I shopped my stash again but this time I decided to just do 'face products'. I previously did a post all about the Eye Products I found, if you missed out you can catch up here. I was actually surprised at the small amount of products I had forgot about as I actually thought there would be a lot more, which I guess is quite good. Anyways on with the post!

Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover & Conceal Palette I used to use this palette religiously and I'm actually really surprised that I forgot all about it to be honest. The product itself is amazing and you get a vary amount of different shades. The concealers I found were heavy but done a really good job at hiding any impurities or blemishes and didn't crease with time. I have hit pan in two of the shades I had used the most but as it's starting to get warmer and I get out of the lazy act and start tanning I will be able to use the slightly darker tones. So this has been moved to the front of my concealers so I will start using it again.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer I have no idea what shade this is in as it has rubbed off but I was using this when I had darker foundation. This was my holy grail concealer before trying the Collection Lasting Perfection. This is just as good from what I remember, it covers anything you wish to hide well and can also be used to highlight. 

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Light Porcelain I really like this foundation and it definitely makes you look awake! It gives a nice dewy healthy look to the skin. However I did abandon this as although I am extremely pale this is beyond pale even for me. I guess I could mix it with a different shade if I really wanted to but that just sounds like so much work. So I may just throw this out or mix it I'm not entirely sure just yet.

Maybelline Dream BB Cream in Light This bb cream is far away from light as when I put it on I look orange. I didn't exactly love this but I didn't exactly hate it either. It gave a light cover and for days when I didn't want to do a full face of foundation it was handy but the colour was just too much for me. So this is something that once I use up I more than likely will not re-purchase.

Essence Cream Blush in 01 Santa Is That You A blush I picked up at Christmas and have used about two times. The one thing I will say about this is it smells absolutely amazing! The colour pay off is quite nice and you literally only need a little for each cheek. It almost turns into a powder when you apply it which is really nice. The colour is also absolutely beautiful, I'm not entirely sure you can get this anymore as it was part of their Christmas range but if you could I would definitely say pick it up as it's a gorgeous colour and so affordable.

Essence Lip Liner in 01 Transparent I picked this up when white lip liner was a thing, does anyone remember that? I didn't enjoy this one though to be honest as the few times I used it I felt like it didn't really see anything transfer to my lips. The idea of it is really good but this isn't something I'd repurchase. 

NYX Xtreme Shine Lip Cream in Natural I bought a set of NYX lip products back at Christmas and have used most of them quite a lot but forgot all about this one and found it right at the bottom of my lip products pile. This definitely lives up to it's name as it really is extremely shiny, it's also slightly sticky but not mega so that I couldn't stick wearing it on my lips. I also really like the colour as it's a nice subtle pink nude colour.

Rimmel Colour Rush in Drive Me Nude This! I cannot believe I forgot all about this product. I wore this for months as I loved it so much. It's such a gorgeous nude colour and it smells absolutely amazing. I've actually popped this into my handbag because I want to start using it again immediately. The product itself is so buttery to apply and feels really moisturising while having a nice amount of pigment. Honestly I'm still in shock I forgot all about it, definitely something I'd recommend trying!

Have you found any products recently that you forgot about?