Lets get the most obvious thing everyone may be thinking by this title out of the way, this is not a sponsored post nor do Aldi even know I'm writing this. I genuinely think that they have such great little bits in at the moment so I wanted to share them all.

When I done up my room Aldi had gotten in a range of Copper Homeware and amazed me with the quality (find them in this post here) so since then I'm forever having a look every week at what special items they get in. Every now and then they get such great bits in and I just have to pick them up. Now that Christmas is approaching I cannot wait to see what they get in. Of course they've already started getting some items in and I've already been buying! From lounge wear and dressing gowns covered in Unicorns to Santa sacks and festive fuzzy socks they have it all!
Starting with the most adorable festive slipper socks, how cute are the Reindeer slipper socks (full photo of them on my instagram here) They're honestly the most photogenic socks I've ever owned and they're the cosiest things ever. I was so surprised to realise they were only €5.49! Of course as soon as I seen them in store I had to snap up a pair because I mean, how could you not own a pair..or two!

One of my favourite things about Christmas is wrapping gifts, I bloomin love it and don't understand anyone who lets other people wrap the presents for them. Give me all the wrapping paper and bows and ribbons, lock me in a room for a day and I will have the best time! This year as soon as I seen this gift wrap set consisting of four different style wrapping paper, bows, ribbons and tags I needed it. I mean just look at that Deer wrapping paper *heart eyes* This is the Woodland Fables Set and it only cost €4.99  like talk about a bloomin bargain. I absolutely adore these and I'm pretty obsessed with the Deer wrapping paper especially, I mean come on could you possibly think of a better fit for me!?
I also picked up the Luxury Wrapping Set which consists of twine, ribbons and tags. I mean the main reason I got this one was for that ever so famous white and red styled twine but I will definitely use everything in it. I also love that you can buy everything all in one rather than having to buy each thing separately. They also had a few different variations of ribbon colours and twines so theres something sure to fit your fancy. This little set was only €2.99! I paid that price last year just for the red and white twine.

Of course I couldn't walk past the most 'me' styled Christmas cards. I mean you know me, obsessed with all things Deer and Bunnies so when I seen these cards I didn't even second guess and placed them straight in my basket. Can we all take a moment to appreciate how absolutely adorable they are.  They came in a pack of 30, so theres 15 of each style complete with mini envelopes. For the little mini pack it was only €1.99

Finally I couldn't go to the check out without picking up a Chocolate Santa, I mean it's just a must and for less than €2 I mean, it would be rude not to pick 1 up.

If you've seen the Aldi Christmas advert featuring Kevin The Carrot they're selling a plush of him for just €3.99 which will be in stores Nov 24th and you can bet I will be the biggest child of all buying him! Yes I'm 22 years of age and I want that adorable Carrot sitting on my bed between my Bambi and Thumper plushes!

I cannot wait to see what else Aldi bring out over the next few weeks as we come closer to Christmas!

Have you bought anything from Aldi's Christmas range yet?