A Pretty Affordable Fan Brush ♡

Born Pretty Store Affordable Makeup Brush
Leopard Print Brush Born Pretty Store

I love finding a good affordable makeup brush, and have posted about a few previous ones I have found so far already (find here, here and here) and now I have another one to add to that list!

This gorgeous Leopard Print Fan Brush* is from the amazing Born Pretty Store brush range. This was the first one of their brushes I have ever tried and I have not been disappointed!

Fan brushes are not something I have a lot of but do find great for sweeping highlighter onto my non-existing cheek bones. With the leopard print design and gold detailing this is definitely a brush for people who like a good print.

Burberry Kisses ♡

Burberry Kisses in Military Red
Burberry Kisses Red Lipstick
Burberry Kisses Lipstick

When Burberry announced they would send out free samples of their new Burberry Kisses Lipstick I couldn't exactly believe it and thought it wasn't actually going to happen. However I still applied for a shade and then kind of forgot all about it. However two weeks later a little package arrived with a little lipstick in it packaged so lovely!

Has He Swept You Off Your Feet? | Lush Prince Charming ♡

Going through all the shower gels I seem to have collected in my wardrobe last week I decided to pull out the Lush Prince Charming shower gel that I hadn't really used that much.
Prince Charming is a shower gel that you can only get from the Valentines range at Lush and I'm not quite sure if there is another product with the same scent, but what made me pick it up was the name and Lush's cheeky 'Top Tips' at the side of the bottle always give me a good giggle!

"Made with Marshmallow root, Fair trade Vanilla and fresh Pomegranate juice, Prince Charming will sweep you off your feet and carry you off into the sunset"

Concert Outfit Details ♡

Finally concert season has started and I just love it! Theres just nothing I love more than going to see some of my favourite Artists perform. Last Wednesday I attended my first Concert of the Summer and went to see The Vamps with my best friend and decided to take a few quick snaps of what I was wearing to show you. (In reality, I did not have time to take outfit posts on the actual day so these were taken the day after when I looked a mess and was not putting any makeup on, but thats okay right!?)

The Perfect Brow Combo ♡

Have you ever dreamed of getting that perfect defined shaped brow but without having to spend 20 minutes doing each one?! Well then W7 have just answered all of your prayers.

W7 as you know are one of my favourite affordable brands and they never cease to amaze me with the products they bring out. They have very smartly released The Brow Master Stencil Kit* consisting of 4 silicone stencils of different shaped arches to help you achieve the brows you have always dreamed of!

All Things Pink ♡

Pink Makeup Perfect For Spring

Now with the sun shining through the clouds everyday I enjoy adding colour into my makeup and more precisely the colour pink!
After getting over my everything neutral and nude phase I've been wearing lots of pink shades.

For my eyes I have gone back to loving my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and Maybelline Pink Gold Colour Tattoo, I adore these two paired together for the perfect pink smokey eye! I wrote a little post all about the shades I use when pairing both of them together here if you're interested.

For my cheeks I've been loving four products in particular. Soap and Glory Glow All Out is one of the most gorgeous highlighters I own. The pinky shade is absolutely stunning on the skin and gives the perfect glow. W7 Night Glow is a liquid liner I have also been reaching for a lot lately. It stays on for hours and with it's nail polish like style it is so easy to apply to the face where ever you want. I did do a post all about this here if you want to find out more. For blushes my two most picked up at the moment are the Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts and the NYX Blush in Desert Rose. Both of these blushes have been kind of abandoned until now so they basically still look brand new. The Blushing Hearts blush you can use as three separate blushes or mixed together to create one. Both blushes are absolutely stunning colours, Blushing Hearts is a gorgeous light pink while Desert Rose is much deeper in colour.

The Day After A Concert ♡

Concert Tickets The Vamps

I feel like death.
Like literally I am getting a headache just looking at how colourful and bright the photos above are.
But that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy myself!

I live for concerts it's basically what my life revolves around. However I will admit the effort of getting ready and going on a bus and the expense etc was all getting me worked up over the show the day before and the day of it. I had bought these concert tickets well over a year ago and a lot can change in a year. Myself and my Best Friend weren't even sure we wanted to be there continuously joking while the support acts were on saying 'Why are we here' and 'Are we the oldest ones here' etc etc but once The Vamps came on we were up out of our seats dancing and singing along and really enjoyed it!

Win The Ultimate Girly Night In Bundle! ♡

Girly Night In Competition

If you have been reading Keep Dreaming for a while or even following me on twitter, you will know that I love nothing more than a girly night in. I definitely think it's something we all enjoy and there is no harm in treating yourself every once in a while..or once every week...no shame! I enjoy these nights so much I even wrote a blog post all about my essentials which you can find here incase you missed it!

