Burberry Kisses in Military Red
Burberry Kisses Red Lipstick
Burberry Kisses Lipstick

When Burberry announced they would send out free samples of their new Burberry Kisses Lipstick I couldn't exactly believe it and thought it wasn't actually going to happen. However I still applied for a shade and then kind of forgot all about it. However two weeks later a little package arrived with a little lipstick in it packaged so lovely!

Inside the box there was a cardboard holder introducing your sample to you. Honestly I thought this was such a lovely touch instead of just getting the lipstick in a plain box. When I opened the little lipstick box all I said was 'awh' and 'oh my goodness' because it is the cutest thing I have ever seen, it is so tiny it's adorable.

I picked the shade Military Red because you really cannot go wrong with a good old classic red lip. With these Burberry Kisses the colour becomes more intense the more layers you apply. So the first layer is almost like a stain, where as the second it a little more pigmented and then the third is full pigment and the most gorgeous shade of red.

The few times I have worn this it lasted a good four hours before it started to fade and I needed to re-apply it which is pretty good. I also love how it feels very moisturising and doesn't stick to any dry or cracked parts you may have on your lips.

I think this was such a lovely little thing for Burberry to do and I will definitely be checking out the full sized range!

Did you grab yourself a little sample of the Burberry Kisses?