Have you ever dreamed of getting that perfect defined shaped brow but without having to spend 20 minutes doing each one?! Well then W7 have just answered all of your prayers.

W7 as you know are one of my favourite affordable brands and they never cease to amaze me with the products they bring out. They have very smartly released The Brow Master Stencil Kit* consisting of 4 silicone stencils of different shaped arches to help you achieve the brows you have always dreamed of!

Included in the packet is a stencil for a Slim Arch, Medium Arch, High Arch and a Full Arch. These are absolutely amazing as all you do is match the one that suits your brow shape or to your liking and place it against the brow and colour. Yep it's basically like a little colouring book but for your brows.

Along with the stencil W7 also have a product called the Brow Twister* which is a kohl/crayon to fill in your brows (duh!). Coming in three different shades you simply twist the bottom for the product to come up. The product itself is very soft and goes on quite nicely. The shade pictured above is the shade 'Brown' which is slightly a little too light for me but for anyone with lighter hair I think it would be the perfect match.

I have been using both these products over the past few weeks and have been really enjoying them. The only thing is I do have to add powder over the Brow Twister just to even out the colour to match my hair, but the Brow Twister works wonders when using the stencils and it is so quick and easy. (See my brows  here when both products were used)

The Brow Master Stencil Kit will only cost you €2.00 (here) and the Brow Twister will also only set you back €2.00 (here).

Have you tried any of these W7 products?