Over these past few weeks I have become slightly addicted to Instagram and so today decided to do a little update through the photos I've been posting so far this month. If you don't follow me already you can do so here if you would like too! :)

1. I have been loving more minimal looking makeup recently and have uploaded a post all about the products I use here. I just think that now the warmer weather is coming in there is no point in using so much makeup as it's just going to melt off my face in the heat. Also I will admit I am just getting lazy so not using as many products seriously saves time!

2. I received a lovely little package from the wonderful W7 and one of the items was their new Neon Nights palette and the colours are just divine! It's just so pretty to look at because of all the shades. I do love wearing a bit of colour on my eyes and this palette is going to be perfect for doing just that!

3. I've added to my Guinea Pig collection but not the type that you have to feed or look after! Sheldon is still living on his own the way he likes it. But I went to Tayto Park with my Best Friend and some of her relatives and picked up the Guinea Pig teddy (in the middle). So meet Sheldon, Lee, Cooper! See what I did there ;)

4. I've been trying out Quickmax for the past week and 2 days now. It's an eyelash growth enhancer and it claims to show results within 7 days! You can also use it on your eyebrows too. I won't say how I'm getting on with it here because thats going to be a whole post by itself.

5. Mornings with this little fluff ball just puts a smile on my face! His new favourite thing to do when hes bored of just lying on me is to play tug of war with the laces on my pyjama pants which does make me giggle.

6. I picked up one of my favourite movies on DVD this week and it was such a bargain! I think I got it on Tuesday and it took me till Friday to get to watch the full movie as I kept falling asleep during it. Note to self - when you want to watch a movie don't put it on when you know you're going to sleep for the night.

7. Easter has now been and gone and although I enjoyed all the chocolate I'm in two minds if I'm glad it's gone or sad that it is. Is it just me who craves chocolate after it's actually gone? This was our little table display this year and you can find more pictures of it here if you'd like a nosey.

8. While out shopping I came across a box of Coco Pops Porridge which I had never seen before and decided what the hell let's pick it up and give it a try. I like Coco Pops and I like Porridge so how bad could it be right!? Also it comes in little sachets which I think is just absolutely adorable.

9. It was Mum's birthday this month and I decided to get up at 8 and head over to the shops without anyone knowing (they were all in bed still as it was during midterm and I was extra quiet!). Along with a bouquet of flowers I picked up some Croissants and Strawberries and a large Cadburys Dairy Milk bar. When I came home I decided to melt the chocolate and dip the Strawberries in to it. I'm absolutely dreadful when it comes to doing anything in the Kitchen so this was a pretty big achievement for me! She also loved it :)

What have you been getting up to so far this month?