Its finally the day, the day where I can be free to cast as many spells and make as many potions as I possibly can. All Hallows Eve has finally returned and I couldn't be more happy. I was up as soon as the sky started to get bright and thankfully my spell I cast last night on the sun seems to have worked as it's nowhere in sight! 

I caught up on some spells this morning and I am already brewing a new potion for any of the children that may come knocking on the door. The animals all have their best outfits on and while they aren't pleased with it they're just getting on with it. Seriously though, do you know how hard it is to make a potion while theres 3 little rats running around at your feet! The devil dog, the ghoulish bunny and the vampire guineapig have all been driving me insane since 6am. 

While the potion is brewing for the next 6 hours theres a lot of tidying to do around here, although I may just ring the monkeys and get them to do it as after all this is my day, I deserve to put my feet up!

 While in Salem I found this strange little ghoul who just will not answer any of my questions no matter what! It smells of humans though, I'm afraid I was too late to save the little fellow and the humans destroyed whatever was left of him. I've kept him here with me and I have been looking through my spell book in hopes of finding something that may make him talk again. I mean he's as still as a statue..poor thing.
As it is All Hallows Eve I put a bit of extra time into my makeup today, greens and purples are the only way too go! While I still cant master that darn eyeliner thing I think I'll get away with what looks to be a little black line drawn by the vampire guineapig across my eyelid. I do wish they would update that darn makeup spell, life would be so much easier with it. I mean the old one just turns everything green and come on, we've all moved on from that makeup trend I mean that was only in style for what 300 years!?
I must say, I don't know how Witches used to live without phones, the darn skull heads just aren't as effective anymore and god forbid i mention them bloomin owls who just go off track whenever they please. Ofcourse I had to take some selfies I mean what Witch doesnt these days...Plus my new dress that I kept especially from today is adorable and everybody needs to see it! You just cant beat the little boutiques in Salem, I even bought a new broomstick the other day because of how nice it looked! 
I've been speaking to the vampire guineapig today about putting a mask on him so we can take cute selfies together to upload to witchagram but he's having none of it! Why are animals so cheeky these days I mean who do they think they are!? I tried to tell him about how all the other witches would think its adorable but he's just having none of it. Silly little fluff ball! He even bit me once today already, them darn fangs are a nightmare and they hurt a lot! 

I seen all three of the animals talking earlier on today and I swear if it's to do with going to the Dragon's party from down the street I will kill them. I mean not literally but maybe just for a few hours until they learn their lesson!

Oh the cauldron is starting to bubble, lets get this show on the road!
In reality I'm not entirely sure what this post was or if it even makes sense but i had fun writing it!
Halloween is my favourite day of the year and I felt like a little child waking up this morning to look at my phone and see the 31st of October in big letters! 

Of course I have two outfits sorted for today, one for outside and one for inside, if you follow me on either Snapchat (darlingjordan) or Instagram (_darlingjordan) you'll see both of them including what I get up too for the day. My Halloween playlist has been on repeat since 9am and will continue to be until about 9pm tonight! I also have a bunch of horror movies lined up, oh and Hocus Pocus is on tv later which I'm so excited about.

Whether you're celebrating by dressing up or just having a chilled out day I hope you all enjoy whatever it is your doing!

Happy Halloween