My blog is quickly approaching its 2nd birthday and I've just realised that in all the time I've been blogging I never done a blog post just about me. So I thought it was time I let you all know some things about me.

So starting with the obvious,
Hi i'm Jordan.

I have a 2 year old guinea pig named Sheldon and an 11 month old bunny named Aurora. You may have seen them on my blog or on my instagram. You can find all the posts about each animal by clicking on their names. They are both quite the adorable bunch! While I'd love to feature them in every second post here on Darling Jordan as they are animals they don't sit still long enough for me to take good quality photos of them.

I'm turning 22 in August and I will be that person tweeting gifs from Taylor Swifts '22' song. 

I went to college to study hairdressing and graduated. After 2 years I decided working in salons was no longer for me and now I'm currently working in Boots. 

I have two favourite movies, both one extreme from the other. My favourite film is The Purge Anarchy, I just love everything about it, fair enough it's considered a "horror" because they're just killing people left right and centre but its because the concept of the Purge movies was something I never saw before that made me love the franchise! #2 is better than the first so yeah I'd recommend that one for sure. My other favourite movie is Alice in Wonderland. See what I mean, one extreme to another!? One's Disney while the other one is just about people killing other people. However Alice in Wonderland is bloomin fab and the Queen of Hearts is my absolute favourite person ever. While the latest movie Alice Through The Looking Glass has been released and I did enjoy it I still prefer #1 over it. 

Disney is my favourite, and again if you follow me on Instagram or any social media site really you will already know my obsession with all things Thumper. He's just bloomin adorable and anything with his face printed across it, I want it! Bambi being my second favourite, again anything his face is printed across I will purchase it! 

I really like going to concerts and have lost count of how many I've been too as I started going when I was 6 years old (maybe younger, I'm not sure).
I love getting to see my favourite artists perform live and its always such a great time. My favourite artists to name a few are Taylor Swift whom I've seen live 3 times and every single time she killed it, Selena Gomez whom I'm seeing live in November and I'm so excited about it. Meghan Trainor, Iggy Azalea, Little Mix and lots more!

My favourite time of year is Halloween time. As soon as October 1st hits I'm in Halloween mode. Decorating my bedroom from ceiling to floor, wearing all the halloween clothes I own and lots of purple, greens and oranges are introduced into my makeup. I bloomin love the time of year, everything about it just makes me super happy. 

Silly facts about me -

I purchased my first Mac lipstick after blogging for 6 months.
The Twilight Saga is still my favourite franchise.
I love the Big Bang Theory and if that already wasn't obvious did I mention my guinea pigs name!? I'm sure you know my favourite character by now.
I bought a pair of Beats headphones and they are the best thing ever, even if I do look weird wearing them.
I have 3am starts 5 days a week because I work in an Airport (don't do that!) 
I have an obsession with skincare products and I will buy them just to have them.
I own more pyjamas than I own clothes.
Rose Gold is my favourite.
I want to decorate my room but can't because I'm to indecisive.
The best gift I ever bought myself was my iMac.
I don't care how much back lash it gets I bloomin love Apple products and will use no other brand.
I used to be obsessed with the British and American flag.
My room is currently a mess.
I have 5 Boots bags full of stuff I bought last week and I have yet to open them.
I'm not the smartest person with my own money.
I go crazy spending as soon as I get paid. 
I really want to visit Los Angeles.
I've been to Disneyland Paris once before and since then I've been dying to go back.
If a movie has talking animals in it I will be the first in queue at the cinema.
I love playing video games and the Call of Duty franchise is my favourite.

Tell me two things about yourself!

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