Natural Collection Brow Products and Highlighter
I'm going to be pretty honest in saying that Natural Collection is a stand I walk by every time I'm in Boots and totally ignore it. Why? Well to be honest because the products are slightly on the cheaper side I got it into my head that there is no way they would be any good at all. I mean how could they be? Plus every time I walk by the stand it doesn't help that it's surrounded by 12 year olds swatching all the lipgloss tubes that just look way too sticky for my liking.

However recently they've launched some brow products and highlighters and while in work one day they caught my eye. Firstly the highlighters and then the brow products and I decided to stop being such a snob and pick some up to give them a try, I mean theres always people buying products from the stand so to an extent it must be good...right!?

I decided to pick up a highlighter, a brow kit and brow mascara and give them all a whirl

Affordable Natural Collection Highlighter in Rose Glow
The product that actually got my attention in the first place was the Rose Glow Highlighter, a gorgeous champagne pink colour and when swatched I couldn't quite believe the colour pay off. I'm not a huge fan of cream highlighters as I find them slightly more difficult to work with and find if you're not careful they can look cakey. However this was too pretty not to pick up and for less than €3 I thought it'd be a crime not to own it! To apply it I simply dab it onto my finger and work it onto the top of my cheekbones. The glow this gives is gorgeous and I'm currently so beyond obsessed with it. The highlighter comes in three different shades all together and I think I might just be treating myself to the other two now.
So of course once this had me blown away I kicked my snobby self right in the butt back to the stand to pick up the brow products.
New Affordable Natural Collection Brow Kit
Like I needed another Brow Kit to add to my collection, but after the highlighter blowing me away..yes, yes I did need it! Now they have only released this one shade kit which I thought was strange because they have also brought out pencils that cater for lighter and darker brows where as this I would class as darker brows. However luckily for me I have dark brows so I knew this colour match would be perfect. Consisting of a brow wax, powder, brush and spoolie for the price, again less than €3 how bad could it be!?

I'll be honest I'm not totally blown away. It does achieve a nice natural looking brow but if you're looking for a bold brow you're going to have to add a few layers of powder on. Although the powder looks dark in colour the pay off isn't as great and is a lot lighter. The wax does it's job at keeping the brows in place while adding a slight tint. I'm going to continue using this and see if I fall in love with it, so far it's great for when you're doing a very and I mean very natural look brow, but for anything else right now I'd pick something else.
Natural Collection Brow Mascara in Dark Brown New
Finally the last product I picked up was the Brow Mascara in Dark Brown. Now this caters for both brow colours as they also have a light version (so I'm still confused as to why the kit only comes in one shade) and I was really excited to give this a try. Previous to this I had tried brow mascaras and disliked how they left my brows feeling hard and just gross but I still had hopes!

I bloomin love this product, it doesn't make your brows go rock hard like others I've tried had and it basically just helps keep them in place all day while also adding product. Personally I love a strong brow so I do my normal brow routine and then I add this over it and its just amazing. It sets my brows in place for the day and they don't budge until I go to remove them with makeup remover. I also love the brush for this as it's not too small or too big and it picks up just enough product. You could definitely use this on it's own to do your brows also but I have yet to try it just on it's own, I'm sure I'll keep your updated on how I get on. But this is a definite winner in my eyes! Again it's under €3 and caters for both light and dark brows.
New Natural Collection Products Swatches Highlighter and Brow products
Overall I'm so impressed by 2/3 of these products.
The highlighter is just dreamy and I still cant get over how budget friendly it is for the glow it gives your cheekbones. The brow kit would be ideal if you're looking for a very natural brow but anything else darker than that you're going to have to work it a little bit harder. And finally the brow mascara thats just a clear winner in my eyes! I'd definitely recommend having a look at the Natural Collection stand in your local Boots because I'm definitely not going to walk by it anymore.

My snobby self's mind has been seriously changed! Makeup products for less than €3, winning!

Have you tried any of Natural Collections new releases yet?

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