Oh how I am loving Spring right now!
The sun has decided to visit us here in Ireland and we are having such warm beautiful days it almost feels like we've skipped Spring and went straight into Summer! As I'm writing this I'm currently sitting out my back garden while trying to get a sneaky tan so I'm not as pale as a ghost.
Enjoying this good weather it got me thinking about what other things I enjoy during Spring and decided to share them.

So lets start this off with Easter Chocolate. Is it just me or does Chocolate taste so much better in the shape of an egg or a bunny!? Chocolate in general is good but just something about a Cadburys Easter Egg tastes so much better.
Moving on before I decide to go into my house and eat some Chocolate, another thing I love during Spring is Flowers. They just add colour everywhere and make the place look real..well Spring! Although they do bring on my Hayfever (the one reason I hate Sunny weather and Flowers etc) I feel like they just help really brighten a place up.
Due to the nasty thing known as Hayfever (& lucky you if you don't suffer from it) when it is sunny I cannot go anywhere without Sunglasses, but I really love sunglasses because you can get so many different styles with patterns etc and I just adore the ones from Primark!
One way you can tell the good weather is back is I start wearing all my Wristbands again! These are an assortment of ones I've gotten from Concerts , Events or are related to Youtube. I don't know why but I wear these without fail when the weather starts to get good again.

Beauty wise at the moment I am loving Peach and Pink Eyeshadows. I have been reaching a lot for my Sugar Box palette (post including swatches here) as it just has the most perfect peach and pink shade!
When the weather starts getting better I just fall in love with Peach and Orange toned shades so of course Lipstick is no objection. My go to lip products are the Rimmel Moisture Renew in '660 In Love With Ginger' and Kate Moss by Rimmel in '110'. (Post ft. them here)
When I do feel like I don't want to wear a lipstick my go to lipgloss is by Tanya Burr in the shade 'Picnic in the Park' which is just a perfect pink colour and it smells amazing! (can also be found here)
Going back to the orange toned products blush wise I really love the Essence Blush up! in 'Heatwave'. It's the perfect mix of  orange and pink giving it a gorgeous fruit salad colour on the skin and it just looks really pretty!

Finally not forgetting about my favourite scents, I more so go for body mist's rather than perfumes at the moment with scents such as floral, fruity or vanilla scents. My most used ones at the moment that I am loving are the Zoella Beauty Blissful Mistfull and Marks & Spenser Peach and Almond Body Mist.

Of course I also love the Sun and amazing weather! I just couldn't exactly add that in beside the products I've photographed ;)

What products do you love during Spring?