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Sao I'm sure you've heard by now that Zoella has launched a Lifestyle range and I'm in love with it. I adore the products Zoella brings out and have yet to try something that I don't like from her Beauty range. So when she announced her Lifestyle range there were a few things I wanted to treat myself too cause I'm all about that treat yo'self life!

So I decided to pick up four things from the range now and gradually buy everything else when I'm a tad bit more financial than what I am. So basically when I start my new job everything else will be mine. I bought all these from Boots which have them all on 3 for 2 which is such a great offer and it's such good value when it works out that you're getting one free.
Zoella Lifestyle Lazy Days Giftset
Starting with the Lazy Days giftset. As soon as I seen Zoe show this on Snapchat I knew it was something I wanted straight away, I mean who isn't an absolute sucker for cosy socks!? The set contains the Lazy Days candle which is a very subtle relaxing linen scent. Its nothing too over powering and it's quite light but perfect for those days where you're lying in bed with your pjs on reading a book. It also includes a set of grey knitted style socks which are quite the cosy pair. I'm slightly obsessed with them and you can bet I already took some Instagram pictures wearing them! (See here) This duo set retails at €22.00/£16.00
Zoella Lifestyle Warm Hands Warm Heart Giftset
I'm a Blogger, meaning anything marble or rose golden wins for me. So when I saw the gorgeous Warm Hands Warm Heart giftset of course I instantly knew I needed it in my life. This set includes a marble travel mug decorated with rose gold lettering and a gorgeous coral top. I was actually quite surprised by this mug when I took it out of the packaging. Looking at it I presumed it was ceramic when in actual fact it's just plastic, meaning if you do let it fall you have a better chance of it living than if it was ceramic. I love the little quote on it and while I'm not a huge coffee drinker I am looking forward to drinking tea and hot chocolate from it. Also included in the set are a little pair of fingerless gloves. The gloves are very alike the socks included in the Lazy Days set. I love fingerless gloves because you can still use your phone and you can also still see my acrylics, win win! This set retails for €19.00/£14.00
Zoella Lifestyle My Eden Giftset
The My Eden giftset is honestly the most beautiful little giftset I've ever seen. The packaging for this is just everything and as soon as you open the box you're hit with the floral scent it holds. I mean can we just appreciate the packaging for a moment because I am so in love with it. In this set you get the My Eden candle and the diffuser also in the same scent. Out of all the candles I bought this scent is definitely my favourite, it's such a strong floral scent its absolutely beautiful. I haven't opened the diffuser yet reason being about three weeks ago I bought the diffuser from the Zoella Beauty range and if the diffuser is anything like that one I know I'm going to love it. It literally is so strong that it just covers my whole room and its just so lovely. This set is the most expensive out of all the ones I picked up, this retails for €26.00/£20.00

So it worked out that I got the three gift sets in the 3 for 2 and as the cheapest one is free I ended up getting the Warm Hands Warm Heart set for free! While a freebie is exciting everything you see in this post I actually got for free. I had €62.00 worth of points on my Boots card and I was saving them up to treat myself at Christmas so I just ended up using them to treat myself now! I mean I knew I was going to love this range so why not!?
Zoella Lifestyle Seaside Stroll Candle
After adding the three gift sets to my basket I had €14.00 worth of points left so I decided I may as well spend it all and also picked up the Seaside Stroll candle. I absolutely adore this packaging and Ive never actually seen anything like this done before, the box opens up to reveal an image that goes with the scent of each candle and I just think it's such a lovely little extra touch. The Seaside Stroll scent is a real nice subtle beach air and salt water scent, again though it isn't ridiculously overpowering and it's just a nice little scent. The candles retail for €13.00/£10.00

All in all I do love everything I've picked up so far and can definitely see myself purchasing some (or all) more of the products from the range. They are definitely great little gifts and I think it was such a good idea to bring them out at this time as that occasion that comes around in December (not saying it because its Autumn and its my favourite season so no talk about other seasons!) I think they'll be quite popular.

Have you gotten yourself anything from the Zoella Lifestyle range?

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