Disney Store Haul Bambi and Thumper
About 2 weeks ago I was having a very spendy kind of day, you know those days where you're not entirely satisfied until your sitting on your floor surrounded by bags and looking at your bank account hoping for a mistake...well one of those days! So with the many online orders I placed I also placed one with the Disney Store because if you follow me here or on Instagram, I'm sure you'll have noticed my obsession with Thumper. However there was someone missing all this time and I thought it was about time I finally added to my collection.

Looking at my bed you honestly wouldn't think I was turning 22 this week, but Disney for life! Anyways getting on to what I actually bought.
Zootropolis Zootopia Judy Hopps Plush Disney Store
Zootropolis was one of my favourite movies this year, and of course owning a Bunny meant I fell in love with Judy Hopps! I mean look at her, she's blooming adorable. When ordering this I thought she was going to be slightly bigger so I was quite surprised by the small size she was when I pulled her out of the box. Although the size of her just makes her even more adorable that I just want to squish her in a hug and wish that she was real. I actually picked Judy up because she was reduced to £5 so obviously I couldn't pass up on that offer. Also Aurora seems to really like her, but I think Aurora likes anything smaller than her because then she feels like she's the boss...
Bambi Disney Store Plush
So Disneystore online finally got their Bambi plush back in stock so I decided it was finally time to add him to my bed setup. Again the timing couldn't have been any better as he was also reduced down to £5! How adorable is he though. When I was ordering I knew he'd be quite small and so off I went on the hunt for a bigger one to go beside my Thumper plush, I mean I couldn't not have the same amount of Bambi's as Thumpers! This is legit my thought process while scrolling through the website, which lead me onto the next item put into my basket..
DisneyStore Bambi Plush
Disney Store Bambi Plush Toy
 As soon as I seen this Bambi plush I put him straight into my basket without looking at the price or anything. I had never seen him before and so I wanted to make sure I got him and he wasn't out of stock before I bought him, like the panic was real people! So obviously I was most excited about receiving this fellow as I knew he'd go beside the Thumper plush and be the same size. I did slightly wonder why he was so light in colour but never thought anymore of it. So when the box arrived he was the first thing I pulled out and instead of the usual Disney tag being attached to him....A Disney Baby tag was attached to him. Yes I bought a baby's teddy but honestly I'm so glad I got him because he's so soft and cuddly and just overall adorable.  
Disney Store Bambi Christmas Decoration
So I'm not one for Christmas, I'm more of a Halloween kind of person. However when I seen that Disney had started to release their Christmas decorations I had to have a look and when I spotted this Bambi one I knew I had to have it. Our tree is just Disney ornaments with TinkerBell being our star on top, and although it already leans to the side bit because there is so many decorations on it I thought sure whats one more!? I'm actually so surprised at the size of this, it's the size of the palm of my hand meaning you can bet this is going to be in the centre of the tree this year!
Disney Store Thumper Christmas Decoration
Okay so I thought whats 2 more decorations to our already over packed tree, but I obviously couldn't buy a Bambi ornament and not a Thumper one. Although we already have an ornament of both for the tree these were too pretty to pass on. The Thumper one is slightly smaller in size but still as pretty. After ordering these I was so gutted because they then released a Flower bauble so I'm definitely going to have to place another order because I also need her! Again I'm not one for Christmas but slap one of the Bambi characters on a christmas decoration and you know I'll buy it.
Disney Store Thumper Spring Time Mug
Finally I picked up a Spring Time Thumper mug. I have had my eye on this for the longest time but it was always out of stock online so I was so happy when I realised it was back in stock when I was placing my order. It's honestly one of the prettiest mugs I've seen and its a pearl white in colour which just makes it so pretty too look at. It's also a really nice shaped mug, I'm not the only one who likes certain shaped mugs am I?

And thats everything I ordered myself this time around. Of course I could have added loads of other things to my basket but I thought I'd better be good and not spend too much, although for these few things I did get it cost almost €83.00 after exchange rates and delivery charges...a tad bit mad!

Are you as obsessed with everything in the Disney Store at the moment as I am?

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