If you follow me on any social media platform, by now it's no surprise that I bloomin love Kylie Cosmetics. Ever since placing my first order back at the start of Summer I haven't got enough of them. The lipkits have been my go to lipsticks and the creme shadows have been used a whole lot more than any of the palettes I own. Back in August Kylie released her first bundle of cosmetics as the Birthday Bundle that I was lucky enough to get my hands on (post all about it here) so when she announced her Christmas bundles I knew I needed to own one!

She released four bundles this year and my pick of choice was the Merry Bundle retailing at $180. Price wise the bundles are expensive but in my eyes they are well worth it because I absolutely adore the quality of the products. Of course the only thing about ordering from over seas is Customs. You can be lucky and get away with charges but sadly this time around customs greeted me with a €45 customs charge on top of the $180 I had already paid for the product. So over all this bundle cost me €220, but thats the chance you take when you love these kind of products. So far I've placed 4 Kylie Cosmetics orders and have been charged customs on two while the other two thankfully skipped by them and I wasn't charged on them. But enough of all this lets get into what was inside the Merry Bundle.

While the Birthday Edition products consisted of 24k gold throughout them the Holiday Edition products consist of diamond powder throughout them, hence the silver packaging while the Birthday one was all gold. 
Inside the Merry bundle you got 1 lip kit, a gloss, a metal lipstick, a set of mini mattes, a creme shadow, a kyshadow palette and the new makeup bag.
I decided to go with the Merry bundle as I didn't have any reds from Kylie's range and I bloomin love a good 'oul red lip especially at this time of year so it was a no brainer when I seen the colour scheme of this bundle. Also I liked the fact that Vixen (the other bundle) shade was included in the mini mattes so I was going to be getting it anyway. As always the liquid lipsticks are just a winner for me, and since trying these I rarely wear any other type of lipstick. The red is not your normal bright red, it has that vampy undertone to it which makes me fall head over heels for it. This is my Christmas day lip pick already...and my Christmas Eve one too!

I'm not a big Gloss person, I rarely wear them and find it very hard to find ones that don't have a sticky formula. I have tried a previous Kylie gloss from the Birthday edition and I have to say I absolutely adore her Gloss formula. They're not sticky or slimy and they are so pigmented I love them! The Naughty Gloss is that perfect classic red shade. And the shine when on the lips is absolutely stunning. Paired on it's own or with Merry it is a show stopper.

Finally the Dancer Metal lipstick. I already own two of the Metal lipsticks and I love them. While the formula isn't anywhere close to the matte liquid lipsticks I still wear them a lot. I love how they look on the lips and have nothing like them in my collection. Dancer is the most perfect burgundy red shade I've ever seen in my life topped with a whole load of sparkle. The metals are honestly one of the coolest lip products I own because the finish they give is just everything!
The mini mattes are where it's at, they always seem to be the most sought after part of the collection and I totally get why. I mean who doesn't love mini products!? Especially when they're tiny liquid lipsticks. I was so excited with the shades she had picked for this set because out of it all I only already owned 1 shade so I was so excited to get to try out some more. Included in the mini set was Moon, Ginger, Kristen, Angel, Love Bite and Vixen. All which are gorgeous shades, Angel and Love Bite being my current favourites!
Finally the last two items included were a Creme Shadow and The Holiday Edition Kyshadow palette.
Previous just like many of the products I have previously tried Kylie's Creme shadows and I bloomin adore them, they are so gorgeous and they apply so well and last, I cannot fault them. The colour included in the Merry Bundle was Yellow Gold which I will admit is a bit questionable, however when swatched it didn't look that bad. I have yet to actually wear it but I will give it a try to see can I actually wear the colour.

Finally the product I was most excited about was the Kyshadow palette. This was my first eyeshadow palette from Kylie as I never got around to ordering the ones she had already released. The colours are definitely out there consisting of Greens, Royal Blues and Plums. When it comes to these types of colours I have to actually plan what goes with what so I haven't gotten around to properly playing with these but I did give them a swatch and I must say I do love them. Some shades I will admit are a lot more buttery than others but I definitely want to try out some eye looks soon with this palette.

All the items came inside the new Silver makeup bag which is basically the same as the Black but just with a colour change and they've added Kylie's name to the back of it. Personally I do prefer the Black one but this one will probably grow on me just like the black one did.

Overall I am so pleased that I got my hands on this bundle as I adore everything in it. After receiving it though, it has started that little bug again and I've since placed another 2 orders. My bank account hates me!

Have you tried any of the Kylie Cosmetics range yet?