I love me a good Instagram update post, I think it's such a nice way to get to feature your instagram snaps on your blog too, to really tell what was going on behind them photos rather than the made up captions under them!

So last week I had a whole 9 days off work and it was the most glorious time ever! There was no 3am starts and I was actually waking up at a normal hour not feeling like absolute death. As I was off I actually got to use and appreciate makeup, because lets get real I ain't loving doing makeup at 3am and it's legit the most simplest and quick look I do because ain't nobody got time for that! It was also so nice to be able to sit down and enjoy applying my makeup and using products that I don't get to use on a regular basis.

I realised I use so much perfume throughout the day and again I'm running out of yet another one. My Ari by Ariana Grande perfume is starting to look pretty empty but I've actually been saving up my Boots points to treat myself to a new bottle. I have €64 saved on it which is more than enough for the large bottle! In reality I could do with not buying another bottle as I have 8 other bottles of perfume in use at the moment, but I'm too obsessed with this scent not to have it.

For the week the weather was in my favour and the sun was constantly shining and it was so lovely. This meant lots of Summer outfits got to be worn along with my big floppy hat that I so adore. I also just wore my Kylie Lipkits for the week, I honestly cannot see myself getting tired of these. The formula and lasting power is just so god darn amazing. I cannot wait for my next order to arrive, I'm so beyond excited about it.

I've started venturing a little on my instagram and started posting outfit of the day posts, they're nothing special but I'm kind of enjoying it. Of course theres a lack of them with me being back to work so all I wear is my uniform and pyjamas, but I really enjoyed being able to get dressed up and use my new Victorias Secret bag.

The first picture I'm wearing a New Look dress from about 2 years ago, at first I paired it with a pair of heels but then I realised they weren't very practical for walking around shops so I went with a white pair of converse.

The second snap I'm wearing a Princess tank top from Primark last year. It has names of some Princess' and then the very bottom one says 'Me' but you couldn't see this as I had it tucked into my skirt. This was actually my first time wearing this and I got really excited because Aurora is on it! My tulle skirt is from Boohoo, again last years stock. I don't get to wear this much but when I do I absolutely love it. Total Princess vibes!

Finally in the last photo I'm wearing a dungaree dress from River Island from 2 years ago and I simply paired it with a basic white cropped tee from New Look.
Of course every outfit was accessorised with my Victorias Secret handbag, can you tell I'm obsessed? I did a post all about it including the name, price etc. You can find it here if you're interested.

I've been wanting to do my room up the past few months now. It's got to the stage where my room and walls were just full of photos and posters and I finally felt like I had grown out of it and wanted a 'grown up' room. So I decided to decorate it during my week off with the aim that I wanted it to be finished before I went back to work.

So off we went to Ikea for the day and I picked up some bits and I'm so excited because I've finally got the mirror and lights that I've always wanted and never thought I'd have! I'm kind of in love with my room now, I'm definitely going to do a room tour now I'm just waiting for some prints to arrive for my walls and then I shall be showing you it all in it's glory!

I also bought new makeup storage and I finally have my makeup stored the way I want it now, again a post is in the works of that too! The top of the drawers are also great for taking photos and I'm quite loving having the full on white background. I'm sure you'll see lots of photos on my Instagram of exactly that!

As always you can find me on Instagram here if you'd like to perhaps follow me or just have a nosey at other snaps I've uploaded.

Are you still enjoying Instagram since they've changed the layout?

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