Buying gifts for people is one of the most fun things to do during the festive season, however it can also be one of the most stressful things to do when you have no idea what to get people. While I do have some drafts for the beauty lovers etc I decided to start off this little series for the ones who love their phone. Personally I am one of these people and I am never without my phone in hand, unless it's actually not allowed. So I've picked three items that I personally love having for my phone and think maybe other phone obsessed people will too!

Starting with Phone cases. I always have to have a phone case on and I'm forever buying more and swapping them around. However I bloomin love how these days you can personalise your own. Caseapp offer the option of making your own personalised phone case from £22. I have previously bought phone cases from Caseapp and have been lucky enough to work with them and every time I get a new phone case nothing compares to these customised ones. I even ordered one for my Mum for Christmas as I just think they're such lovely little gifts. You can decorate it however you like by adding personal photos or anything you want really! You can find my Caseapp posts here if you'd like to read into them more.

For those who love getting creative with pictures, I picked up this three lens set from Aldi. Whom can we appreciate how on fire they are right now though, seriously cannot get enough of their special buys lately!  Anyways I picked up this Fish Eye Lens set which includes a 180 degree fisheye, wide angle and macro lense. I've been having so much fun experimenting using these lens for the likes of my Instagram snaps and when I'm recording on snapchat! The set comes in three colours and best of all only cost me €6.99! It's such a little novelty but can be so much fun to have different perspectives for those Instagram shots!

Finally for the selfie lover a ring light...for their phone!
I will admit I bought this purely for better lighting in selfies but I've also gotten so much more use out of it. When it's starting to get dull out and I need to take a quick snap for Instagram this light is perfect as you can sit it on your front or back camera and it gives amazing lighting! It has three light settings on it, each brighter than the other and the best only cost me €4 on eBay. This is a cheaper alternative to the lumee cases and if I do say so myself works just perfectly!

And there you have it, 3 little inexpensive gift ideas for the phone adoring person in your life.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?