When you need to quickly pop out to the shop to get Guinea Pig food and notice that the Pet Shop definitely doesn't stock makeup, cereal or shoes and wonder how you happen to have a bag full of exactly that in your hand...yep that happened.

Yes I picked up some Coco Pops Porridge because I like Coco Pops and I like Porridge and this sounded like the most perfect breakfast ever am I right!? Well since buying these obviously I have tried it and it was the biggest let down ever. I thought it was going to taste of Chocolate but it basically just tastes like normal porridge and is only the tiniest bit sweet. Probably wouldn't buy it again, although it was really cheap and I got 7 sachets for €1.49

I also picked up A Cinderella Story on DVD and was asked if I over 18 to purchase this (1. why? 2. it's a PG movie!) I've kind of lacked buying some new dvd's but as soon as I seen this I knew I had to get it because well who doesn't love this movie? Plus it was a total bargain and I got it for €2.00

When I went to Boots I had missed the 3 for 2 offer because just my luck! Anyways there wasn't much in that I was dying to try and any of the new products that have been released they either didn't have or I already have them. I ended up picking up the Seventeen Skin Wow! Highlighter/Primer as I have been dying to give it a try and have read a few reviews about it and it sounds amazing. I also needed a new primer so thought why not! I also picked up the Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit as again I had heard good things about this product and I must say I love how the packaging of the actual product is very like Nars. These were on special for buy 1 get 1 half price, normally they're €7.59 each but I got both for €11.38

I have a concert on Wednesday (if you're interested it's The Vamps) and when I seen these cute little Metallic Cuticle Tattoos in Primark for only €1.50 I knew I had to pick them up. I don't know why but when it comes to concerts I'm forever wearing some sort of temporary tattoos. I would love a real one but myself and pain are not friends so temporary is the way to go for me!

Also from Primark I got these Rose Gold Sandals. It's getting into the warmer weather now meaning flipflop season is getting closer. I also got these because I may wear them to the concert as I have an outfit in mind so I'll see. My mum actually got these for me and got herself a pair as well and they were €8.00.

The last few things I picked up was a Delicate Curved Gold Chain which was only €2.00 and I think it would be just a really nice simple statement. I'm not crazy about jewellery like I used to but I do wear the odd bits and pieces. At the Essence stand after reading a rave review about their lipliners I picked up the Essence Lipliner in 06 Satin Mauve as I had read a review about how this was a perfect one for the Kylie Jenner look. Their lipliners are really cheap and only set you back €1.29 Along with that I picked up one of the Essence The Gel Nail Polish in 36 Dare It Nude as I'm still searching for the perfect nude nail colour. I have it on me at the moment and it's still not quite what I'm looking for, so the search continues! This was only €1.79 and I have to say their nail polishes are one of my faves!

Finally I picked up a packet of Primarks own brand Cotton Pads and a double pack of their Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes which I forgot to photograph but I just picked them up because my friend is going to be staying over after the concert and she prefers using wipes so I have some there she can use. I'm just so kind! The cotton pads were only 75 cents and the Wipes for a 2 pack were €1.50

Have you bought anything lately?