One thing I learned from blogging is that I really enjoy taking pictures and I'm not just talking about the 713 selfies living on my iPhone, I mean taking photos with a proper camera. Before blogging I had never picked up a Canon camera to use it properly and ever since I did I just can't get enough!

Looking back on when I started using it to where I am now I have to say personally I think I have improved a lot (see post here all about it!). There is tons and I mean tons of different settings on the camera and I honestly could not tell you what one of them meant when I started using it, actually thats a lie! The only one I knew about was the auto settings one which is where the camera would do the work for you.

So I've started reading up some more about the different settings and although some of it sounds like complete gibberish, others are a lot more easy to grasp the meaning of what they are supposed to do. Some of the settings that are pretty much straight forward that everyone probably knew I didn't so I have learnt a few things. Like one thing everyone probably knows, I had no idea where the timer button was set on the camera...I know ridiculous right!? I also didn't realise there was an option to take pictures with the flash turned off...although that was when I thought the camera flash was great but thats a whole other story! (I mention it here if you want a nosey)

More recently after reading up some more about the different settings I've come across the AV setting which I am slightly in love with. Have you ever wondered how people took photos of a product with a load of items around it but the only thing in focus was the spotlight product!? Yeah, I did too and the answer (well it is for me, it may not be what they use) is the AV setting. 

The AV setting allows you to focus on your main product while blurring everything around it, so it really allows the product you are talking about to stand out, which you can see from the photos above of the daffodils. I haven't fully committed to it yet here on my blog as I am still trying to perfect it but I have started uploading a few photos to my instagram using this setting! (photos here, here, here & here) I adore the finished result that the setting gives as it just really makes your product stand out more! I cannot wait to start using it on regular posts here on Keep Dreaming! 

What Setting do you use when taking Blog Photos?