Beauty Essentials Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner Review
Do you know when you're after applying an eyeshadow and the brush you're using you need to use again but you need to dip it into a different colour, meaning you have to clean your brush and it's just the most annoying thing ever?! Cause same! I've spent the past few years swirling the brush on my hand or my pyjama pants (don't do this, your mum won't appreciate it) for those days I'm in a rush and don't have time to get a tissue to swirl the brush on. So when Shadow Switch* came through my postbox I was so excited to give it a try, because if it worked it was going to make my life a whole lot easier. 

When it did arrive I was quite surprised that all that was inside the tin was the gritty sponge to clean the brush, no product inside the tin or even in the sponge itself so it left me skeptical, because how can you take product off a brush completely without having to wash it...!? 
Beauty Essentials Shadow Switch Review
So I tried it for the first time back in September and......
I've never done my makeup without it since!

Basically the texture of the little sponge I can only explain like a hair doughnut, theres little dents and holes in it meaning when you swirl your brush it pulls all the product from it allowing you to dip into the next colour without any worry of mistakes. Although this won't clean your brushes completely and if the bristles are white the previous colour will have left a stain but it's totally clean of product and no residue is left so your not mistakingly mixing colours. 

This is such a genius idea and while Beauty Essentials are changing up the packaging to give it a whole different look I think overall it's something that makes doing my makeup easier. I love the idea of it and the fact that it works is brilliant. I've yet to do my makeup routine and not use this! Since becoming obsessed with the Mac 217 it's the only brush I use these days so the Shadow Switch makes it a whole lot easier for me to use it with four different shadow colours! After a few uses of the Shadow Switch you just simply wash the sponge inside with some water and fragrance free soap (I use my Lottie London Brush Cleaner find post here!) and just leave it to dry over night and you're all ready to go again. 

For the sake of £6 it's something I cant see myself without now. You can find it on Amazon here! Beauty Essentials definitely thought of an actual essential we needed before we did and for that they get five stars. I no longer have to worry about not having enough eye brushes because of this. 

Have you tried Shadow Switch yet?

*This post contains a PR sample, all opinions are 100% my own. Find out more about my disclose here