Born Pretty 3D Eyeshadow Palette ♡

Born Pretty 3D Eyeshadow Palette

Now that it's Spring I adore adding colour back into my makeup, so when I seen this little 3D Eyeshadow Trio* from Born Pretty Store I knew it would be perfect for just that!

The shadows themselves are so pretty just to even look at. Each containing 3 - 4 different colours mixed around in swirly patterns to create 3 stunning Spring ready shades. Two colours I adore wearing together are Blues and Purples as I think the colours really help complement the colour of my eyes, plus the colours just look really pretty together! 

A Quick Trip To The Shop ♡

When you need to quickly pop out to the shop to get Guinea Pig food and notice that the Pet Shop definitely doesn't stock makeup, cereal or shoes and wonder how you happen to have a bag full of exactly that in your hand...yep that happened.

Yes I picked up some Coco Pops Porridge because I like Coco Pops and I like Porridge and this sounded like the most perfect breakfast ever am I right!? Well since buying these obviously I have tried it and it was the biggest let down ever. I thought it was going to taste of Chocolate but it basically just tastes like normal porridge and is only the tiniest bit sweet. Probably wouldn't buy it again, although it was really cheap and I got 7 sachets for €1.49

I also picked up A Cinderella Story on DVD and was asked if I over 18 to purchase this (1. why? 2. it's a PG movie!) I've kind of lacked buying some new dvd's but as soon as I seen this I knew I had to get it because well who doesn't love this movie? Plus it was a total bargain and I got it for €2.00

This Month So Far Through My Instagram ♡

Over these past few weeks I have become slightly addicted to Instagram and so today decided to do a little update through the photos I've been posting so far this month. If you don't follow me already you can do so here if you would like too! :)

1. I have been loving more minimal looking makeup recently and have uploaded a post all about the products I use here. I just think that now the warmer weather is coming in there is no point in using so much makeup as it's just going to melt off my face in the heat. Also I will admit I am just getting lazy so not using as many products seriously saves time!

2. I received a lovely little package from the wonderful W7 and one of the items was their new Neon Nights palette and the colours are just divine! It's just so pretty to look at because of all the shades. I do love wearing a bit of colour on my eyes and this palette is going to be perfect for doing just that!

3. I've added to my Guinea Pig collection but not the type that you have to feed or look after! Sheldon is still living on his own the way he likes it. But I went to Tayto Park with my Best Friend and some of her relatives and picked up the Guinea Pig teddy (in the middle). So meet Sheldon, Lee, Cooper! See what I did there ;)

Currently Wishing For... ♡

Brushes and Palettes!
Wishlists are one of my favourite kind of posts to write as it narrows it down to what I really want so if I do have some pennies left over I know exactly what I want to spend them on.

Real Techniques Limited Edition Sculpting Set I adore Real Technique brushes just as much as everyone else and this set looks amazing. Consisting of their sculpting brush, a fan brush and setting brush it's such a perfect set of brushes.

W7 Brow Parlour If you've been reading my blog awhile you'll know W7 are my favourite affordable brand. This is one of their newest additions to their range and it just looks amazing.

Spotify Loving ♡

Spotify is something that I think by now everybody has and after neglecting it for quite some time I've gone back to using it to listen to music because my iTunes library can sometimes get boring.
After creating my own little playlist of songs I liked Spotify decided to throw in some suggested songs into the mix and one of the songs was 'Dear Future Husband' by Meghan Trainor and I instantly fell in love with it...and now you know where this is going!

I decided to put Meghan's album on shuffle and instantly fell in love with every song! Seriously this is such an amazing album and you can't help but sing along to every track. After 'All About That Bass' being played anywhere and everywhere you went, the more songs Meghan releases the catchier they all get. 

5 Minute Makeup Look ♡

So these past few days I haven't really been bothered to do a full face of makeup and so just wanted a fresh faced look. I threw all these products together and really liked the result it gives.

I don't bother with primer because honestly who has the time or patience for extra steps in the morning?! So I just went straight onto foundation and have started using the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Light Porcelain and I will admit even though I am pale, this is way too pale for me so I only use the tiniest bit and buff it into my skin well or I mix it with a foundation that's too dark for me so that I'll get the perfect mix!
Onto powder of course I'm always grabbing the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Translucent just because I know it does it's job well and will help my foundation stay in place as long as possible.
For brows I've been using the Collection Brow Kit as you can go as light or as dark with them as you'd like. As I keep this as a light look I use the mid-brown and black together and apply them really gentle.

