today. It was so fun to look back on this as it made me proud of how far I have grown the look of my blog. Sometimes I get days where I just cannot stand it and want to just delete it but looking back really showed how much it's grown and made me appreciate it all over again. So without further a do lets jump right in!

To find all these old screenshots I had to download my twitter archive and as if that wasn't cringe enough I spent hours going through each photo I uploaded to find all the different stages of my blog.

Back to when I first started!

Payday Arrived So I Treated Myself... Again!

I'm not a proper adult, I don't have many bills to pay or much hanging over my head so as soon as I get paid I just spend it all on myself on anything and everything that I want. It's an exciting time after working all month really. So of course just like last month, the day I got paid I was out spending, 
and who doesn't love a good oul' haul post ; )

The So...? Dry Shampoo Range

 Dry Shampoo is my life saver for second day hair and I honestly don't know how I went without it before I discovered it a few years back. These days it seems as if every brand has their own range of hair products including a dry shampoo, and while some work others just really don't agree with me. When it comes to my holy grail dry shampoo it's Batiste, no matter how many different brands I try I always end up going back to it. I've been trying out the So...? Dry Shampoo* range the past month and finally have decided if I love it or loathe it! 

The Product That Changed My Attitude Towards Washing My Makeup Brushes

Cleaning my makeup brushes is something I absolutely dread and cannot stand the thought of. Truth be told I know I definitely don't wash my brushes as much as I should but the task is so tedious its one of those things that I'm like 'oh I'll do it tomorrow'. So while making a little Superdrug order I decided to throw the Lottie London Solid Brush Cleanser into my basket to give it a try. 

Get To Know The Blogger Behind The Blog

My blog is quickly approaching its 2nd birthday and I've just realised that in all the time I've been blogging I never done a blog post just about me. So I thought it was time I let you all know some things about me.

So starting with the obvious,
Hi i'm Jordan.