Yes I'm back, finally! After a hectic month of our home internet not working and trying to use the 3G off my phone we finally got our home internet back. We won't point any fingers at companies who can't seem to keep their internet working but we will say they are muppets just because well that's what they are. I've been trying to use the 3G from my phone to work my iMac so I could get some posts written and while sometimes it would work 9/10 times it wouldn't! But with the bad internet out of the way it's finally back and thank the lord!

I've been decorating for Halloween the past few weeks and seeing shops full of new Halloween decor makes me so happy! I have bought a few new items (including a new Halloween wardrobe full of Halloween-esqe inspired clothes) that you will more than likely see popping up very soon here on Darling Jordan. I've also bought Aragón a costume so that's definitely going to make for an interesting blog post! If you follow me on Snapchat you may have seen a few items in my little haul videos, since the internet was so bad I started using Snapchat a whole lot more so make sure you add me over there to see what I've been up too! 'darlingjordan'

I've started my new job meaning for the first few weeks I struggle to keep up with social media & work. So it may be another week or two before I figure out how to juggle all that. Although before I started working I would literally have a photo taking day whenever the weather was good which means I have tons of posts to write which is good because I don't have to stress over that! It feels so weird working normal hours again though because after the airport I was used to being up at 3am 5 days a week! But thankfully normal hours are back and they are so much better!! 

I'm going to leave it here as a simple hello I'm back and posts will start to appear again real soon! 
Now I'm off to start taking some halloween styled photos so I can haul everything because if you didn't know already I'm quite fond of the Holiday, and yes I've bought my costume ;)