L'oreal Blake's Red Dupe ♡

While swatching some lipsticks for a different post (coming soon!) I realised two lipsticks I owned looked the exact same when swatched on paper. So I decided to apply them to my lips one on the top lip and one on the bottom and it looked like I was wearing the same lipstick. To say I was surprised was an understatement.

The L'oreal lipstick in Blake's Red I had deemed good wear because it was such a gorgeous red shade. While the Wet n Wild lipstick in 'Stoplight Red' I was wearing daily because it was gorgeous and 'I had nothing in my collection quite like it' (post all about it here) and boy was I wrong. After thinking the L'oreal colour was too good for everyday wear and practically wearing the exact shade by Wet n Wild just makes me feel stupid to be honest.

Garnier Micellar Water vs Botanics Micellar Water ♡

Micellar waters have become my new favourite product to remove makeup with. They are gentle on the skin and most important to me they don't irritate or sting my eyes. Once something ticks them boxes for me I will more than likely re-purchase that product over and over again...well providing it actually works and does it's job.

Spring Sunshine OOTD ♡

(sorry about the phone quality photo, but I didn't manage to get a full outfit photo with my camera)

The weather we've been having here recently has been amazing, it's literally as if we have skipped Spring and went straight into Summer. I decided to do a quick snap of my outfit because I haven't been doing many Fashion posts as I'd like to be doing!  

7 New Eye Brushes ♡

One thing I don't have enough of is eye brushes and I think they're something that you can never have enough of. I don't clean my brushes daily (does anyone?) so it starts getting annoying when you go to use your brushes and they have a totally different colour on them to what you want to apply or even worse, the day before you used them with a cream product and now they're rock hard. 

Things I Love During Spring ♡

Oh how I am loving Spring right now!
The sun has decided to visit us here in Ireland and we are having such warm beautiful days it almost feels like we've skipped Spring and went straight into Summer! As I'm writing this I'm currently sitting out my back garden while trying to get a sn…

Heels I Love At This Time Of The Year ♡

Theres nothing I love more than getting all dressed up and wearing a pair of heels. It just makes me feel...well better about myself. I decided to show a few pairs of my favourite heels that I love especially for this time of the year. Also all these shoes are ones I've bought over the years so I'm not entirely sure you will be able to get them anymore. They also were all under the €50 mark due to either being in a sale or just being cheap!

These black studded heels are probably my favourite out of all my heels in my wardrobe. They are mega high and also have a platform at the front so I'm a bit ridiculously tall when I wear them. However they are like slippers! Honestly they are the comfiest heels I own and looking at them you would think they are a killer. I just adore the studding detail that goes from the front of the shoe all the way down to the bottom of the heel. If the studs weren't enough they even have a red sole copying the ever so famous Louboutin style shoes. While my Mum has about 6 pairs of Louboutin's sadly I have yet to own a pair..some day maybe! What I do like about the sole on these shoes also is the part you will walk on is black so you don't have to worry about any of the red paint wearing off, which I think is such a good idea. (Before you suggest sharing, my mum is a size 4 while I'm a size 5 so it can't be helped sadly)

Experimenting With Camera Settings ♡

One thing I learned from blogging is that I really enjoy taking pictures and I'm not just talking about the 713 selfies living on my iPhone, I mean taking photos with a proper camera. Before blogging I had never picked up a Canon camera to use it properly and ever since I did I just can't get enough!

Looking back on when I started using it to where I am now I have to say personally I think I have improved a lot (see post here all about it!). There is tons and I mean tons of different settings on the camera and I honestly could not tell you what one of them meant when I started using it, actually thats a lie! The only one I knew about was the auto settings one which is where the camera would do the work for you.

Shopping My Stash || Face Products ♡

I shopped my stash again but this time I decided to just do 'face products'. I previously did a post all about the Eye Products I found, if you missed out you can catch up here. I was actually surprised at the small amount of products I had forgot about as I actually thought there would be a lot more, which I guess is quite good. Anyways on with the post!

Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover & Conceal Palette I used to use this palette religiously and I'm actually really surprised that I forgot all about it to be honest. The product itself is amazing and you get a vary amount of different shades. The concealers I found were heavy but done a really good job at hiding any impurities or blemishes and didn't crease with time. I have hit pan in two of the shades I had used the most but as it's starting to get warmer and I get out of the lazy act and start tanning I will be able to use the slightly darker tones. So this has been moved to the front of my concealers so I will start using it again.

Hippity Hoppity, Happy Easter ♡

Just thought I'd post a quick little post to say Happy Easter to you all and that I hope you all have a wonderful day! :) 
I've shared some quick snaps below of the little decor that we have around the house, and of course as it's another holiday Sheldon had to get a festive photo. ♡