You know when you look at your bank balance and swore you had a lot more than whats currently there and you kind of sit in disbelief wondering where the hell it all went?! Me everyday to be honest! But I thought I'd share some of the products I've been spending my pennies on lately. If you follow me on Snapchat (darlingjordan) you may have seen some of these already and if not well then here you go!

Lets start off with perfumes! While in the past two months I've added three new ones to my collection, I thought I'd share two of them for now. At the start of this year I blogged about the Ari by Ariana Grande fragrance (find post here) and ever since then it's been one of my absolute favourites. But when you love something a lot you run out of it very quickly which meant I had a sad empty bottle just haunting me. However I finally got myself another bottle and it's still one of my absolute faves, I mean just look at that bottle!
A few months ago Ariana launched a new fragrance Sweet Like Candy, and of course being the fangirl that I am what do you mean I'm 22 I had to get it. This also smells absolutely gorgeous and is totally different to the first one. I love both of them and honestly couldn't pick a favourite. Again the bottle design killed it and I am just loving these signature pompoms these days. 
Luckily for me I didn't have to actually spend any of my money on either of these fragrances as my work place gifted them too me, which as you could guess made me extremely happy!

Skincare lately is on fire, between all these brands bringing out new face masks etc in competition with each other I am loving life and basically throwing my money at every new product release. I've been buying a lot of skincare lately and if I included every single item I've bought so far I'd have to do a separate post so I just picked a few to feature for now.

Starting with L'oreal Clay Masks. I will admit I feel like the last person in the world to jump on this bandwagon, but I finally did. My local pharmacy had these on offer for just €4 each so I ended up buying 1 of each to try out, because like that was a total bargain amiright!?

Boots have also started selling GlamGlow and when you work in that store and you are all as obsessed with skincare you all end up buying things to try out. Even though I've heard so many rave reviews about this brand and their facemasks I didn't want to jump at the €45 price tag so I opted to try out a mini. After going through each one I decided on the Hydrating Mask and I must say it is absolutely fabulous! Just like the Origins Drink Up Intensive mask you can wear this overnight and it leaves your skin feeling so moisturised and fab...I'm obsessed. The miniature tubs cost €16 which I think is an affordable price to try something out. Fair enough there is a lot of more affordable masks that would probably do the same thing but I can see myself buying this in full size because of how it leaves my skin feeling and looking.

Another freebie this month from work was the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I already have one of these from when I bought it back in Summer, I'm not entirely sure if it's half done or almost finished but while it's not my favourite thing in the world, it does remove your makeup quickly and easily so I like it for that. Plus it is Liz Earle and aint nobody going to turn up their noses to a freebie like that!

Another bargain I grabbed myself was the Original Source Skin Quench Quick Drying Moisturising Oil Spray. Now when it comes to moisturising I have phases, I'll be really good for about a month and constantly use a moisturiser and then for about three months I'll totally pretend like it doesnt exist. So  when I seen this reduced down to €1.50 I decided to pick it up and give it a try. Now I absolutely cannot stand anything oily on my skin, it freaks me out and I just hate the feeling of it. However this doesnt leave an oily residue on the skin at all which I'm really happy about. I'm hoping having this will now make me more inclined to moisturise as you simply just have to spray it on and rub it in. Like it really couldn't be any easier.

A while back the Zoella Backpack was the Stargift in Boots and while she first announced it I wasn't crazy about it, but after seeing it in person I fell in love with it so immediately snapped one up! Meaning I now have two of the travel mugs because I mean one clearly wasn't enough...I absolutely love the backpack though and how cute are the pencils that came with it along with a few other items!?

Finally I placed a big Superdrug order a few weeks ago and I picked up some of the new Zoella products including the new hand sanitiser. They were also doing a 3 for 2 offer and I got a free pompom and I am obsessed with it. I've attached it to my Zoella backpack and think it looks absolutely adorable. Who doesnt love a free gift with purchase.

And there you have it, a few of the bits I've recently added to my collection. I also placed a Disney Store order but I guess that will have to be a whole post of it's own.

Have you been buying anything lately?