Zoella Body Scrub. Soap and Glory False Tan. Ted Baker Moisturiser
Having natural Snow White skin no matter how long you stay out in the sun is.. well, it's a tad bit of a nightmare when everyone around you has a golden goddess colour and you look like a milk bottle that's just been taken out of the fridge. However I will also admit that I'm way too lazy to fake tan all the time and 9 times out of 10 if I have to get my legs out I'll just whip on a pair of tan tights and get on with the day. However for those times where I'm feeling experimental or wanting a change I have a routine I like to call the lazy girl tanning routine! 

Zoella Body Scrub. Soap and Glory False Tan. Ted Baker Moisturiser
Starting with a good exfoliator, I adore the Zoella Scrubbing Me Softly Body Scrub. I use it pretty much overtime I shower even if I'm not planning on tanning, I just love it that much. It's a sugar scrub meaning its supposed to be that extra bit gentle on the skin, but to be honest I use this because I find theres so much gritty bits in it that it gives my skin a good exfoliate. It also smells real fresh and sweet which I love about it. Like I said I use this almost overtime I'm in the shower, depending on my mood depends on if I use a little or a lot. Either way this leaves my skin feeling absolutely amazing and I swear by it! It costs €10.00 a tub but it's well worth the money in my eyes.

So exfoliating all done it's time to move onto the actual tan.

Spray tans and all that fancy fake tan you have to apply with a mitt and then shower off a few hours later nah, not for me. Lets not even talk about the fake tan smell to go along with it. Too much work. I love the Soap and Glory Instant Sun Kissed Body Lotion, you apply it and the colour is there straight away, theres no waiting for four hours until the colour shows through. It also has the most gorgeous scent ever but what else would you expect from Soap and Glory!? As its an instant tanner it makes it pretty impossible to leave the house with a patchy tan as you're able to see any spots you missed. Another thing I like about this is as soon as you want to get rid of it, you simply shower it off and it's like it never even happened. It's pretty fool proof and the colour it gives is just a gorgeous sun kissed look, I adore it!

Finally moisturising! As the Soap and Glory tan is a body lotion I like to treat my skin to a normal moisturiser when I was the tan off. Just to treat my skin a little after the tan. Recently I've been loving the Ted Baker Body Souffle. It has the faintest floral scent to it thats a little sweet but not overly done and it's just so girly I love it. This is actually a little travel sized pot I got at Christmas and I've finally got around to using it, I can definitely see myself buying a full sized tub when it's done.

And there you have it, my three product lazy girl tanning routine!

What products do you use to fake tan?

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