Theres nothing I love more than getting all dressed up and wearing a pair of heels. It just makes me feel...well better about myself. I decided to show a few pairs of my favourite heels that I love especially for this time of the year. Also all these shoes are ones I've bought over the years so I'm not entirely sure you will be able to get them anymore. They also were all under the €50 mark due to either being in a sale or just being cheap!

These black studded heels are probably my favourite out of all my heels in my wardrobe. They are mega high and also have a platform at the front so I'm a bit ridiculously tall when I wear them. However they are like slippers! Honestly they are the comfiest heels I own and looking at them you would think they are a killer. I just adore the studding detail that goes from the front of the shoe all the way down to the bottom of the heel. If the studs weren't enough they even have a red sole copying the ever so famous Louboutin style shoes. While my Mum has about 6 pairs of Louboutin's sadly I have yet to own a pair..some day maybe! What I do like about the sole on these shoes also is the part you will walk on is black so you don't have to worry about any of the red paint wearing off, which I think is such a good idea. (Before you suggest sharing, my mum is a size 4 while I'm a size 5 so it can't be helped sadly)

I'm pretty sure everybody has a pair of these boot heels in their collection. I wear these all year around as I just love them. I find they can go with the most girliest outfits to the well non girliest outfits. I do find these really comfy too although they are a bit heavy so after a while your feet start aching if you're walking too much in them. The wooden heel gives these a nice contrast between the black which is something I adore about them. I'm also pretty sure these only cost me €25 which is such a bargain.

Oh these LYDC beauties are just something else. They literally go with everything thanks to the every colour gem detailing. I actually got these when I was working in a little boutique as they were absolutely gorgeous so I couldn't not have them. The heel isn't actually too bad on these and they are comfortable and with the platform at the front it gives you a bit more support. The gems are just sewed on and I will admit I've lost a few on the inside where the shoes have probably rubbed off each other and pulled them off, but thankfully you wouldn't actually know because there is so many of them.

Finally my Irregular Choice shoes which I call my Alice In Wonderland shoes because...well because they just scream it! I will admit these are the most uncomfortable shoes I own , they are literally a killer to walk in after about 20 minutes. Even though they have a kitten heel I think the angle of your foot in these just isn't nice at all and theres just a lot of pressure on your feet. However they are absolutely gorgeous and I only wear them when I know I won't have to do much walking and will just be sitting down. The rabbit print is even on the sole of the shoe so you can also see it when you're walking which is just so cute.

Do you rather flat shoes or heels when you're getting dressed up?