(sorry about the phone quality photo, but I didn't manage to get a full outfit photo with my camera)

The weather we've been having here recently has been amazing, it's literally as if we have skipped Spring and went straight into Summer. I decided to do a quick snap of my outfit because I haven't been doing many Fashion posts as I'd like to be doing!  

Last year when I went to see Little Mix in concert I picked up this baseball style vest from their merch counter as I thought it would be perfect for the Summer weather for a casual look. On the back it has a number 14 on it with the word Salute (name of their tour and I'm guessing the 14 was to represent the year, I could be wrong so don't quote me on that) It is see through so I have a navy strap top on underneath but you could pair it with a bandeau also!
My shorts are from Primark and they're only recently new so I'm sure you'd still be able to get your hands on them if you tried. They are highwaisted which I love and the distressed denim and rips are just my favourite combination at the moment.
I paired this outfit with a pair of tights and converse just because even though it is so warm outside I feel it's too early for bare legs still.

For accessories I have some of my wristbands on which are an assorted mix from concerts or just youtube related. I also wore my Lolita styled red heart sunnies from eBay because they matched my lipstick! For my hair I just pulled half of it up into a pony and left the other half down, it's quick and keeps your hair out of your face!

Have you been enjoying the weather lately?