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June has finally come to an end and I'm not sure I'm happy or sad about it. I decided to do a little round up of everything that I liked/dis-liked during the month. I love writing these posts and I especially love being able to look back at them. This month Darling Jordan turns 2 so I cannot wait to look back on some posts this month especially.

Makeup Loves:
Sleek Matte Me Lipcreams really won me over in June because I finally picked some up to try! I know how late on the bandwagon am I!? However I obsessed over 'Birthday Suit" last month and wore it almost every second day of the month. It really is just the perfect nude shade and I honestly cannot get enough of it. 

Lottie London Soap Star has seriously changed me as a person. I know how over dramatic of me, but I've never washed my makeup tools so much since buying this product. It literally leaves your brushes/sponges looking brand new in just a couple of seconds. It's fragrance free, gentle on your brushes, affordable and just brilliant! I literally wash my brushes every week because of this product now.

I also slightly obsessed over the Freedom Makeup Brow Duo Powder in medium brown. Both shades mixed together is the perfect shade for my brows. It's not overly powdery and it applies really nicely. It also lasts all day without any brow setting gels!

Miscellaneous Loves:
I've been using my Rose Gold Beats by Dr Dre religiously since purchasing them. They are just so pretty and the sound on them is bloomin amazing. Yes they're a little on the pricey side but they truly are a great investment. 

Acrylic Nails. In June I decided to get me some falsies because my actual nails kept breaking in work and I can't be without long nails. I got the stiletto style and I've never been more obsessed with my nails in my life. I literally couldn't stop staring at them when I got them done. Also they looked so much nicer in product photos!

Body Fantasies Body Sprays are my current go to brand for in work. I love everything about them, they last well and they smell so lovely. I'm already halfway through one bottle and I just cannot get enough of them! I'll definitely be picking up more when I start my second bottle for sure! 
Smashed iPhone 6 plus screen

The Worst Thing That Happened:
I let my iPhone 6 plus fall out of my hands onto concrete floor and the screen smashed. Out of all my years of owning iPhones never in my life did I smash a screen until now. 21 and dumb! No but seriously I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. However Apple ended up sending me out a brand new just cost me €351.50...and I only have this phone till November when my bill ends. Honestly it has been the most expensive phone I've ever owned at this stage. The pictures make it look not as bad as it actually was but basically you couldn't touch the screen without getting some glass in your finger. 
Husky Puppy

The Best Thing That Happened:
We welcomed another furry friend into our family by the name of Aragón. The most playful and energetic puppy I've ever met. Although he likes to chew your ankles when your walking and tried to trip you up 99.9% of the time he's pretty darn great! I've already signed up to a Puppy subscription box and i honestly cannot wait to start receiving it through the post!.

Pretty Little Liars Chain
T.V Shows/Movies:
I went to see a few moves in the cinema during June and was disappointed with every single one of them which was such a shame because I was so hyped for every single one of them!
However Pretty Little Liars started back and I am loving it as always! I just wish there was a new episode everyday because waiting a week for the next one seriously kills me!

What did you love during June?

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