Thoughts I Have While Watching Pretty Little Liars

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I'm obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, but who isn't these days!? Since the Summer Finale is quickly approaching I thought I'd write down some thoughts I have while watching the latest episode every Wednesday morning.

- Okay last weeks recap, let's go!
- Oh my gosh yes I totally forgot that happened, I better get an answer in this episode.
- I really like what Hanna is wearing, I want that jacket.
- Ugh I love Caleb
- Haleb forever, sorry Spencer but no..just stop.
- Ugh I love Toby.
- Can Spoby just be a thing again because I'm sick of it not being. 
- Legit my life would be so interesting if I got texts from A too.
- I think I know who A.D is, I've figured it out..I'm a genius
- *Something happens to that said person* Okay never mind then...

- I know this is cruel buT CAN SOMEONE JUST KILL HER OFF ALREADY!!!
- Stop this is getting too emotional for me, don't you dare cry!
- Damn it Aria I said don't cry.
- Great now I'm crying.
- Speaking of Aria, wheres her brother these days.
- He's old enough for me to fancy right....*quickly googles*
- It's okay he's my age, bloomin babe!!!!
- I know they're all older now, but where the heck are all the parents.

-Ugh can I just look like Emily and have Hanna's wardrobe!?
- Stop bringing unnecessary characters back that nobody cares about
- Ugh I hate Jenna.
- Wait who's he, he's been in this before...Right?
- What even is this story line
- I'm so confused
- What is happening?

- I still don't think I like Alison
- Why is it only this group of friends like dear god how much bad luck can a group of friends have
- But squad goals right there!
- Don't you dare end right on this clip hanger, give me an answer
- Are you serious
- That was so stupid
- I hate this show.
- *watches teaser trailer for next weeks episode* OMG that looks amazing
- Ugh is it next week yet!?

Seriously for those 40 minutes the amount of thoughts and commentary I give to myself is crazy! But the show just drives me insane. I used to think I had A.D figured out but these past few episodes have well and truly thrown me off track and I honestly don't know anymore. I've read some theories and while they are fun and really get you thinking none of them feel right for me yet.

When the show ends I'd kind of like Uber A to have been one of the liars all along, but then again I'd feel very betrayed by it all...kind of like Gossip Girl. But no matter how many times I get annoyed at an ending or a reveal (that ends up being the biggest let down *cough Charlotte as A cough*) I still can't stop watching it! I literally don't want it to end and knowing that this is the last season is slowly breaking my heart but at the same time I am so ready to finally have all my questions answered.

Do you have any theories of who A.D might be?

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  1. Totally with you on fancying Aria's brother, he was always a bit of a babe haha! I am so lost with this show it is ridiculous, I don't know what is going on from one moment to the next to be honest but I still love it and will watch it until the end - I just accept that I am clueless and I probably wont figure it out!

    1. Yes! So glad it's not just me who thought that :') Sometimes I feel that way too but I'll still watch it anyways just to see the outcome haha. x

  2. I think pll has been dragged on wayyy to long. They should've just stopped when they found out who A was in season 6. But like everyone else something about that show just makes me want to watch it over and over again. Plus I have the very same thoughts as you! Why cant everyone get back together the way they were!? x

    1. I was quite surprised they were continuing it on, and at first I was like okay another A this is getting ridiculous, but I just cannot stop watching it. Ugh ikr! Seeing them with other people is all just wrong and it annoys me so much haha x

  3. The entire show is a joke now, it should have ended at the original big A reveal. I guess it was too much of a cash cow to stop airing. I reckon A.D. is Wren, as Marlene, the show writer, already said that A.D is someone we know. Seems fitting and very predictable as well. You can also tell that the actresses are ready to move on from such a stupidly written show lol

    I watch it, but I never find myself desperate to catch up on new episodes. x

    Natasha Kendall

  4. I can totally relate to this! Haleb until the end! Loved this post :) xxx

  5. I've never actually watched PLL but after reading this post it seems like I'm missing out! So much drama! I'm a huuuuge Gossip Girl fan so I'm sure I'd love this show too! 😍

    Abbey ✨

  6. I haven't actually watched PLL yet but I really want to because so many people have recommended it. I enjoyed reading through all your thoughts haha. I'm always kinda like this with shows that grip you, my big one was supernatural.

    Jordanne ||

  7. I love PLL and my husband is actually hooked on it too! I used to think that I had it figured out too about who A was but like you I'm thinking it could be someone from the group of girls, but hopefully it's not. Definitely love the fashion too! Nice post!

  8. I haven't actually watched PLL yet but I really want to because so many people have recommended it. I enjoyed reading through all your thoughts haha. I'm always kinda like this with shows that grip you, my big one was supernatural.

    Jordanne ||

  9. I adored this show but after season 6 it's been dragging on far too long. So many plot holes and inaccuracies following the main plot that I can't keep up!

  10. This is totally me! However, I watched all series back to back and I thought some of them were so boring. This new series currently airing is ok, things were a bit tedious but it has certainly become interesting to say the least like! x

  11. Haha love this! I think many of these things!! x

  12. I love this as a PLL fan myself too! I also LOVE Arias wardrobe! X

  13. I have never watched PLL, am i missing out?

    Lauren |

  14. This is so funny! I can relate to this on so many levels! I hate it when people say that PLL is getting boring now, because it really isn't!!

    Nicole | In The Life of NM


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