Sheldon and I have been living together over 2 years now and theres certain things I've learned about him over the years. One being when I go to bed he likes to make as much noise as he possibly can! At first I thought it would just be a phase and he'd get over it and know when it's bedtime its time to go to sleep....oh boy was I wrong.

Sheldon Likes To Whistle...ALOT

Before I get into bed I feed Sheldon, giving him a whole load of grass, pellets and water and then I get into bed. Although he's already super excited and happy to start eating everything I just gave him thats not enough. He will stand on his little balcony, stare out at me and wait till I make eye contact...and then he'll just keep whistling. No stopping just whistle after whistle in hopes that I will also give him some treats for the night. I keep his treats on top of his cage so while he's whistling he's climbing up the cage as to indicate what he wants!

Bangs On The Cage

So the whistling eventually comes to a stop as he realises I won't give him any treats at night time. So I don't know if its punishment or what but do you know when you're just drifting off to sleep!? Well when thats exactly what I'm doing Sheldon waddles over to his little wooden footballs attached to his cage and whacks his body weight up against them causing them to bang against the cage and cause a loud bang that gives me heart failure every single time! I then proceed to shout his name and tell him to get into bed and his response - to give out while waddling into his bed, he's so cheeky it's ridiculous. 

Eats Loudly

I don't know what it is but when it comes to bedtime I think he just likes to do whatever he can to annoy the heck out of me. I'm not sure exactly what his thought process is but I'm guessing it goes a little something like "I know I eat my grass much quieter than this but since you're going to bed I'll be extra loud so you can fall asleep to this wonderful sound"...Along with that he also makes his water bottle make noise at night which he never does during the day. Literally the most irritating thing ever!

Talks To Himself 

Sometimes I have to remember I only have one guinea pig and theres not 20 in my room having a little conversation amongst themselves. Again Sheldon's thought process I'm sure is a little like 
"oh your in bed? What do you mean Sheldon be quiet!? Let me continue talking to myself for the next 20 minutes"

Just Enjoys Irritating Me

He spends most of his day just chilling about and having naps (he's truly my son!) but come night time he just hates to see me go to bed and punishes me!
"I know I should be quiet but instead let's pull out of this bell with my teeth and continue to ring it in hopes of getting some treats"

Although he makes it harder than it should be to fall asleep, in fairness he does get up with me at 3am for work although he's not too happy about it. When my alarm goes off he comes out of his bed giving out for about 10 minutes until he gets over it and just starts eating. Also when I'm away from home and not sleeping in my own room I actually miss all the annoying things and sounds he makes and it's strange to fall asleep to normal people. 
Thanks for that Sheldon!

Do your pets like to keep you awake at night?

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