When Victoria's Secret opens a shop 20 steps away from where you work..you treat yourself.
When you work in retail, dealing with the public day in and day out..you treat yourself.
When payday arrives you definitely go and treat yourself!

hi my name is jordan and i like to treat myself to pretty things.

Yes thats right Victoria's Secret has opened a shop across from where I work and I god darn want every single thing they are selling. After waiting all month for payday to finally arrive I treated myself to the one thing I had my eye on since the store opened! 

I'm not sure what it is about Victoria's Secret but I just feel like a child in a toy shop wanting and wishing for everything, but one thing I can't help myself with is pinky nude handbags..can you guess what I bought yet? 

Say hello to my most expensive bag I've ever owned/bought myself. 
Now lets just take a moment to appreciate it.

Victoria's Secret opened back at the start of July and I was flat out broke because I had over spent on Kylie Cosmetics (priorities though) so I had to 'window shop' when I went for a browse. In the middle of the store looking all pretty was this gorgeous pinky nude bag screaming 'buy me jordan, buy me'. I had told everyone about it but once I mentioned the price they all told me I was mad for even considering it. But I mean how could I be mad when a bag looks like this, throw any price tag on it I was having it one way or another. 

So I decided that when payday came around and if bag was still there, then I was going to buy it. But lets be real of course it was still there, nobody going on their holidays is going to pay that money for a bag. But yay for me because it waited, and I waited, and I seen it everyday when I walked past the store and it was the hardest month ever.
The bag itself they've described as a 'ballet pink' colour with gold detailing and honestly it's just so me. It's slightly smaller in size than what I would normally go for but I honestly don't mind. There is still plenty of room for me to fill it with unnecessary junk. I adore the small font in gold of the Victorias Secret name, and the gold metal charm is just beyond pretty. I love that I can go places with this bag and won't look across the road to see the girl coming out of Starbucks with it on her arm. Yes I'm one of those people who hates to be wearing something and to walk by somebody else with the exact same thing.
When I first seen the bag they had a Pink Pouf hanging out of it which I just presumed came with the bag but when I went to buy it on Thursday, the pink pouf had been removed from it so I then realised it was sold separately. I didn't really mind though as I knew I could buy one again and getting the bag was my main priority. When at the till paying I was chatting to the girl and asked if they had any poufs left and just my luck they had one left in the back. Like I'm never this lucky. However although the bag is beautiful without it, I just think it just adds that extra princess girly feel. 

I had never really looked at the pouf properly until I got home where I realised it has a gold VS charm that sits on top of the pouf, which just made me love it that little bit more.
Another thing I never looked at before I bought it was the inside of the bag, so again it was like a little surprise when I came home. It's finished with leopard print inside and while I'm not normally one who likes the print I think its done really nicely and doesn't look tacky at all.

Also inside was the larger strap if you want to wear the bag on your shoulder and a satin dust cover with the logo printed on it to pop the bag in while you're not using it.
And anything that goes with my nails is just extra special! Yes the acrylics are back and I finally feel normal again.

So there you have it, my newest member to my handbag family that is just too pretty not to own.
I did try searching on the internet for it so I could link you all to it but I couldn't find it anywhere online, so you may just have to pop into your local Victoria's Secret and have a look.

The Daydream Satchel in Ballet Pink set me back €200.00, can you see now why people were calling me crazy?
The Faux Fur Pouf in Tropic Rose is €20.00 so both worked out at €220.00 and although that might seem expensive to some people I can see the money in the bag. It's so pretty and I know I'm going to use it and in years to come I imagine I will still have it and just be in love with it as much as I am now.

Does anybody else get really excited when they walk into a Victoria's Secret store?

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