Collection Cosmetics Eyes Uncovered Nude Rose Palette Review
When Collection first released their Eyes Uncovered palettes I was super excited about it and picked up the first three immediately. I had previously owned the palette they collaborated with Little Mix on and at the time it was my go to palette. The shadows were crazy pigmented, buttery and blended well, and for the small price tag lasted hours on my eyes! So when they released the second batch of palettes I was gutted that my local Boots never stocked them. So after awhile I kind of forgot about them until recently when placing a Superdrug order.
Collection Cosmetics Eyes Uncovered Nude Rose Palette Review
The original three Eyes Uncovered palettes are definitely three of my most used drugstore palettes, especially the Nude one that one got a hell load of loving because the colours are so great for everyday wear. I did a whole post on them all last year if you want to have a look at them with swatches, find it here!
As far as I know they released another three but unfortunately only the Nude Rose palette was available online which I wasn't mad about as it was the main one I had wanted so I was so glad it was in stock. Of course any rose/pink toned palettes are my weakness and so when I was ordering it I knew I was going to love it. Of course thats the problem with ordering online, you have to wait. So a week later and the postman finally gave me my box of goodies and this was probably the one thing I was most excited about, because I mean just look at those shades. I will admit I did stare at it for about 5 minutes before making myself swatch it, do you know when you get a new palette and it's so perfect so you don't want to ruin it...well that was me. Although I did eventually give in and gave them a swatch and I was not disappointed!
Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Rose Palette Swatches
Something I was disappointed with this time was they didn't name the shades which I no is not really a big deal, but the last three palettes all had individual names for each shade so why did this one differ? That aside though (although I am slightly offended because they could have had so much fun naming these such gorgeous names) the quality of the shadows are the exact same as the original three.

For a palette that costs €3.99 you wouldn't expect the quality of this product. The shadows are so pigmented and buttery and they're just a dream to work with.

The first shade is a cream white which doesn't show up on my pale skin too much but it does make the perfect brow bone highlight.
The second shade is a gorgeous Rose Golden shade and I'm already pairing this with the Kylie Jenner Rose Gold Creme Shadow (post coming soon) and the pair are a match made in heaven.
Shade number three is the most pink toned of them all and it is so bloomin gorgeous I cannot get enough of it. This shade all over the lid is just so perfect!
Shade #4 is a gorgeous light gold, now I feel like this kind of shade is in every rose toned palette I buy but I also think it's because it's such a gorgeous flattering shade that it just works well with anyone.
The fifth shade is a taupe colour with a slight rose tint to it, I've been loving using this in the crease as it's such a great colour to help blend everything together.
Finally the last shade, the darkest of them all. I will say the picture does this shade no justice as it is the most gorgeous rosey black I've ever seen, a little bit of this in the outer v of your eye and bam you've got a smoked look!

I honestly cannot fault this palette in anyway, I could a little with the fact that they for some reason decided not to name the shades however I'm just going to focus on the actual product. The shadows are buttery, well pigmented and all work really well together. For the price tag I think it's something everyone should have in their collection. I absolutely adore this range and think its one of the best Collection have ever brought out.

Have you tried any of Collection's Eyes Uncovered palettes?

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